Why the PS4 reveal was a disappointment

So that's that, then. The dust has settled, reporters from all over the world are flying back from New York and we finally have details of the PlayStation 4. Sony had been trumpeting up its big console reveal over the last month, inviting us to 'See the future' and open the door to next-generation hardware, and now it's finally over. What did we make of the whole thing? Well, we were slightly disappointed.

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ZainabSaccal1882d ago

I would rather say; I am very much disappointed!!

muttley651882d ago

I feel it was away to keep people interest til E3

piroh1882d ago

KZ stole the show, it´s the best looking game i ever saw, generation ahead of The last of us

joab7771882d ago

Exactly. Now microsoft will go big and sony counters. Remember though that in april while xbox announces, and again at E3, where sony will go even bigger, 2 games will be releasing to remind gamers what to buy. God of War Ascencion amd The Last of Us. Wilk Gears be enough to sway ppl?

Microsoft does have an opportunity with their tech to offer backwards compatibility and/or content on xbox live on the 720. This could be one of its tricks to counyer sonys 1st party studios. Because while gears may be good, epic isnt the same company it once name recognition at least.

Skips1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )


Just wait till SSM, ND, and PD show their stuff.

j-blaze1882d ago

agreed, i wasn't disappointed at all by the PS4 reveal, Sony revealed PS4's amazing specs and features and there is even more saved for E3

starchild1882d ago

I thought Sony's conference was fantastic in every way. It far surpassed my expectations.

slayorofgods1882d ago

Good point about backwards compatibility. Im not sure how big of a sway this will have on the 360 war, but it may have some.. The PS3 does have a better library than the 360, but it a disappointment that the ps4 can not play ps3 or current psn or ps2 games..

It brings up a bigger question.. Was the Cell processor a mistake? The Cell is gone in the ps4, had Sony still used it PS3 games would be playable.

Saigon1882d ago


If I am not mistaken, and correct me if I am wrong, Most PS3 games will be streamed and I am sure Sony will apply that to the PSN games as well as the PS1 and PS2, it only makes sense...BC will be streamed...

SilentNegotiator1882d ago

Why was it disappointing?

Because need hits, that's why.

nintendoland1882d ago


so you like these games because of graphics? If you want graphics why don't you just go outside.

subtenko1881d ago

If they showed everything and every game they had to show, it would make all these upcoming PS3 exclusives look like crap in graphics lol. When we get The Last of Us we're gonna be like...dang after seeing Killzone Shadow still fun and very good graphical game for PS3 tho! Day 1!

Anyway, I like how all this PS4 and PlayStation news is getting M$, Nintendo and PC fans all rilled up.

iJihaD1881d ago

Just tell me what could you ask more for?

indubitably1881d ago

It's funny how, everywhere else on the internet, there is an even spread of people that are disappointed and satisfied. On here however, people that didn't like the presentation are considered trolls.

Ju1881d ago

Well, same ol', same ol'. Title to attract hits. If you read his story the disappointment comes from the fact he can't touch the thing. That's all. He seemed quite excited but disappointed that there was no HW and no price. But that was it. Great headline, though. LOL

badz1491881d ago

For the anti-Sony army to start spewing their typical BS!

Sony could as well donate a kidney and the media will still find it wrong! This kind of article is not contributing anything useful to the table and just showing the sign of desperation...for hits!...SADLY!

user39158001881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Ugh, people will always be in denial, a reveal without the actual console its not a reveal. Its like saying the monalisa its one of the greatest picture ever made, here it is imagine what it looks like, cause we dont have the picture.

Its like saying here its the greatest looking car ever made, take my word for it AND SING HERE.

The ps4 reveal was the worst in Sony history and the trolls here are on a rampage, on denial. Grow up already. No console= no reveal. Ps4 revealing was a total flamebait for trolls to go argue, just look at how many trolls are arguing here.

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BullyMangler1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Sony's event wasn't all that disappointing.
Sure Sony copied Nintendo in MANY ways when don't they, but that "Deep Down" game . . tsssssss

MEsoJD1882d ago

"Sony copied Nintendo in MANY ways"

I don't think so.

