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Submitted by jahiggin 1010d ago | opinion piece

Pure NintendoWiiWii U 2 Comments Opinion: Why people shouldn’t worry about the Wii U

Why it is way to early to claim doom for the Wii U (GameCube, Next-Gen, Nintendo, PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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Neonridr  +   1010d ago
Nintendo will be fine. At E3 they will showcase the new Mario, the new Retro game, possibly a glimpse at the next Zelda, most certainly a look at Wind Waker HD, Super Smash Brothers, and who knows what other surprises they will have up their sleeves.

Nintendo has always been about 1st party software, as most 3rd party developers jumped ship from the Wii and the system was carried almost Nintendo exclusively.

The Wii U doesn't have the same broad appeal and instant pickup and play mentality that the Wii had, but it's a different concept and a different way to play the games. Personally I think the possibilities go so far as to different game mechanics that can be incorporated into the way we play our games.

All this doom and gloom is stemming from the fact that the software has dried up after the launch, but if you think it will be any different for the PS4 you're crazy. Companies always try to scramble to get their software ready for the launch, which means that the next 6 months usually look pretty barren until the next wave of software comes. With Next Gen games costing significantly more money and development times possibly increasing, the same sitution or worse could happen with the PS4.

Anyways, if you enjoy the Wii U, then keep playing it. If it's not for your, then ignore it.

Nintendo plays by their own rules, and they've been around the block more times than Microsoft or Sony combined. Nintendo has been making video game consoles for 30 years (this year). Believe me, there will be a Wii U successor. It just may come a little earlier than expected.
Nevers0ft  +   1009d ago
The way I see it is despite claiming they didn't want to have the same launch issues the 3DS had, the Wii U will likely play out in a similar way... It launches with a fanfare, new releases dry up during the launch window affecting sales, naysayers start claiming Nintendo have screwed up and the console has failed, major releases finally start to come out for the console, Nintendo unleashes it's marketing blitz because it now has something to market and the console starts to fly off shelves.
MNGamer-N  +   1009d ago
I am not worried at all. Just excited, and anticipating the fun games that are on the way.
phantomexe  +   1009d ago
That is a great read. Gamers play games not there consuls. Myself i love uncharted and i enjoy halo, metroid and yea i'm looking forward to an HD metroid and xenoblade. I play what interest me, i don't owe sony, ms or nintendo anything.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1009d ago
Brilliant Read and evident to anyone who has common sense-

3 months with 3 million sales does not a failure make.
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lovegames718  +   1009d ago

Dont worry so much about sony worry about your system. And lol at mixed reactions lol And your quoting stocks as if you won any lol hahahaha how sad.

Yeah they really got mixed reactions from the Devs. that wanted to jump on stage right there when they heard what Sony had to offer and all the faithfuls that are screaming to pre order now.

Sorry man the truth is truth and what sony is offering is leaps and bounds better than what wiiu is offering in the social aspect of things and hardware wise. Not to say Wiiu is a bad system it just plainly isnt what ppl envisioned for next gen. For christs sake on launch they released a simple 2d mario game as usual and didnt even make it 1080p native and all those games ppl thought would be 1080p native are lil by lil turning out not to be!!!! except for simple trine 2 lol another side scroller like really? Ps4 is launching with kz4 which visually is the best things on console and it is confirmed to be 1080p native!!!!! launch game!!!!!
mcstorm  +   1009d ago
@lovegames718 one thing you are missing is look at the total sales of all 3 KZ games then look at the total sales of Nintendo 2D side scrolling Mario Games and then tell me what people want.

Also its Native 1080p but only 30fps. Was it not all the fan boys that were saying they wanted 1080p 6fps games?

At the end of the Day Nintendo will be file as Sony and Microsoft will again have 2 consoles that offer the same games and experience and this is where the winner and loser will be fought out as Nintendo just carry on making £ form there 1st party games.
1upgamer99  +   1009d ago
Uh, where is the link that states Kill Zone 4 is a Launch title at 1080p? Also I love Sony, and Nintendo, but you are off the mark. It is not JUST about graphics. For gosh sakes. If you "lovegames" then I would think you would care not just about 1080p and crap like that. As far as Trine 2, Wii U is doing something PS360 can not, and it is a BEAUTIFUL game. The Wii U is going to have some really nice looking and more importantly playing games....Clearly you care enough to troll Nintendo articles....Also There were plenty of people "screaming to pre order" Wii U. The same will go for 720....Fans will ALWAYS want to pre-order their favorite system. That means nothing. Its what happens in the long run that matters.
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Qrphe  +   1009d ago
They shouldn't worry because they do not work at Nintendo nor do they have any financial stake with them.

Simple as that.
lovegames718  +   1009d ago
Your comment is not valid at all. what the hell does it being 30fps have to do with Ps4 games at launch being 1080p native? lol Like really your grasping for straws. Wiiu had no 1080p native game at launch and the one or two they do are simple side scrollers!!!!!! You miss my point? Things will only get better for the Ps4 so those 1080p native 60fps will surely come!!!

I swear ppl on here are insane a few months ago they were screaming that no system at launch had games that looked next gen which was a bold face lie because ps3 had heavenly sword, resistance and a few others that were clearly next gen and a step above the rest. Wiiu had nil, nada, nothing Zombi u was a launch game hyped up to death and wasnt even current gen worthy by todays standards in visuals. Now Ps4 is launching with a graphical masterpiece that is way more complex than a 2d side scroller and your complaint is that its not 60fps lol hahahah give me a break!!!

