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The Fans will Drive Xbox’s Next-Gen

VGR: The gaming world has changed for better and for worse. The things that mattered and drove consumers one way or another last generation, are widely obsolete, and the success or failure will rely on their current fanbase. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

dp277407  +   885d ago | Funny
I hope the fans can keep it cool this time, I had to say it so dont hurt me too much lol.
Dee_Cazo  +   885d ago
Sonovabitch...I never thought Id like anyone on n4g, but then you do something like this...bravo.
GiggMan  +   885d ago
Mounce  +   885d ago
I'd honestly not have too much faith that the xbox fanbase can keep it cool without it turning into a monkey-feces-slinging contest with the PS fanbase ._.

It....just seems, inevitable, you know?
Blackdeath_663  +   885d ago
i'm not sure you understood the comment...
Mounce  +   885d ago
Fans are Fans :P Whether people, tools, or equipment :D
ArmrdChaos  +   885d ago
Ahhh...like all the slinging that is currently going on post Sony announcement from the Sony fanbase. The crap will be flying from BOTH sides of the fence. There are no angels in this matter regardless how people try to paint it. Sad actions from sad people.
3-4-5  +   885d ago
That is going to be difficult when every kid 10-15 thinks they are the coolest / funniest person in the world and wants everybody to know it.
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dp277407  +   885d ago
Tacklebait  +   885d ago
I thought it would be cool if they open up the next xbox event with a high resolution character, moving around realistically, good facial movements, moving fingers.... Then it split screens to the host in a back room motion capturing it in realtime with the kinect .

I'm not a fan of the kinect, but this is what I expect of it next gen.
miyamoto  +   885d ago
What fans? 20 million Kinect fans?
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Enemy  +   885d ago
Hard to say which fans exactly. Are 360 fans to be grouped with Kinect fans now? Hmm.
miyamoto  +   885d ago
Yup that is what M$ is bragging about 20 Million Kinect gamers that drove 360 sales and extended the console's life cycle.

yup M$ speak loud and carry a big stick
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Hufandpuf  +   885d ago
I just hope they show some damn games. I only bought 2 games last year, not that many were worth buying...
majiebeast  +   885d ago
"Microsoft dominated this generation and the next one is theirs to lose."


What a joke dont quit your day job flipping burgers at burgerking.
PeaSFor  +   885d ago
last time i checked, nintendo and sony was in front of microsoft.

but hey, i guess the US=the whole world now?
Rainstorm81  +   885d ago
Dominated? Really?

Way to live in the bubble........journalists...SM H

Funny thing is Andy Macnamara was saying the same thing on GTlive before the PS4 announcement
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Muerte2494  +   885d ago
Nothing spells "MURICA"
like Burger King and Xbox360. "Microsoft's reach goes farther and their voice is louder" I guess until it hits American coastlines. Exclusives are going to decide any generation. I also have a feeling Microsoft is going to be coming out of pocket to purchase an exclusive trilogy. They did it with Bungie (Halo) Epic(Gears). Sony showed tons of exclusives and they didn't even bring out Naughty Dog or Santa Monica yet. PS4 will definitely be your next purchase if you're about the games.
BanBrother  +   885d ago
"What a joke dont quit your day job flipping burgers at burgerking."

While I agree with you on your point, I just wanted to (again) bring up a double standard. How is that not marked for racism?

Last time I checked, If I said "Don't quit your day job picking rice" in relations to an Asian country, I'd be marked right down.

Not that I would condone that lol. Again, not trying to pick a fight, but want people to open their eyes and realise that it is still racism nonetheless.
KwietStorm  +   885d ago
I don't even follow you. Saying something about *Chinese* and rice in a derogatory way is obviously racist, yes, but what is racist about telling some to flip burgers? Are you saying because he referred to America? American is not a race. What he said was more about sticking to his job and not making silly statements anyway.
Army_of_Darkness  +   885d ago
Dude,every nationality works at burger king! how is that even remotely racist?! and to what race?? lol!
BanBrother  +   885d ago
"Dude,every nationality works at burger king! how is that even remotely racist?!"

Yes, but it was directed at American's lol. You no think?

Obviously, Asian people aren't the only people that pick rice, but if you labelled them all as 'rice pickers' it would be racist.

Again, I am not trying to start a debate, just pointing out a double standard. The fact that a couple of you replied and completely missed the point proves it.

"American is not a race."
By that logic, either is Indian, Japanese, etc.
The human 'race' is obviously divided.

Racism: a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine ***cultural*** or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

There we go. Racism is a much broader definition than you obviously understand it as.
I am not trying to pick a fight, I just like to help people open up their minds. It doesn't matter how you try to twist it, what he said is technically racist. No two ways about it.

Unless you who replied to me are suggesting it is colour/cultural specific? Which is racism in itself.

FYI: I applaud majiebeast for saying what he did. I don't find it offensive at all, just like the double standards we live with.

(I actually 'agreed' with his comment on the basis on which it stood)
Bumpmapping  +   885d ago
Ummm yea....

