The forgotten games PlayStation 4 should bring back

So many great games and series were overlooked in the current generation. ILJG takes a look at those forgotten classics that need a next-gen comeback.

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Sharius1760d ago

no love for "valkyrie profile"?

DaveyB1760d ago

There are some great games in that list - I'm glad it didn't just pick out the obvious ones like TimeSplitters, Jak and Daxter etc. All the games in there deserve a revival for one reason or another.

Also: Respect for having Front Mission in there.

Patashnik1760d ago

I like this mix of games in this... I'd love to see Onimusha again. Another PaRappa would be amazing.

Pintheshadows1760d ago

Syphon Filter and MediEvil.

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The story is too old to be commented.