PS4 might not come packaged with a camera, may only make one region in '13

Matthew Reynolds: "I believe the announced camera accessory is packaged with every PS4, is that correct?

Fergal Gara: "I don't think we've pinned that down as yet, exactly what product configurations there will be. More details will be revealed over a few levels in the next few months."7

MR:You can't talk specifics on a date, but it's been said 2013. Does that apply to Europe?

FG: "We will launch it this year. Exactly what regions, what timing, is being worked through. Which regions in 2013 - is it all of them, is it some of them? Is there some degree of phasing? We'll reveal that in more detail later but we can't yet."

MR:So it's a case that one region will get the PS4 this year?

FG:"At least. It will launch this year, but the precise details as I say for exact dates, exact regions, is it all or some of them? We don't know."

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Root1853d ago

That would be a shame for some gamers but for me this confirms that you don't need it for your controller... I don't have to bother setting one up

Hype level has been increased even more :)

TheGamerDood1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Sorry but that camera looks cool as hell and I also want to see what developers will do with the tech so I'll be picking one up.

PS Eye vs Kinect 2.0 Fight! Fight! x)

Root1852d ago

I'm not saying it dosrn't look cool I just don't see myself using it

I don't want to pay more for something I don't want or I don't want to set a camera up like that when I have enough wires and stuff round my tv set up.

shivvy241852d ago

im most likely never gonna touch the camera but i can easily see my 10yr old bro playing games on it

WarThunder1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Thats great! because i thought the PS4 eye it will be needed for the DS4 controller...

Red_Orange_Juice1852d ago

I dont want to wait for Killzone while gamers in US already play it.

Coe on Sony at leat ship preordered units to Europe on Christmas, we can wait for later update with national languages and interface, we'll "bear" with english for a while


Dlacy13g1853d ago

While I know many hardcore gamers dont care or don't want the camera... I have to think its a mistake. It's splitting the base again if they go this route. I hope Sony does ship a camera with every console thus making sure they get good support for devs. IF a dev wants to make a motion game they don't have to fear that only half the new user base has a camera.

Root1853d ago

But what if it increases the price by a ton....then there spilting fans either way

No one will want to pay extra for something they don't want to use


They offer a version of the PS4 which comes with the camera where you save some money.

Baka-akaB1852d ago

Screw splitting the fanbase , i dont want to pay extra for something that will still be optional among studios , and that i dont want anyway .

Hands Up For Games1853d ago

Just watch Europe get screwed here.

Remember Europe Sony? Its the place where you've sold the most consoles.

Bloody hate the way all 3 continually screw over us Europeans.

fluffydelusions1853d ago

Well at least you guys have nice color selection for Nintendo 3DS XL systems. We USians are still stuck with only blue or red lol.

Root1853d ago

That's probably going to happen

I really wish they made it so SCEE, SCEA AND SCEJ didn't exsist but they had just one worldwide SCEWW

Least then we wouldn't be screwed on games for the PSN, release dates, DLC not making it on time, get no classics etc

We get screwed on almost everything...once in a blue moon we get the benefit of the doubt usualy with Collectors editions.

Muerte24941852d ago

EU region has dozens on top of dozens of different languages, currencies, laws, and etc to try an accommodate for. It's understandable why it require a little more time than a country/region that speaks mostly japanese or english. But it's the exact opposite in the television/smartphone realm. EU usually get releases first when it comes to those markets. Come one man, you can't have it all.

VR-4nic1851d ago

Sonys only concern will be to release before Microsoft in the U.S. so not to loss more market share so yes Europe again will be waiting, probably until early 2014.

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fsfsxii1853d ago

Maybe the PS4 comes in 2 bundles, one with a camera and all the stuff and one without

Prodigy-X1853d ago

Please be in the basic model. I really don't feel like paying for it.

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