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Submitted by nofilter 1079d ago | opinion piece

Why Sony Didn’t Show The PS4 Console | TheSixthAxis

TSA: "Public opinion is critical, of course, and Sony’s stock fall around the presentation indicates that there’s some grounding to the debate. But imagine if Sony had made a massive deal of the unit casing itself and then picture what today’s press clippings would be about – would anyone be talking about the Share button? Or the Gaikai streaming?" (PS4)

ShugaCane  +   1079d ago
I was more interested in what was inside the console than how it looked like anyway. Plus, I think this is a good marketing decision since it triggered even more hype and expectations.
negative  +   1079d ago
Oh come on. All of those trailers could have been running on a high end PC for all we know. The product should have been showcased.

And there should have been more GAMEPLAY!!!!
madpuppy  +   1079d ago
I think it was a great Idea to not show the console, also, I think it was a great idea that there was no fat at this conference, No music or movie stars. Just a focus on games and hardware.

I hope that MS follows suit and has a conference without all the fat ( MS just loves flashing lights in your eyes) I just have a bad feeling that we might just see "circ de soleil" flying around or "the blue man group" with its flashing lights and banging drums. Justin beiber playing a kenect game, while they give out hand mirrors to everyone in the audience to be told on stage to look at them at the same time while emotional music plays and the person on stage makes some sweeping, emotional speech that "YOU" are the star here.

PLEASE, MS, just the facts, specs and new services, bring out the developers to talk about their next-gen games and wrap it up.
cleverusername  +   1079d ago
What stock fall? (And don't post a link to a false article)
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KwietStorm  +   1079d ago
Apparently in Japan, their stock fell a whopping 1% early into the conference, but rose higher than where it started after it was done. But, of course since the drop is a great thing to exploit in the net, that's where we're at right now.
smashcrashbash  +   1079d ago
It's another lie people are cooking up. It was a slight drop by 1% and then it leaped right back up afterwards and people claim it plummeted.Nothing but a lie from the haters. Sony showed us what was inside the console. The games, the controller, the specs etc. I am not sure what is everyone's problem with not showing in the console case.They are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill to satisfy themselves.Sony made the PS4 known and said their goals and plans and showed how much support they had and people are still trying to play it down.They didn't waste anytime and got down to business.They have several months to show the physical console.Who gives a $hit if we don't know what it looks like right now? What difference does it make?
jmc8888  +   1079d ago
They did? Must of missed that.

They showed us what WOULD be inside the console.

Then proceeded to show us PC games running on PC hardware.

Killzone MIGHT have been a PS4 devkit production. Then that other game with the

The problem is that you say they didn't show the case.

No, they didn't show the case, nor showcase what was inside the case.

They had a PC running those things. Thus we've not seen how the outside looks (some people care because of space) and we haven't see what the INSIDES can ACTUALLY do.

We saw a PC, that they said was what is comparable, and what the PS4 game devs, will try to 'target'.

So you merely THINK we've been shown more than what we've been shown.

It's alot more than just the 'look' of the console.

It's the actual INSIDES that we have yet to see. Just a spec sheet stating what the insides will be.
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Kurisu  +   1079d ago
Of course I want to know what the console looks like to a certain extent. I mean you have to look at it for a solid few years next to your tv and you don't want it to be an eye sore. However for me its all about the games and the services and so far so good. I'm sure there's still plenty to come. Looking forward for a price point and a release date.
Jadedz  +   1079d ago
I remember when Nintendo didn't show their Wii U console
The gaming media tore them apart.
OmniSlashPT  +   1079d ago
It's not about the console, it's about sending the message.

Sony showed us what's inside the console and what the console does (from features to software). Tbh the console itself is the least important bit, but it seems it's the one that captures people's attention. Just wait until E3, then you'll have that epic moment where the PS4 will rise from the middle of the stage and Kaz will hold it Lion King style.
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jmc8888  +   1079d ago
No they didn't.

They showed us what a PC can do.

Then alluded that the PS4 will be able to do that.

They not only failed to showed the console (not a biggie but people DO want to see if it will fit in their entertainment center or table, etc), but also failed to show us any PS4 games running on PS4 hardware.

Instead they showed us mostly multiplatform games, running their PC version on PC hardware.

Square Enix said what they showed is what they were 'targeting' to be able to do on the PS4.

So no, they showed us the specs inside, the mostly useless and even harmful social features, and some other nice features but nothing really ground breaking.

I mean turning on your PS4 and resuming a game is nice, but it's not like that minute was horrible to begin with. It's nice to play demos as they stream, but I had no problem putting demos in the queue and having it download when I'm going to the bathroom, eating, doing something.
greenpowerz  +   1079d ago
I'm sick of these excuses. PS4 doesn't exist that is why the internet is buzzing about it. The reveal is the same Sony tactic they always use which is to prematurely announce PlayStation consoles to keep average JOE from adopting other consoles and to set off their fanboys christian crusades agaist the other new comers.

Please no more articles about why Sony didn't show the console we only need to hear the excuse once.


People know better now, that is why the web is on fire over no PS4 hardware shown. It's the same smoke and mirrors from past generations.

