Crysis 3 review (HonestGamers)

Mike Suskie writes: "For those unfamiliar, Crysis is a series best played on higher difficulties. Its big draw is that your nanosuit gives you a number of special powers – armor, invisibility, speed, and strength – that make even ordinary situations open-ended in approach, and naturally these shooters reach their peak when the opposition is relentless and you're forced to make inventive use of the options available to you. Crysis 3 gives you all of these options, but it also gives you a bow."

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berndogskate1888d ago

Nice review, the framerate on the ps3 is whack as well

1888d ago
sdozzo1888d ago

Price drop and everyone is on it. Multiplayer is nice but can't compete with the big war games. Grab this at $40

DigitalSmoke1888d ago

Called it, Mediocre Multiplayer cover with fair one direction GFX.