Killzone: Shadow Fall - Information about the frame rate and 3D support

Translation: During a small developer lap after the press conference Herman Hulst of Guerrilla Games came to the topic frame rate to speak. Be 60 FPS at a full HD resolution on the PS4, the new standard?

No, not necessarily, because the developers have made still free as they want to use the available resources. In the case of Killzone: Shadow case, for example, the Dutch have been shot at 30 frames per second at a resolution of 1080p.

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DaThreats1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

I want true next gen to be 1080p, 60 fps. We are past using double last-gen tech standards of PS2 and Xbox.

Ashunderfire861757d ago

Remember this is a launch game, it will only get better years down the line. Heck Nintendo said it was possible for WiiU to do 1080p at 60 FPS, so PS4 will not have any problem doing this.

SandWitch1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

It's still disappointing tho. I wonder what is the reason behind this

Azfargh1757d ago

Uh... any current gen hardware can do...

Have you heard about the HD remasterized PS2 games for PS3? Well that nulls your argument... don´t be offended.

SuperM1757d ago

Im so sick and tired of hearing people speak about the entire 1080p60fps thing when they clearly have no clue what they are talking about. Ofcourse WiiU can do 1080p60fps, in theory so can a ps2 or a 20 year old pc for that matter.

The concept is really simple. rendering at 60fps means you have to render images twice as fast as rendering at 30 fps which just simply means you can cram more things and better visuals into a game running at 30fps then a game running at 60fps.THIS IS REGARDLESS OF HARDWARE(sorry for the caps just want to make that part clear).

Nomather how powerfull the hardware is, running the game at 30fps will give the developers the
opportunity to make the game look better and therefor nomather how powerfull the hardware is, many developers will chose to do so.

Panthers1757d ago

I guess no matter how powerful the system, if you want 1080p 60 fps, you will have to sacrifice some graphics.

As a launch title for the PS4, and it being KZ4, I dont thing GG wanted to do that. The whole point of this game is to show what the PS4 is capable of. Lets face it, most consumers dont know what 1080p or 60FPS is, they just see pretty fire and guns.

sobekflakmonkey1757d ago

tell you the truth, it's just because they want to incorporate 3D, I have a pretty beastly PC, but when I turn on 3D it drops my FPS to 30, and synchs it with my monitor, even though my monitor is supposed to be like 120's just something that has to be done for 3D to work I think...not really super sure though.

Khronikos1757d ago

It has nothing to do with 3D. They prolly will not even include that option. You people quite honestly have no idea what it takes to render 1080p and 60 with what they are trying to accomplish with the game. Don't forget Pixar renders at 24FPS kiddies. The PS4 is simply not capable of easy peasy 60 FPS with all that going on. And with proper MOTION BLUR it should be just fine.

Link0791757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Nintendo have a memory heavy chip design try about 220 GB of Bandwidth on that gpgpu and thats just the 70% that we know of ??

Nintendo know how to balance hardware,Criterion will bk me up what did it take 10 mins to get the game in pc mode ?

This might be a rumour but if Gearbox is using UE4 on a new FPS for wiiu and ps4 devkits did have a meltdown when developing this game the ps4 cant be well balance to have trouble this early.

UnholyLight1757d ago

Not sure why all the downvotes, just look at PS3 and Xbox continued to get better graphics as the years went by due to developers getting a better grasp on how to utilize more of the systems, Ex/ Battlefield 3, Halo 4, Killzone (well that game was astonishing from day 1 across every release)

SilentNegotiator1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

@OP & UnholyLight
"Remember this is a launch game, it will only get better years down the line. Heck Nintendo said it was possible for WiiU to do 1080p at 60 FPS"

I hope you don't really buy that from Nintendo. Did N64 games go from 2D to 3D over time? Did Ps2 games go from 480i to 720p? Did PS3/360 games go from 720p to 1080p (other than some 2D games and very few other minor exceptions)?

No. No system sees a generational leap over time due to "potential"

UnholyLight1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

@SilentNegotiator actually I was not referring to the Wii U, refer back to my original comment. This happened this gen and you can see it. Not to mention the constant system updates, not sure about on the PS3 side but I know that the Xbox 360 production followed the technological processes and advancements such as the reduced nm size in the CPU or whatever. The system runs better than the first ones that hit the market. Ex/ My buddies old Xbox from 2007 has a slight framerate drop on a certain level on multiplayer in Halo 4 due to the fact that it isn't as up to date as the Xbox 360 "slim" is in terms of the parts that are on the inside.

