Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U and 3DS Demo Impressions

TheHDRoom: "Even though the demos are streamlined and stripped of the customization and features (such as all local and online multiplayer) that make up the greater Monster Hunter experience, they both serve as an excellent taste of what is to come on March 19 when Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is released on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in North America."

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DA_SHREDDER1855d ago

I was very unimpressed. So for from what I seen, its just a straight port of the Wii versoin with HD graphics. It's real pretty, its just not as awesome as I thought it was gonna be.

thaimasker1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Straight port? Hmm lets see
Wii Version- 18 large monsters..35 total monsters
Wii U Version- 51 large monsters ...73 monsters total

Along with many other new features and additions.

chadboban1855d ago

It's not a port of the Wii version, but a port of Tri-G on the 3DS. It has a pretty good bit of extra content from what I've heard.

guitarded771855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I wasn't impressed either. The visuals were dull, and loading from section to section (every 5-10 seconds) is ridiculous. Also too easy to get knocked into a loading screen (new section of map) while fighting a monster. The core of the game is there, which is great, but the load issues from map section to map section are annoying, and they could have done a better job making it look pretty. Capcom is known to push out HD versions of previous games without giving them enough attention though. They did it with the RE HD ports.

animegamingnerd1855d ago

well nothing more can be expected from crapcom

PFFT1855d ago

The game looks good for being and HD remake from a 3DS game. And it seems this is the first time you have played a Monster Hunter title right? Cause if it wasnt you wouldnt be complaining about the small load times between map sections. The loading is fast and quite frankly not bothersome at all. I for one like many cant wait for this game to release!

thaimasker1855d ago

Something must be wrong with your wii u or 3DS because my loading was only 2 seconds max lol. and I fought the 2nd boss for 12 min without having to go into another map/loading screen.

blastcorp641854d ago

Your wiiu is busted. The load times between areas is virtually non existent compare to the wii version

guitarded771854d ago

Something is wrong with your reading comprehension. The 5-10 seconds was not the length of the load time... it was how often they are encountered when transversing the map, going from area to area.

What amazes me most is how eager some people are to defend what they love even when it is hurting the series they love.

If you cannot see that a 2 second load screen breaks from the immersion of the experience, you are blind. Just because the series has done it in the past is no reason to continue with the limitations of less sophisticated hardware. If you maintain this belief, then you would not make it in the video game development industry.

Next: NO the game does not look good for being an HD port when compared to almost ANY OTHER HD PORTS. The textures are muddy and it's a jaggie nightmare. So don't lie, just because you love Monster Hunter. It is an honest criticism without the rose colored glasses on.

Also, not mentioned in my previous comment, the controls are too twitchy, with the y-axis only being variable by a few degrees, which means you can't look up or down. That's just weird.

I just can't believe how eager some of you are to defend what is apparently a quick cash in port for the Wii U, while it doesn't even take advantage of the Wii U's improved hardware by conjoining the map, making it look pretty (Wii U can do much better), or tightening up the controls and giving them more range. This is not too much to ask when a developer is asking us to respend money on a game we may have already bought.

blastcorp641853d ago

I'm sorry my reading comprehension is not very good and I misunderstood. I did not mean to upset you but the wiiu may not be strong enough to mesh the zones from what I understand. People say it is not as strong enough as the ps3 (I don't know never owned one) so maybe that is the reason. Either way I loved tri on the wii and I heard this version is merely an upgrade to that game but not a sequel with more monsters and weapon types.

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GezForce1855d ago

Monster hunter tri on Dolphin @1080p looks and plays way better than the wiiu version. I'm really starting to regret my launch purchase of the wiiu.
Guess i just have to roll with the punches until a true next gen system arrives later on this year.

Don't get me wrong its a good game, and there are a lot of fun games available exclusively on the platform. i just feel badly let down by nintendo's lack of hardware muscle. The recent leaked specs confirm this.

just-joe1855d ago

Hear that? It's the world's smallest violin.

PopRocks3591855d ago

Newsflash, your ROM/ISO on the dolphin emulator lacks about half the content in the Ultimate version.

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GuruStarr781855d ago

That dragon boss is mad difficult.. got my ass handed to me!

PFFT1855d ago

Use the switch axe or the Great Sword.

Ck1x1855d ago

They could have crafted a better demo to showcase this game to newbie Hunters, but as it stands from this demo. I've taken MH3U off of my must have list of WiiU games. Here's a good example of game demos that I had never previously played the series, but ended up buying into once I played the demos. Fire Emblem Awakening-3ds, Sonic Allstars Racing- WiiU, Rayman Legends, KH Dream Drop Distance-3ds. These games all had really great demos that just sold me on why I needed to play them and MH3U does not! I plan on giving it another try on another day, but as it stands now I've definitely lost alot of interest from this demo.

C-Thunder1854d ago

That's too bad, you'll be missing out on an amaizing game. It does require a lot of patience, it's no hack-n-slash.

I think it's funny you think the demo needed to better demo to new hunters. It didn't show the crafting, need for gathering, etc... but it was definitely geared for people new to the game. These two demo fights were weighted heavily in the player's favor. I guarantee, the Plesioth won't be so easy to take down the first time you come across him in the real game, especially for someone new to the series.

Killzoner991855d ago

Nobody cares about Monster Hunter anymore , it's such a stale franchise this is most likely the last one. Soul Sacrifice is the next big thing everyones talking about.

animegamingnerd1855d ago

i doubt soul sacrifice is going to sell vita's

blastcorp641855d ago

Because its no longer on Sony systems?

aceitman1855d ago

it is only on the vita published by sony japan.

RTheRebel1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

lol coming from the killzone fan

C-Thunder1854d ago

I have no doubt Soul Sacrifice will be awesome, but Monster Hunter is still amaizing. Sure, it's a little dissapointing that they don't try to improve upon the franchise, but I doubt it will ever be called stale.

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Trago13371855d ago

i certainly liked what i played.

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