Sony Should Make Killzone Their Very Own Halo

With a brand-new Killzone game just unveiled for the PlayStation 4, Dan Jenko argues that the futuristic first-person shooter franchise has the potential to be as significant for Sony as Halo is for Microsoft.

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Septic1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I think GG have been trying to do that from the very beginning of the franchise's inception. Easier said than done though.

Irishguy951789d ago

I would like the addition of Vehicles and **** in Killzone. Would love to fly between the Helghast and ISA city in some levels and stuff

TheGamerDood1788d ago

A Killzone/Battlefield type of game with 64 players would be amazing.

mandf1789d ago

Yeah Septic I agree. Only gamers can make a game rise to that status. Say Halo released 1 year later maybe it wouldn't have been so popular. I think it's a case of in the right place at the right time and every thing aligned. Killzone has the same quality and fun just not the gaming prestige and following.

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NewMonday1788d ago


this can't be real

I remember that Halo4 had an event with a number of reviewers who had to play the game at the developers office, there were no advance copies.

TekoIie1788d ago


"Last time I check a few years ago, Sony first party titles absolutely crushed Microsoft's first party titles including Halo in total sales."

Yes its impressive for multiple games to outsell one game -_-

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aPerson1788d ago


"It is inane to think Sony would every think of emulating Microsoft's failed strategy."

Whether or not you dislike Microsoft for rehashing the same old franchises over and over is one thing, but to say that their strategy has failed them is laughable. They are successful, and like it or not, their exclusives sell well.

I dislike what Microsoft has become too, but facts are facts.

AngelicIceDiamond1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Well, Halo released in 2001 and 3 years later Sony's answer was Killzone. Killzone was fun but Halo had the gameplay, sandbox styled levels, immersive, and most importantly it was an innovative shooter at the time. Great graphics the Halo was becoming a mainstream hit years after Killzone.

Killzone has its own gameplay, it own graphics, its own story, its own characters.

And from the look of Killzone Shadow Fall, it looks like the game will be full realized to be Sony's flagged shipped shooter.

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TekoIie1788d ago


"They really think somehow the rest of the gaming world actually gives a shit about their lame shiny green power ranger games"... XD

Who'd have thought that the ps4 reveal would result in a Sony fanboy raging like this XD.

Gildarts1787d ago

Believe it or not but Microsoft games generally receive better rating.

Sony: y

For convenience it's. 68 for Sonyy and 74 for Microsoft.

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Arksine1788d ago

I like Killzone, but if they want to take it to another level they need to open up the environments. The initial city shown in KZ:Shadow Fall looked great, now let us explore it!

And vehicles are a must (the mechs and jetpacks are a nice addition though).

zebramocha1788d ago

What does larger levels have to do with anything? Unless they're going for scale than a close environment can be just as effective.

Blaze9291788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

it's just an overly crowded FPS market. Halo just happened to mean a lot more than being an awesome game when it released on Xbox 1. As the first FPS on a console system done EXTREMELY well, the controller was right, and the game overall was great - for the time. Halo 2 alone helped make Xbox LIVE and offered great online gaming, for an FPS, on a home console through broadband only - again, sort of a first.

But since Halo 3, meh.

That's why year after year Halo's been kinda going downhill. I don't think Halo itself, is the popularity. It was just the things Halo was offering, for its time.

Now we got CoD, Halo, Resistance, Killzone, Homefront, Crysis, and goes on. For any game to be as big as Halo it'll need that audience and at this point in time, I don't think Killzone as an IP is going to change much in terms of popularity. 3 console games, 2-3 portable titles - and it's still "just Killzone"

AridSpider1788d ago

This is Killzone #4 (console games only). If they weren't able to make it their Halo by now, probably never will.

squarecircle1788d ago

Halo 3 added theatre mode, which still isn't beat yet by any other FPS. Also the forge mode, while not as complex as Far Cry, gave the ability of people with all types of experience to be able to build some truly awesome maps. Also a very stable 4 player co-op on console was quite something back in 2007.

Halo's popularity is steadily decreasing, we just need an FPS which is truly innovative as the FPS market at the moment is very stale.

ATi_Elite1788d ago

As a PC Gamer I gotta say Killzone is way better than Halo!

I've played thru Killzone 2,3 many times but the Halo series is so boring that I never wanted to play thru it again.

If i could get either the Halo franchise or Killzone franchise on PC I would want the Killzone franchise!

