Sony wants all first and third-party studios to explore Remote Play for PS4 games before submitting

PlayStation wants all first and third-party studio partners to consider PS Vita Remote Play as a standard feature for future PS4 games, a company executive has said.

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Evil_Ryu1758d ago

at least they are not forcing playstation "move"...

Red_Orange_Juice1758d ago

How about taking vita and tuning in your friends game and taking over random enemy like Helghast soldier, haha and troll him, tons of potential.

Corax1758d ago

You know if it wasn't for Sony forcing developers to make their games 3D on their first Playstation platform, 3D gaming would have come eventually but probably wouldn't have made it this far now with out them. Sometimes it take force to make the future and it's not fair for us to deprive the future children just because some of our generation doesn't like it. That's selfish!

3-4-51758d ago

This will only help Dev's sales though.

They may not have a game on the Vita, but now there are millions who get to play their game who otherwise might not have, so their next game could sell better because of the newer audience they now have.

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fluffydelusions1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

This is a great idea though I wonder how they will account for certain titles that use L/R 2-3. The touchpad seems like the obvious solution but not very ideal. Anyway, I hope this helps push Vita a bit more. It's a great little system.

majiebeast1758d ago

I didnt find the touch screen that bad when picking up items in psasbr.

GribbleGrunger1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

If Sony are asking all developers to 'target' remote play then it follows that developers will offer an alternative method of playing the game with the Vita.

joab7771758d ago

Exactly. It will help vita sales tremendously. It would be worth giving them a bit of money to do it. Remote play for the ps4 would be huge, especially if it works with new standby mode.

FragGen1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

It would be ideal if they do a generalized mapping scheme like the one that PSOne Classics on the Vita uses. I find it to be great for customizing the layout to my personal preferences and it enables the majority of the control options the Vita offers (rear touch, front touch, remapping analog sticks, etc).

I think that would be a solid solution.

TheGrimOfDeath1758d ago

Finally I can play on the couch when someone in my family wants to watch TV. Thank you Sony!

gpturbo811758d ago

funny, i've been able to do this for months now and it was all included in the same box.

clintagious6501758d ago

I think it will be a cool feat but im sure sony told them it was up to them. Sony usually gives devs all the freedom they need to be creative.

Skips1758d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees. This isn't mandatory. lol

"the Remote Play allows Vita owners to play their PS4 games anywhere around the home. But unlike with Nintendo's dual-pad tech, the Remote Play function is not mandatory for studios."

clintagious6501757d ago

Lol sum ppl on this site will give u disagrees even if u state facts haha. Doesnt bother me, just a bunch of insecure kids that need a hug lol.

BanBrother1758d ago

Right now, in the here and now (PS3/360 gen) it seems risky. But next-gen, when the PS4 releases it will be standard practice. At least Sony isn't forcing them to have 'move' support, as that is in no way the future of gaming, just a side-track. This is more like a tap on the shoulder, forcing, or at least helping publishers/developers to move forward and get with the times.

Devs/pubs can either love it or hate it, I don't care. The fact is Sony has spent billions of dollars on this by the time it comes out, so developers can give something back. This will also increase sales for their games, so they have nothing to complain about.

hazardman1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I don't know, I mean if your trying to justify Sonys move I can't agree. I mean Sonybots spent a lot of time hating on Kinect and now we hear from QD that Sonys wants MOVE intergration with almost every game and its cool!

I guess we just have to accept that its just another way to play games and get used to it. its possible we will see games just for MOVE too. This has now gotten more interesting as all consoles will push motion and remote play more!

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