Something Must've Went Wrong with Playstation

"I'm curious as to why things went down the way they did. It just doesn't add up." - Shanklish

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ShugaCane2122d ago

First sentence :"So, the Playstation 4 has been released".

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Name Last Name2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Why are Opinion articles allowed on N4G?

Bobby Kotex2122d ago

Unfortunately N4G is a product of the community. They would never appear if they didn't get the votes. It's too bad we can't vote down articles.

Rainstorm812122d ago

We can Bobby, click that little plus next to the site name

JD_Shadow2122d ago

Nothing wrong with broadcasting your opinions as long as you can back them up with concrete facts. This article might or might not (I haven't read it myself because it sounds like this is more of the latter), but that doesn't mean we shouldn't welcome newer and/or smaller sites that are trying to make a name for themselves by having a brash opinion, even if it's one we venomously disagree with.

As long as they can back it up, and as long as it looks like they are trying to get a foot into the door without being torn to shreads, then I have no issue with letting them try.

T22122d ago

Its a terrible piece dont even read it... Blah blah conspiracy theory , 0 evidence , Sony seemed rushed ... How rushed do you think a worldwide streamed presentation that featured hardware, games, etc lasting two hours could be ? Maybe they slapped that together in a week huh ? Lol

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MasterCornholio2122d ago


I gotta go to game to pick up this console then.


HITANDRUN2122d ago

Something went wrong? Stocks its whats wrong, they have to come up with a gimmick to get a boost on shares. Problem is that there is no major inclined. Anyone who listen to sonys speech knows to listen to sonys spill with a grain of salt. We never know their intempt cause even they dont know, they just hot wash their speech and do a whole different thing next.

All companies lie, but sony earned the platinum trophy in a bag of lies.

Elwenil2122d ago

Do you have anything to back up that rambling barely coherent tirade?

kayoss2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Lies??? what lies? Tell me what lies did Sony say? Stock dropped 1% after the PS4 was announced. 1% could be market fluctuation, you dont see a rise in stock until once the console is near its release. Other factors could play a role in why the Sony did not rise... do some research before you start rambling non sense. I would like to hear from you what lies did Sony say about the PS4.

Sony never once say they will "Reveal" the console. They always said they had an "announcement" to make. Announcement and reveal has two different meaning. Its the journalist who said the Sony will "reveal" the PS4 on 2/20/13 Sony never said it themselves.

ceballos77mx2122d ago

When the console releases and doesn't do what Sony promised them ill agree with you.

hivycox2122d ago

stop nitpicking.. he corrected it!

DonnieDarko2122d ago

Kayoss - lies? How about ps3 being 4D?

madjedi2122d ago

Yeah 4d or the 4th dimension is time. And sony did show something related to that(time affecting objects) gdc one yr i believe.

Wtf does 4d have to do with gaming, can you people at least bother to have an idea of what your complaining about.

Like ms or nintendo are totally honest lol.

Other than a in game mechanic what does time have to do with gaming.

IAmLee2122d ago

The author clearly isn't an xbox fanboy... -___-

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RamsesNum12122d ago

haha, I'm pretty sure he meant revealed.

Milky2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Its an interesting article. The whole Square Enix announcement of an announcement added to the oddness of the event too.

FamilyGuy2122d ago

I think they didn't announce the title because they may have made a financial deal with another company, MS or Nintendo, to announce their game on that console first.

We can't mention its name here because we have to show it there first.

sway_z2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Personally, the PS4 reveal over delivered. I for one did not expect so much information..yet, the reveal of PS4 is not enough for some it would seem...?

Jeez, there is just no pleasing some people...they want, they don't want??

...Colombo here does not understand the console business and is treating the Sony PS4 reveal as suspicious...??

Dude, go solve a real crime if you must play the detective.

Dragos752122d ago

How do you over deliver when you leave so much out, including revealing the console? I was excited to see what they were up to but the article makes some good points and that whole event did seem a bit rushed IMO. Why would they say they would let MS go first and then 2 weeks later do that? I think things over at sony are farther behind than they are willing to admit. Then again I could be wrong. I guess we will find out sooner or later.

kayoss2122d ago

Its a strategy, do you really think Sony will make the same mistake and give Microsoft the upper hand? Sony wanted to give Microsoft a uphill battle by doing it first. By saying they will let microsoft go first, it will throw them off. I believe they did a pretty good job hyping up the PS4. For weeks, everyone was talking about the announcement of the PS4. Whats a better way of getting people to notice Sony???

dredgewalker2122d ago

You don't show your full hand when you don't know what cards the other guy is holding. Sony only needed to confirm that they already have a next gen console and it's capabilities. You don't just show a product without building anticipation cause that will simply kill the interest if people already know everything. You can already see the effect of what they've done. Everyone in the gaming industry is talking about the PS4 and wants to know more about it, which is exactly what Sony wants. As Kayoss has said, it is a strategy. This console business is a battle and one needs to out think the other in order to come out at top. I am actually happy that Sony has resorted to this method and they have learned from their past mistakes.

kenshiro1002122d ago

You either know Business101 or you don't.

You don't show the other guy a full deck of cards unless you know what he's planning first. Sony is making a smart strategic move by waiting until E3 to go all out.

Dragos752121d ago

Nothing really strategic about letting people know next gen games are being developed. I think most of us knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. Reveals don't mean anything. It's how you carry out your plan that matters. If they are confident enough to reveal first then they should be confident with their whole plan for ps4. I'm not saying what they did was bad, i'm just saying I disagree with people saying they over delivered.

r212122d ago

Stay away you fools! The 'journalists' are trying to ride the PS4 negative bandwagon!

Pyrrhus2122d ago

'As an Xbox fan, let me explain why.'

Quickly skimming over another 'publication' by this opinionated individual really shows why he would write something like this.

Dunno what he has to gain trying to look into this non-issue.