Looking forward to Killzone Shadow Fall!

just-joe1788d ago

The first one was advertised as a "Halo Killer"

J_Cob1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Was it advertised as a, "Halo Killer" or was it gaming websites/magazines saying such things?

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Patashnik1789d ago

What a great ide- er... wait, hang on... wasn't that ALWAYS the point of Killzone anyway?! Which makes the point of this article kinda... silly.

DanJenkoFMV1789d ago

As discussed in the article, I feel like the level of marketing Sony gives the Killzone franchise isn't enough to reach that goal.

All I'm saying is that if they market the next Killzone in the same way Microsoft market upcoming Halo releases, the franchise could reach that level.

-Alpha1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

It's more than marketing: if people don't like the game as much as Halo, they wont play it as much as Halo. Killzone 2 sold quite a lot, but the majority didn't stay. If the game isn't going to appeal to the masses, no amount of marketing will make them stay.

Games like Battlefield, Halo, and COD may have a good amount of marketing behind them, but the games themselves have some solid foundations that keep people coming back. Social connectivity is a big one. It was very jarring to see that Killzone promoted squad based gameplay, but didn't even come with an option to party up with your friends.

I also feel that Killzone's clusterspamming is a problem that can really kill the flow of a game. When I played Killzone 8v8, or with smart Tactitians, it was a blast, but unfortunately, public games tended to have crappy Tactitian players who were keen on throwing spawn grenades at other spawn points, creating a constant Spawn, die, spawn, die problem. The fact that you couldn't destroy spawn beacons didn't help. Killzone 3 made the problem even worse by taking away the freedom and restricting spawning to fixed points of action.

I want the next Killzone to take heavy influences from Killzone 2, a campaign that was truly one-of-a-kind when it came to the sheer visceral action. GG needs to nail down what most expect from shooters: content and connectivity in MP. I wish the gameplay is more like Killzone 2, but I can understand why it's necessary to tweak the controls to be a little more accessible. I just want my recoil and high health back. The spawning should take cues from Battlefield: Spawn beacons that can be destroyed and are limited to squads, as well as squad leader spawning. It can cut down on the spawn camping and make the maps more enjoyable. Advertising is half of it, but the core mechanics need to appeal to general consumers first.

Cupid_Viper_31788d ago

I say we let Killzone be Killzone and save the $50-$300 million dollars to make different games that offer different experiences.

I would take a "Kara" (Tech Demo from Quantic Dreams) any day over Killzone, Halo, CoD, or games of the like. We've seen and play so many shooters already as it is.

xursz1788d ago

Agreed with above. Killzone is Sony's Killzone. I like it that way.

Commandar_Shepard1789d ago

Sony really needs to advertise Killzone better. Halo has the notorious Mountain Dew and Doritos promotions, endless TV Commercials, Ads Everywhere (YouTube, Stores, Time Square, etc), heck they also had huge promotions with AXE and 7-ELEVEN (bigger than the one Killzone had with 7-ELEVEN, they had a full fledged online game to go with it).

Another reason Halo is so popular now is its user generated content, allowing for endless community maps, screenshots, clips, etc. With the PS4 and the share button, it looks like Sony is headed in the right direction.

fourOeightshark1788d ago

MS spent over 40mill on Halo 3's marketing.

ritsuka6661789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Sony Should Make Killzone Their Very Own Halo"

My god this BS again? Why do people continue to call games the killer? For example... multiple games of PS brand have been hyped as a Halo Killer ( exemple : Killzone 2) Halo can't be killed. It is a title that exists and has been successful (wildly successful). No game will ever change that hence no game will ever kill it.

SHM, a sucessful game can't be killed unless the conqueror somehow makes the conquered sell negative numbers and go back to zero.

In short, drop the "killer" shit. It's old already.

Below: matching and killing are same shit.

ShugaCane1789d ago

Where did you see the word "killer" exactly ? The article is about Killzone matching Halo's success, not killing it.

J_Cob1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

"SHM, a sucessful game can't be killed unless the conqueror somehow makes the conquered sell negative numbers and go back to zero."

"Below: matching and killing are same shit."

Yes, because KZ matching the number of Halo sales is the same as Halo copies magically disappearing and going back to zero.

Riderz13371788d ago

If Sony wants to make Killzone their Halo, they better advertise it. Halo gets a ton of advertising and I've never seen a Killzone advertisement on TV in my life. This game has so much potential, especially know as a launch title, Sony would be idiots to not let the masses now about this game. It's a true representation of what next generation technology is capable of bringing in terms of graphics.

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