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Fox News Wants You To Be Mad About Assassin’s Creed III’s Evil George Washington DLC

Did you know that there's a video game where George Washington is evil? And that it's made by the French? (Assassin's Creed III, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Trenta27  +   823d ago
Fox wants us to be mad at everything...
Sam Fisher  +   823d ago
And thats why fox news anchormen suck and only a few people actually watch their crap, or maybe ubisoft is actually giving us a message with the ac games and the media wants to shun them away, what if the ac brotherhood exist, what if- oh wait, i farted... -_-
Cyrax4  +   823d ago
Only a few people watch their crap?

You do realize they are the biggest cable news station in the US and absolutely destroy CNN & MSNBC in the ratings year after year.

I can't stand most of the shows on that station, but they do have a couple good ones. Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld is one of my all-time favorite shows.
DeadlyFire  +   823d ago
I don't think Fox News is bad at all really overall its decent, but their views on gaming are very uneducated.
violents  +   823d ago
Fox news has a republican agenda, and right now rebulicans are trying to demonize video games because of the whole gun safety debate. They want to say video games made people do it and this just plays into thier agenda. And to whoever said that fox news gets the best ratings, your probahbly right however dont be a sheeple like the rest of them that take everything the tv says as truth.

Besides the fact the ubisoft montreal is a canadian studio not french.

Ha Fox news blows so much!
dantesparda  +   822d ago
Fox News is nothing but rightwing/pro-republican crap!!! And they are pathetic!
azshorty2003  +   823d ago
It's the only thing that makes Them happy
AuToFiRE  +   823d ago
Fox wants all gamers put in prison.
RufustheKing  +   822d ago
The worse thing about this game is the game itself. AC3 was sh*t.
Zomboid-G  +   823d ago
Fox News: Hate-mongering entertainment television for idiots
On that note, a "French" videogame depicting our nation's founder and greatest hero as a villain is like the perfect storm for them. lol
Sam Fisher  +   823d ago
Well our founding father was a racist slave owner, but i guess thats not evil at all, maybe instead of going for president, ill go for dictator since they never mention the bad things in america
Megaton  +   823d ago
Oh yeah, I saw Fox's outrage boner for this the moment it was announced at the VGAs.
TekoIie  +   822d ago
I wonder if the anyone who watches Fox or is commenting on their website knows where the Statue of Liberty came from :3
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Redempteur  +   823d ago
I feel pity for anyone watching fox news.. getting brainwashed that way is something i wouldn't hope to happen to my worst ennemies .
Summons75  +   823d ago
Guess the never saw the Master of Horror "Washingtonians". He was depicted as a cannibal there lol. Good movie by the way.
DOOMZ  +   823d ago
Cant stand FOX News...
I like how the always say "FAIR & BALLANCED", yeaaahhh RIGHT!
burn10  +   823d ago
FOX News...the most biased and skewed news out there. They need to go away. If someone is arguing online and they bring them up as a source, I just walk away. Why? If the person is that stupid, they aren't worth my time.
Flatbattery  +   823d ago
Fox news needs to get laid, or at least to get out more.
Ace_Pheonix  +   823d ago
Wow. If you guys think this about Fox News, I'd love to hear what you think about MSNBC and CNN. Granted, Fox fails to report the whole truth and dodge very important stories, but they are miles above the reporting on CNN and MSNBC. But then all of you likely get your "news" from The Daily Show and in which case I can't even try to reason with you, and thanks for completely destroying the country with your mindless uneducated existence. And yeah, I'm not happy with people dragging the founders through the mud either. Of course, the whole AC series is total crap so I don't really care all that much, but when the general population thinks that Abraham Lincoln killed vampires, it can be a tad upsetting.
dantesparda  +   822d ago
Oh stfu with that rightwing bs! Typical rightwing whiteboy! you honestly believe Foxs News doesnt do what you're accusing CNN and MSNBC of doing? And CNN isnt even biased like Fox news, yet you're to far gone to even see that. Get off the kool aid!
Mikeyy  +   822d ago
You can easily youtube ANY news outlet and see how they skew the truth.

CNN is the posterboy of this.
aliengmr  +   822d ago
Fox fails to report the truth.

