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PS4 might not come packaged with a camera, may only make one region in '13

Matthew Reynolds: "I believe the announced camera accessory is packaged with every PS4, is that correct?

Fergal Gara: "I don't think we've pinned that down as yet, exactly what product configurations there will be. More details will be revealed over a few levels in the next few months."7

MR:You can't talk specifics on a date, but it's been said 2013. Does that apply to Europe?

FG: "We will launch it this year. Exactly what regions, what timing, is being worked through. Which regions in 2013 - is it all of them, is it some of them? Is there some degree of phasing? We'll reveal that in more detail later but we can't yet."

MR:So it's a case that one region will get the PS4 this year?

FG:"At least. It will launch this year, but the precise details as I say for exact dates, exact regions, is it all or some of them? We don't know." (PS4)

Root  +   705d ago
That would be a shame for some gamers but for me this confirms that you don't need it for your controller...

Phew....so I don't have to bother setting one up

Hype level has been increased even more :)
TheGamerDood  +   705d ago
Sorry but that camera looks cool as hell and I also want to see what developers will do with the tech so I'll be picking one up.

PS Eye vs Kinect 2.0 Fight! Fight! x)
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Root  +   705d ago
I'm not saying it dosrn't look cool I just don't see myself using it

I don't want to pay more for something I don't want or I don't want to set a camera up like that when I have enough wires and stuff round my tv set up.
shivvy24  +   705d ago
im most likely never gonna touch the camera but i can easily see my 10yr old bro playing games on it
WarThunder  +   704d ago
Thats great! because i thought the PS4 eye it will be needed for the DS4 controller...
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Red_Orange_Juice  +   705d ago
I dont want to wait for Killzone while gamers in US already play it.

Coe on Sony at leat ship preordered units to Europe on Christmas, we can wait for later update with national languages and interface, we'll "bear" with english for a while

Dlacy13g  +   705d ago
While I know many hardcore gamers dont care or don't want the camera... I have to think its a mistake. It's splitting the base again if they go this route. I hope Sony does ship a camera with every console thus making sure they get good support for devs. IF a dev wants to make a motion game they don't have to fear that only half the new user base has a camera.
Root  +   705d ago
But what if it increases the price by a ton....then there spilting fans either way

No one will want to pay extra for something they don't want to use


They offer a version of the PS4 which comes with the camera where you save some money.
Baka-akaB  +   705d ago
Screw splitting the fanbase , i dont want to pay extra for something that will still be optional among studios , and that i dont want anyway .
Hands Up For Games  +   705d ago
Just watch Europe get screwed here.

Remember Europe Sony? Its the place where you've sold the most consoles.

Bloody hate the way all 3 continually screw over us Europeans.
fluffydelusions  +   705d ago
Well at least you guys have nice color selection for Nintendo 3DS XL systems. We USians are still stuck with only blue or red lol.
Root  +   705d ago
That's probably going to happen

I really wish they made it so SCEE, SCEA AND SCEJ didn't exsist but they had just one worldwide SCEWW

Least then we wouldn't be screwed on games for the PSN, release dates, DLC not making it on time, get no classics etc

We get screwed on almost everything...once in a blue moon we get the benefit of the doubt usualy with Collectors editions.
Muerte2494  +   704d ago
EU region has dozens on top of dozens of different languages, currencies, laws, and etc to try an accommodate for. It's understandable why it require a little more time than a country/region that speaks mostly japanese or english. But it's the exact opposite in the television/smartphone realm. EU usually get releases first when it comes to those markets. Come one man, you can't have it all.
VR-4nic  +   704d ago
Sonys only concern will be to release before Microsoft in the U.S. so not to loss more market share so yes Europe again will be waiting, probably until early 2014.
fsfsxii  +   705d ago
Maybe the PS4 comes in 2 bundles, one with a camera and all the stuff and one without
Prodigy-X  +   705d ago
Please be in the basic model. I really don't feel like paying for it.
deanobi  +   705d ago
PS4 Fail already?!
clintagious650  +   704d ago
Fail to launch? Cause Id buy one now if it was for sale.
ANIALATOR136  +   705d ago
Sounds like Europe will get the boot, again...
Cam977  +   705d ago
I reckon that it'll release in February, that's not too bad. If you're that desperate just import it.
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ANIALATOR136  +   704d ago
I think my guess is on march '14 and US get it Nov '13 similar to the PS3 release but I can't say I won't be disappointed if it isn't a worlwide release
seanpitt23  +   704d ago
Yeah but if its region locked then your screwed
edonus  +   704d ago
Big mistake!
If it doesn't come standard they won't support it.

This will be a major advantage for the nextbox.

Come on Sony don't be stupid.
Knight_Crawler  +   704d ago
Why do you think developers wont support if its not standard?

Kinect was not standard and got good support from 3 party developers and MS...Plus Sony has alot of 1st party studios who can support it.