DomceM1882d ago

nintendo is screwed bro. Old hardware and tablet controller isnt worth it.

xursz1882d ago

You're making Nintendo fans look bad. Please stop.

gobluesamg1881d ago

I tried to disagree with you twice

fsfsxii1881d ago

And can you prove it???

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Dark111882d ago

Don't be a bitch , this was a tease before E3.
Sony has more to reveal.

user39158001882d ago

Great language 101 by dark11. When I buy a car the first thing I do its buy for the looks, then figureout which ones has the best offerings and reliability. Same with consoles, If the looks are a turn off, I wont bother getting it until late in the life cycle. PS3 and gamecube follows that category, awfuully ugly and I wont let such a device take away from the living room and the main reason I only bought a few, for the bedrooms. A gaming machine its just that and if the looks are horrible, I wont even bother taking away from the rest. Consoles were meant to be played and not embarrased you from having a plastic awfully made. The reason why PS3/GAMECUBE/ AND jAGUAR are in the bedrooms its caused their designed to me its an embarrasment, Case closed.

I date girls based on looks, the first thing I do is see if she is comparable and have some common sense. Most of everything we do in life are based on looks and dont get me started on Love cause it does not exist.

End of day, no console = failure. Dont sale me a product you dont have as proof cause it reminds me of religion.

saint_seya1882d ago

So for u a caculator that play games could be better than 720/ps4 if it looks better in design? LOL

redfirm1882d ago

I bet you also choose your school based on its looks and not what they teach? oh wait...

irepbtown1881d ago

You buy a car for its looks correct...

But would you buy a Ferrari thats a 1.2L Diesel?
I don't think so...

My point is, who cares about the looks (at this stage). We want to know what it can pull off (which we saw, Killzone, Watch Dogs and so on), we want to know the goodies inside.

Looks can come at E3. You will pick a girl for the looks, but sooner or later you get to know the real them. So, get to really know them, then worry about looks. That's the route Sony have taken.

Sorry about the crap analogy.

fsfsxii1881d ago

Do you play GAMES or stare at the console and get a boner???

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user39158001882d ago ShowReplies(4)
BkaY1882d ago

so everyone was hyped before the meeting and wishing for ps4 to be revealed...

when it does... everyone is like "meh"... wtf is wrong with you ppl..?

and those who are saying that ... sony didnt show the actual ps4 box... i mean seriously .. u should be concern what you are getting on the screen not the freaking shape of ps4...

to be its way way better than that "Giant enemy crab" embarrassment.


TongkatAli1882d ago

I know! Nintendo showed the Wii U box out of the gate and showed a bs Zelda tech demo and that was it.

Irishguy951882d ago

Was less than I expected. I wasn't disappointed by it. I thought there would be more show of games but still. Everything else was as expected

Angrymorgan1882d ago

It was more than I expected to be honest.
I was thinking it would just be a quick reveal following ps3 sales talk and a bunch of vita announcements.
They'll be saving all the games for a big blowout at e3.

007Bond1882d ago

Yeah it was a huge letdown they just showed another Killzone with better graphics, the game looked like just another generic shooter. PS fanboys make it seem like it's the greatest shooter ever LOL

BLow1882d ago

Killzone and that was it. 2 hours for killzone and that's it. Oh boy...

JackBNimble1882d ago

Ya , thats right. It was all about killzone...

I can't wait for the nextbox reveal when it's all about k.....

T21882d ago

Ya all they showed was kz says the ignoramus who obviously didnt watch it at all

irepbtown1881d ago


How dare you Sony! How dare you show a beautiful looking game! Shame on you Sony!

BkaY1881d ago

one of the rules of n4g is ...

never reply to a guy with one bub... coz they run their mouths and then hide behind their one bub. most of them dont have anything better to say about the topic.


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Psn8001882d ago

I would rather say I was very over joyed at hearing Wednesday great Ps4 news brilliant .

IAmLee1881d ago

tbf.. the Xbox 720 reveal was so much bett- oh wait..