Pretty sure people don't believe Lincoln killed vampires. (Vampires aren't real)

Then again, around 30% of Republicans believe the President is a Kenyan Muslim, so I know exactly what you mean.
Mikeyy  +   822d ago
Yeah, Obama belongs to that church, that says stuff like "God DAMN America"..
Megaton  +   822d ago
Fox viewers are statistically the most uninformed news viewers. Even people who only watch The Daily Show are more informed.
Hicken  +   822d ago
It may be semi-satirical, but The Daily Show producers actually have their FACTS straight.

Not sure if Fox even knows what facts are, on the other hand..
herbs  +   822d ago
Pheonix if you seriously think uneducated thoughtless people watch the Daily Show but only intelligent educated people watch Fox News you are the epitome of ignorance and stupidity, people who think like you make America and the world a worse place.
ShinraE5  +   823d ago
I read the article...and this doesn't seem like they are slinging mud. They have done MUCH worse...like when they said bulletstorm could lead to rape or that mass effect was a sex sim.

I think all of you are quick to punch fox's face in on this one. Seems generally unbiased with slight inferrence at best.
Max-Zorin  +   822d ago
It's bad enough video games get blamed for violence when the whole world was built on chaos, destruction, and anything else negative. Nobody is gonna get mad over a DLC of George Washington being evil. That's just ridiculous. Fox is so dumb. The only good thing they ever did was show the Republicans crying after Romney lost.
Qrphe  +   822d ago
Well, as expected since Fox News is the worse News station out there. Sadly, it has A LOT of viewers (my ex's dad would watch and so would my ex). It's no surprise that their viewers are always always misinformed. MSNBC is trying to follow Fox's path by being as sensationalist as Fox (entertainment makes money go figure) and CNN tries to report news in a way that neither right nor left look worse than each other (regardless of what the truth may be).

In summary, if you only get your news from TV in the US, you're probably misinformed.
PopRocks359  +   822d ago
I remember hearing that apparently statistics dictate that viewers of the Daily Show on Comedy Central are actually MORE well informed of the political spectrum than viewers of Fox News.

Food for thought.
aliengmr  +   822d ago
Pretty much this.
herbs  +   822d ago
It's amazing how many disagrees some of these comments are getting sad really. America no actually the world would be a better place without Fox News strait up. If you actually watch Fox News and think there not biased and actually a legit news source you are ignorant as f#%k it's that simple your garbage.
MooseyXTC  +   822d ago
Am I dreaming or is this stupid?
A LIVING LEGEND  +   822d ago
Big deal,while FOX news isn't always the pinnacle of integrity in journalism that they claim,they are miles ahead of the drivel cycled endlessly on other news networks.
At least they ask you to think instead of the 'add racism,remove conversation,next story' practice that has been popularized elsewhere.
Asking 'who is evil George Washington'? is better than 'George Washington?....isn't he that guy on American Idol that can't spell uneducated'?.
aliengmr  +   822d ago
Fox abandoned any notion of integrity long ago. They are sensationalist info-tainment. Which is becoming a problem for Republicans as their message gets ever more insane.

MSNBC isn't much better and CNN is just silly now, but neither of them have so boldly done away with all notion of "fact" based reporting as Fox has.

If has to do with France, you bet Fox will be on top of it. Freedom fries anyone?
BladerunnerZX  +   822d ago
Fox News is a far right wing propaganda machine.

Sure gun nut racist rednecks love Fox News and their viewers are either one of two thing : poor uneducated gun loving rednecks or RICH RIGHT WING GUN NUTS like Ted Nugent who is completely insane.
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ChipChipperson  +   822d ago
Love how everyone criticizes Fox for this and that. How about you mention what garbage news media you listen to and I guarantee you that they are guilty of doing the same things Fox does. If you let the news affect you that much regardless if you lean left or right, you're just a dumb motherfucker. It's absolutely disgusting that people are taught to hate each other and demonize one another just because they vote Dem. or Rep.
Captain Tuttle  +   822d ago
I'm mad about this game's complete mediocrity
Blacklash93  +   822d ago
Made in France? You mean one of America's greatest allies in the American Revolution?
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ninjahunter  +   822d ago
SEXBOX360! Haha, remember that fiasco? They brought in an expert and as soon as he didnt say what they wanted (immediately) "oh look at that, i guess were bringing this interview to an end" Haha.
evilhasitsway  +   822d ago
any media wants us to be mad at games in general why bother righting crap like this.

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