So in the long run developers would want to support this since now they can makes games for the 720 and PS4 which means a bigger install base and more money.

I am still puzzled as to how Sony is going to try to go against Kinect without an IR camera and plus what makes Kinect is the software which is why MS bought PrimeScence the people who owned Kinect and had tons of patent on the motion camera business.

I can see next gen we will have tons of fanboy girls about Kinect 2 vs PSEYE 4 games and which 3rd party developer version of the game is better.

Also Dance Central wont be exclusive to Kinect anymore.
edonus  +   704d ago
Kinect was not standard and you see how hard it is for its gains to go recognized and hit a stride with the standard base. Lots of its capabilities go unmentioned and under utilized. That's only because its a peripheral, as standard the base won't be split and it won't be as risky to advertise as push the tech.

Not to mention Sony has a history of not supporting secondary devices. They never supported any of the eyetoys pseyes or move. If their camera isn't standard I will have to wait and see if they do before I buy one. And that's part of the recipe for failure.
ginganinja  +   704d ago
In other words;
'We aren't sure and you'll have to wait for a proper announcement one way or the other.'

Any Sony exec is hardly liable to commit to things that haven't been announced at this stage.
I'd assume they're holding off confirming release dates in all regions until they know for sure the sort of numbers of consoles they're going to have.
Klonoa_Dream_Travel  +   704d ago
wouldnt let me see the page? just gave me Error 403
clintagious650  +   704d ago
See the problem is not every developer is going to want to create games for the pseye or kinect so if thats the case i dont see why they have to put a camera in every ps4. It makes more sense to have 2 sku's where the cheaper one doesnt come with a camera and the expensive version which it is included because it will give the consumer choice & will sell alot more instead of cramming into one and forcing the consumer to buy it & im sure this will also help sony save money besides if the consumer sees later that they want to buy a camera then they can always buy it seperately.
LKHGFDSA  +   704d ago
No!! Have it included!! It's such a huge difference if it comes with the system! Look at the PS Eye vs say, the Wii remote!
aiBreeze  +   704d ago
In this day and age and this much time to prepare, I think it would be a real kick in the teeth for Sony to delay a region's release especially after having the audacity to mention it coming out in 2013 in their presentation. Still, if it's any region, it will almost certainly be Europe, Japanese companies love giving us the middle finger.
VR-4nic  +   704d ago
Your crazy, this a such an easy thing to see from a business stand point! The USA will get it first mark my words! The only reason is because Sony will not let Microsoft release first again there and loss even more market share. To be fair I don’t think it’s right to call any region the most relevant, but in this case the USA will be Sony's first priority or all the effort they've put into releasing before Microsoft will have been in vain because Microsoft is sure to try and hold there lead in the US. Getting out 1st kind of work last gen for Microsoft so Sony will not let them do it again.
aiBreeze  +   704d ago
I'm not trying to say the US shouldn't be given priority as it's important but if ps4 is released in US only while Xbox is released in all regions, is hardly going to help Sony in the initial stages of the console war.

If Sony played region faves again (lets be honest looking at PSN it's fairly obvious NA > EU) then I for one will happily tell them to shove their console where the rising sun doesn't shine.
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platformmaster918  +   704d ago
well that title certainly states the worst possible scenario. They should definitely release in NA this year if it comes down to us or Japan. We have BF and Christmas to boost sales while Japan doesn't really have a HUGE holiday season.
time2die  +   704d ago

localisation and the fact Europe has many different languages has nothing to do with it.just like Hands Up For Games said we keep Sony Going and if anything Europe should be the Elite Playstation subscribers and owners.

This will be a knife in Sony back if they make us wait again until 3/4 months after the Japan/Usa release date.

Microsoft will go all out and release there console worldwide and that will be the one thing that will totally piss Sony of having announced there new console before the Big M.

If its such a big deal why not treat everybody that buys and supports your console the same way and wait until you have enough stock to ship worldwide.

Its totally unfair that we are always last and Sony has a history of doing this to Europe along with nintendo.

Its not as bad as 15 years ago when we would virtually have to wait 6/12 months for a game already released in Japan/Usa.
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VR-4nic  +   704d ago
Guaranteed to the USA! Lol! Sony will not lose more ground to Microsoft here in the US so Im pretty positive that I will get my PS4 in 2013. They would be stupid to release in Japan first considering everyone over there hates the 360 with a passion. Need I even say anything about Europe, I mean when do they ever get anything significant before the US, they always seem to get screwed at release time.
C-Thunder  +   704d ago
Sounds like he's just dodging the questions, trying not to get locked in to anything that's subject to change.

Other reports are that the new contoller requires the camera, and Sony seemed to make that clear during the press event. I doubt that it won't be packed in with the system.

Release dates, that's a tricky one. I think, based on what they've said, they are aiming for a worldwide release, but until they can verify production levels, and any regulatory approvals they need (quite a few in europe regarding materials and such) they'll be hesitant to confirm any regions.

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