People know PS4 is nothing more than a PC running PS4 target specs and beta operating system. Either Sony went with the CELL and changed it and that is the reason PS4 doesn't exist at this late date or they changed the specs trying to one up MSFT based on already outdated leaked concept docs fron MSFT
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KwietStorm  +   1079d ago
Does it ever get tiresome? Not Sony's tactics. You know, your little obsession with derailing any Sony article submitted. Do you feel its been affecting your [mental] health? Did you also lose your mind and throw a party when Nintendo didn't show their unit? Was that a farce too? A big magic show?
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jmc8888  +   1079d ago
Are you serious? You mean someone bringing up the truth/asking questions is mental illness?

Are you really serious? How in the hell can someone shill this hard that if someone brings up valid points, you have to try to shame them.

Then question their mental health.

Some people are sick and tired of morons in this world misrepresenting everything and using their moron brain from saying cow patties are caviar.

Thanks for giving those morons cover. For being part of the problem. For trying to silence legitimate critics.

Shame on you.
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madpuppy  +   1078d ago
jmc8888, please link us to the Nintendo articles where, when Nintendo didn't show their console you did the same thing, calling out Nintendo?

show these people that you are not biased and shut their mouths with the links to your comments about the WiiU.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1079d ago

Do you actually believe what you say, or do you not even know what you said until after you already finished talking?
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cleverusername  +   1079d ago
You clearly didn't watch the show with them playing demos with the new controller or seen Jimmy Fallon playing Killzone live on his show because if u had you wouldn't have made yourself sound a fool! They're saving it for E3 and aren't going to change that to satisfy game journos and internet trolls!
DigitalSmoke  +   1079d ago
Or Sony doesn't like it when one of their obvious strengths gets copied.
You forget the Breakbox 3Fixme turned shiny black in a whip, didn't you?
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greenpowerz  +   1079d ago
Just look at the story pic LMAO

Did we watch the same reveal event? I thought I was watching an internal Microsoft meeting about the first concepts of a XBOX(rough draft meeting of MSFT employees)

I was excpecting them to say this after the reveal:

*Now that we got the ideas out*

*lets go with this*

*lets make this happen*

*lets get to work finguring out what we can actually pull off*
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cleverusername  +   1079d ago
Ignored by 26 people, I'm your 27th!!
smashcrashbash  +   1079d ago
Okay you think the PS4 doesn't exist? So let me get this straight. You think Sony paid for a huge space and invited all their investors and press and streamed it live to pretend that there is a PS4 and show concepts from other systems? They stood on stage using a new controller to control KZ4.They had trailers and concepts from games already rumored and in progress.They gave a release time and specs.They have pictures of the camera and the controller with specs. Other developers besides theirs said they are making games for the PS4.

Even if your dumb theory made sense why would the third parties go along with it? Do you really think that they would waste time with subterfuge? They have no allegiance or dedication to Sony so if the PS4 doesn't exist why advertise that they are making games for it? So you think all of this because they didn't show you the PS4's casing? That sir is the dumbest theory yet.You can't be serious. I mean I know people hate Sony but you go too far. Hate is one thing.Paranoia is another. That makes NO SENSE at all.I am not even sure why the people are disagreeing with the people saying negative things about your statement or even agreeing with you. That is the most garbage I have heard in a long time. Who ever is the disagree fairy is in here you are just as bad as him.If Sony wanted to do what you said they could have just as easily spread rumors that the PS4 exists to throw off the competition and save the money to do all this.

I can't believe this.Even when the PS4 is shown to be a real thing people are STILL finding ways to deny it's existence? I don't know what else to say. We have reached rock bottom. We can't get any lower then this. I thought boasting about the 360 being Googled more then any system was the lowest level but one again gamers have prove me wrong.We can go lower.
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KwietStorm  +   1079d ago
I think any logical person would be more interested in what it does and how efficient it does it. That being said, I was somewhat surprised they didn't show the console. The article brings up very good points though. People are obsessed over superficial things, i.e the outer casing. They're so obsessed with it, that people are talking about what they didn't see. Imagine if it was shown. We're going to get the expected ugly and horrendous comments whenever it does get shown regardless, but with it not on display, there was that much more focus on the OS' strong points, at least on stage. Afterwards, well here we are.
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lovegames718  +   1079d ago
Very smart by Sony they showed what mattered. Usually you just see boring tech demos but Sony, as has been the case lately let the hardwate do the talking. Live gameplay off of ps4 hardware doesnt matter what the casing looked like. Not only that they touched a lil on everything and shwed some good 1St party and third party (Capcoms action rpg was insane imo). The social innovations alone are enough gor me to want it plus the conectivity and instant demo play and playong while dling is sweet.

Sony kudos you didnt put all eggs in one basket and now e3 Will feel like another unveil taking thunder away from micro. E3 will be price, casing, more gakai and more games. If Naughty dog shows a game itll just dedtroy all lol
madjedi  +   1078d ago
Why are all you retards harping on the same pointless thing. We know the specs and the games looked amazing. It could look exactly like the ps3 and i wouldn't care either way.

I can't wait for e3 so jmc8888 and the rest of the idiots spamming every ps4 article with the same meaningless bullshit will finally stfu.

At least we didn't have to get a specialty x-ray photo of the cpu and gpu to finally find out what it is. We finally know why nintendo went to such extreme measures to keep the wiiu's specs hidden from gamers.

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