Please dont compare an ip like mario that has been out a gazillion years to Killzone it doesnt even make sense.

Your biased as hell and your comment comes off as trolling. ive been here for awhile commenting on Sony stuff and never said i was looking for 60 fps so please look at my comment history. And your being hypocritical because all these Nintendo fanboys were milking at the mouth when they thought Mass effect 3, Bo2, Tori Tori and such was 1080p lol and they were the ones claiming so many games would be 1080p but reality has hit Sony will go that route and Nintendo will again be int he back!!!!
Neonridr  +   1009d ago
While you make some valid points, it gets lost in your obvious blind fanboyism. The fact that the Wii U could do what it could from day one speaks about how much more powerful it is than the 360/PS3. You sit here and say that games will only look better over time for the PS4, but you fail to recognize the same fact for the Wii U. Most of the launch games for the Wii U were completed in mere months and the fact that they could at least achieve parity to the consoles that devs have had years of experience working on says something about the system.

Sure the PS4 will look better, nobody is debating that, so you can put your rage to rest. Just play your games and be happy.
jahiggin  +   1004d ago
Agreed, EA told us that they really only had a little over a month to bring Need for Speed to the Wii U. Look how that turned out? The Wii U version of Need for Speed is almost a direct port of the PC version. Just imagine how good games will look when developers have months, year, to make games.
AKR  +   1009d ago
FINALLY ~ Someone Gets It
Finally someone understands.

Nintendo Haters/ Gaming Journalists are ranting and raving about the Wii U's doom - like it's anything new. It happens to every new console, so I don't see why so many people are declaring the "End of the World for Nintendo!"

I don't get why the big hate is on Nintendo. They helped create, save, and innovate the gaming industry to what it is today. They helped shape it and change it. With every one of their new consoles, there's always something unique to bring to the table.

People turned snow-white over the Wii not being a powerhouse like it's competition, but that didn't stop it from becoming the PS2 of the 7th generation. Yet again - 7 years later - Nintendo still hasn't opted to outfit their new machine with cutting-edge powerhouse tech. They took a more modest approach, but yet they didn't hold back as much as they did with the Wii.

People keep saying that "the PS4 and 720 are going to smash the Wii U." "Because of it's weaker specs, third-party devs will either scale down ports to bare bones, or ignore it completely."

I don't see that happening. The gap is much smaller this time around. Wii U is already showing signs of pulling off the some pretty close levels of graphic prowess to that of the PS4. Watch Dogs will be the first game where both consoles go toe-to-toe, and direct comparisons will be made. I'm pretty sure, it's not going to be like comparing the Wii to the PS3.

Nintendo doesn't have to be ignored this generation. They just have to try their best, to encourage third-party devs to actually put the system to it's max. Criterion already seems to have that mindset ~ which is awesome. If they can do it, then there's no doubt that other developers can do it too. Even Ubisoft - with the Rayman Legends project, is quite determined to use the Wii U's hardware. Same with Monolith, and their 'X' game.

N64 brought 3D Nintendo games.
DS introduced the innovation of two-screens ~ one being touch-based
Wii introduced motion controls.

Now Wii U has: Motion controls, HD and the dual-screen, touch-based wonders going for it. Not to mention Miiverse is also pretty cool. Devs can do some serious work with these tools.

Yeah, it's not a powerhouse like the PS4 or the 720, but neither is it 'weak' - like the Wii was compared to it's competition.

PS1 was underpowered - but yet it took the 5th generation by storm.
PS2 was underpowered - but yet it lasted over two generations.
DS was underpowered - but yet it became the best-selling video game device in history.
Wii was underpowered - but yet it's now the 2nd best-selling home~based video game console ever, only surpassed by the PS2.
3DS is underpowered - It had a terrible launch, worse than the Wii U. But now, it has an entire barrage of first and third-party quality games, and is the hottest selling gaming device on the market.

I give the Wii U until next year. If it doesn't make a turn around by then, - that's when spelling woe for the console can be - acceptable, at least. But not just yet.
The console already has some awesome confirmed games coming it's way. There are still projects out their that have yet to be unveiled. I tell you, Wii U is only a sleeping giant. But when it wakes up ~ I think it's going to make us real happy.
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Qrphe  +   1009d ago
Power is not really an issue (PS1 and PS2 weren't significantly underpowered for their gens).
Price though is an issue (which is directly affected by power).
PS1 and PS2 were more expensive than the N64 and GC however, so it's hardly a universal rule.
ZeekQuattro  +   1009d ago
Very good article. I kinda agree with it looking like an early 80's gaming crash. Yeah the Wii U's numbers were kinda surprising but so was everyone else from 2 months ago and especially years past. There's a reason why gaming studios continue to close on regular intervals seemingly every month. Visceral looks to be next after a round of layoffs. The gaming market has been kinda stagnant across the board for a while now for a number of reasons. The Wii U just needs time as all consoles do. If the Vita is going to be fine as so many claim its strange many of those same people foretell the Wii U's doom. lol I think both will ultimately be successful in the long run.
wiiulee  +   1009d ago
lol there is nothing to worry about wiiu as it is the most unique next generation system and a fantastic system at that...but there are alot of haters out there thats for sure

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