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1881d ago

can you explain why you felt this way or you just upset that they shocked the world with their amazing show

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Christopher1882d ago

***we at least want to know what it looks like. Surely the whole point of a big PlayStation 4 reveal event is to, you know, show us a PlayStation 4?***

Nope. And the fact you still want to know what it looks like? That means you'll still be looking forward to new information on the console rather than sitting there with nothing else to wonder about. It means they are doling out information in parts rather than letting it all hit at once and the dissipate over time, making for a fairly lackluster release as people have 'forgotten' about it due to the lack of any new information.

Wizziokid1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

People are obsessing with what the console looks like confuse me, I tend to look at the screen when I play games but hey maybe I'm doing it wrong?

But like you said its a way to keep people interested and excited for future news, we will see the console at E3 obviously.

C-Thunder1882d ago

They don't confuse me, they're clearly trying to find any negative they can within the mountain of awesome we've just been given. Sad to see gamers who aren't excited for a new system that looks to be so gamer centric.

greenpowerz1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

It's not about PS4 looks they don't believe PS4 exists. They smell concept stage hype and have every right to worry as Sony has pulled BS with every Playstation launch. For all we know they want people to think they're doing what Nintendo did(Nintendo showed the console with in days after the reveal only keeping the specs unannounced)

Reports of devs saying PS4 games were running on a PS4 spec PC doesn't help and gets worse when a dev tried to say his game was running on PS4 then was proven to be a lie and running on a PS4 spec PC like the rest of the games.

No PS4 system features working in real time with no real in depth info on them.

PS4 is at concept stage being passed off as a well on the way developed platform. Spinning cosmetics(shell) doesn't change what people suspect.

Has it ever crossed you mind people are dissopinted over this and are so loyal to Sony they sugar coat their real feelings(

^^Some attack the other consoles to vent, some find other smaller reason about PS4 to gripe about even though it's the lack of PS4 that upsets them, Some try to paint or brainwash others dissopointment as only being sad they couldn't see the plastic of the PS4 LMAO

Rainstorm811882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

@ green
and the rest of the majority was genuinely excited

BTW way the only demo said to be running on a PS4 spec PC was Watch Dogs

It's funny people act like Killzone SF wasn't playable at the meeting AND on Jimmy Fallon

All you people running around talking about how "Sony Lies" ...Is that the new Sony complaint for 2013?

JackBNimble1882d ago

I would love to know what the ps4 looks like, but to tell you the truth, I never relised until some people were making a stink, that sony never showed it.

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TheGamerDood1882d ago

I think that after the massive buildup of the event many people were expecting them to reveal more than they did or even show it all I guess, I think they might be a little frustrated about that but Sony has to save something for the second course.

(my bad cgoodno I hit the disagree by accident:( )

kenshiro1001881d ago

green...for the sake of all the braincells in the world, just stop. You're making gamers look bad.

For the last time, Sony didn't reveal the PS4 for strategical purposes. They wanted to wet our appetites and then make a bigger impact at E3. Just because they didn't reveal it, doesn't mean that there's a conspiracy theory going on or anything you're ranting about.

You don't know what you're talking about, never will so stop while you're ahead.

BkaY1881d ago

respectfully disagree with some part of your post bro..

honestly my mates and i dont give a flying rats azz about the specs and technical bullcrap.. developers should be worried about that coz they are the ones who are going to make games not us.. thats was the main focus of ps4 development..(plz refer the actual meeting for exact statement)..

we came to conclusion that we are not going to give money to lazy developers next gen... i mean i dont care if its my fav game franchise..
coz what we the consumers did for paid dlc... which used to be free... FREE!!! remember?


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Wizziokid1882d ago

disappointment is really done to the person and what they expected. for me it was not a disappointment's so should I go make an article stating that?

Root1882d ago

How can you be disappointed with what we saw

Sony basically corrected all the wrongs they did at the launch of the PS3 and learnt from their mistakes...the only thing left to go is the price and even then I still believe it will be reasonable

Trenta271882d ago

I liked it. While it could have been better, it's a nice tease before E3. E3 will be incredible.