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JohnnyBadfinger  +   885d ago
Chinese isnt a race either... its also a nationality.

And you people dont understand the difference between stereotypes and racism, but keep going. its cute.
SlapHappyJesus  +   885d ago
It will be interesting.

This generation was definitely Xbox's foot in the door, while the Playstation 3 wasn't quite a Playstation 2 for Sony.

Microsoft started strong, but almost no semblance of fan appreciation, along with a long console cycle, caused some people to move to the playstation or pc as their main gaming platform. Pushing the Kinect as hard as they have hasn't really helped this either. Though it has brought in a lot of money for them. Same as Live. The thing that brings them the most money is also what hurts them in the process.

With Playstation, they started out weak, but they have really built the Playstation 3 into something great. Offering the amount of exclusives they do, along with building their online services into something special that really serves their fans. Not saying they haven't made bad choices along the way. But they have shown they know what to do to serve the fans. They, however, don't bring in the cash that Xbox does. See my last point in the paragraph above.

I think both companies are in a good spot at the moment. Xbox is a big name and, if they turn things around, I can see them doing very well next gen. That said, if they don't, I see Sony having an easy time with their Playstation and definitely being the dominant force of the two.
DigitalSmoke  +   885d ago
Dominated my ass, they moved away from going 'At It' with
Sony on a hardcore gamers level.
Every title Microsoft had going for them, Sony chalenged
with an equall and or better version.
This wasn't the case the other way around, at all.
Halo/Forza/Gears, thats it ppl, nothing to see here.
Have fun with those next generation.
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whoyouwit04  +   885d ago
"Every title Microsoft had going for them, Sony chalenged"

BULL SHIT what game Sony had that came close to gears or halo.
DigitalSmoke  +   884d ago
Uncharted destroyed every third person shooter title on the market.
bye bye now "Gears of rolling kiddydeptstory 3"

Killzone put it to Halo on every single level production quality wise.
Ill show you underdeloped Justin Bieber fans brainwashed by marketing all day for its sales succes all day...
bye bye now "Halo lastxboxstrawtoholdonto"

Now, just some from the top of my head.

Killzone series
Buzz!: Quiz TV
Beyond: Two Souls
Everybody's Golf 5
God of War series
Grand Tourisimo
Ratchet & Clank
The Last Guardian
Ni No Kuni

Ill be waiting for your game to game equal.
jjb1981  +   885d ago
I've always had both systems so I hope they both succeed. I can't wait to enjoy what Microsoft and Sony have to bring to the table. I'm really excited for the ps4 and watch dogs. Hopefully Microsoft can offer a great service on their next-gen system.
MikeMyers  +   885d ago
I hope so too. I don't want to be swamped with applications, cable services and advertisents. I want to see something revolutionary. Why does Microsoft have to take Sony's approach? Do we really need both systems trying to go after the same gamer again? I guess it makes sense to since most games come from third party sources.

Many have their doubts about the next Xbox and I don't blame them. They were very aggressive getting Kinect out there but that device has not proven itself yet to be a serious contender for gaming. Hopefully Kinect 2 will. I just don't buy into their vision of needing ESPN and other things to help them drive revenue and to get gamers to pay a membership with Live. Gaming should be the main focus but I think they have slowly gotten away from that. I hope these new studios they have are working on interesting games and ate not left out to pasture like Rare making Avatars and focused solely on getting the Wii crowd.
DivineAssault  +   885d ago
Im looking forward to see how this all plays out.. The nxbox needs to have some pretty amazing $h*t to beat PS4
mochachino  +   885d ago
I was an Xbox fan, price gouging made me a PS3 fan. I don't see things changing anytime soon.
SOULJER  +   885d ago
You want microsoft fans to sell their @$$ this time. Because that's the only way I can see X-box winning.
GamerzElite  +   885d ago
I have both consoles and love to play on both. In my region most of my friends are on PSN so PS3 is my primary console, I use XBox only for exclusives or COD DLC. Its stupidity to fight for companies who are making money from us. If I like one console then I am happy with it. Again I never see Sony is week cause, they launch PS3 a year later and they reach to XBOX very soon. In my opinion, a company offer me good then I will go with it. Again a small request from Microsoft plz don't charge money for online cause here in my region XBL is not very superior to PSN.
mochachino  +   884d ago
I have both consoles too, all my friends switched over to PSN after their 360s broke or they just felt paying for Live was stupid. I live in Canada, pay more than the US for Live but don't get all the features.

MS left a very bitter taste in my mouth this gen.
Saleem101  +   885d ago
Lol someone is feelin the heat....
urwifeminder  +   885d ago
I will be driving some next gen forza for sure.
josephayal  +   885d ago
Next Gen innovative Kinect Technology
Xbox 720 Day One If they did kinect only
Gamer-Z  +   885d ago
If live were to go freemium (though very unlikely) and i didn't have to use Kinect to play games then i would consider buying the next Xbox.

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