So yeah, actually I would say the PS3 and Xbox 360 have advanced a little bit since the beginning of their production. Not to mention the Xbox 360 did not immediately offer 1080p from the outset(1080i or 720p was the highest), I think that came in a system update via Xbox Live sometime shortly within a 6-9month span of the initial release.

Im not sure what you are talking about, The PS3 and 360 BOTH can run games that support 1080p solution. I would love to know how you came up with your comment.

ProjectVulcan1757d ago

People, look. No matter how much power you give to devs on console, most of them are going to make their game run at 30 frames a second. Give them 10 times what PS4 has and they'll still only aim for 30 frames most likely.

Theres a simple reason for this, and that is that you, Joe Bloggs consumer, has expressed a wish for better graphics. You have decided that you want great graphics, and these beautiful videos and screenshots.

Most (not all) developers do not want their game to look inferior to all the other titles, for the sake of it running smoother. You can't see smooth framerates in screenshots for example.

Insomniac are one console developer that stuck to their 60FPS guns for years until they decided that it was not worth it for them anymore.

There will always be some exceptions, sim racer will benefit more from more frames, the sense of speed and refresh for better physics for example. Some shooters may opt for 60 frames.

But the trend has been going towards 30FPS on consoles for years now and it is not reversing no matter how much performance you give to console developers.

The only way you are gonna see 60FPS on most games is if you go to the PC platform.

landog1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )


I don't know about ps4/720 resolutions and framerate "getting better with time", on xbox 360, when it launched, games were REQUIRED to be 720p with 2xmsaa anti aliasing

but, once halo 3 could not achieve that (600p and jaggies EVERYWHERE) ms said screw it, even let games like alan wake at the very low 950x540

ps3 has resistance 3 at 540p
killzone 3 is 640x716 in 3d
gta iv is 1152x640

most console call of duty games are 1024x600

expect games to start at 1080p, and as shaders get more advanced, they will lower the res back down to 720p

granted, ps4 games will look immensly better than ps3

my hope is we say goodbye to screen tearing, jaggies, frames below 30, sub-hd textures, and pop-in, that alone would be a huge step up from 360/ps3

B1663r1757d ago

Being a launch game and easy to develop for means that is no longer true. While there has been moderate improvement to xbox games over the years, there has not been the dramatic shift where all the launch games on the PS3 looked like ass, and then 7 years later they look decent.

Ju1757d ago

Yes, but on those machines 30fps can be buttery smooth due to some other factors.

The "rate to flip frames" is not really the issue. 30fps is fast enough. However, lag is. So, if you can achieve 30 fps (and maybe leave 5ms headroom) and can still have response times which are actually below 100ms a game at that frame rate will still be smooth.

Also, because modern games have advanced post processing effects like motion blur etc. which compensate for the frame rate.

The response time can be compensated to simply run a lot of parallel systems to the main render loop - which can now run a const 30fps.

E.g. physics and AI can run in parallel to these 30fps. This thing has 8 cores for god sake.

60fps is overrated, lag is the key for those new games. Imagine game speed is not screen refresh. You'll get the idea. Previously a lot of games handled events synchronously within the render loop; no modern engine does this any more.

BrianC62341757d ago

Is the guy who said this Reggie from Nintendo?

"Nintendo know how to balance hardware,Criterion will bk me up what did it take 10 mins to get the game in pc mode ?"

The Wii U isn't even in the same neighborhood as the PS4 will be. Don't even bring the Wii U up in this one. And 60fps doesn't matter that much. If the game looks good and plays great nobody will notice fps. I'm sure by the second generation of games though developers will figure out ways to make all of that work together.

starchild1757d ago

To be honest I care much more about the framerate being stable at 30 fps than having it be at 60 fps.

Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 are perfect examples. They feel very smooth even though they are 30 fps.

What developers need to work hard at is eliminating screen tearing. It is inexcusable.

So, no screen tearing, decent anti-aliasing, 1080p, and a solid 30fps and I am ready to jump on board.

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Gimmemorebubblez1757d ago

It's still nearly a year away from launch and the Ps4 Ram has just changed from 4gigs DDR5 ram to GDDR 8 gigs. This should make texture and visuals render at a high speed. I hope Killzone: SF runs at 1080px60 frames.
According to Digital Foundry (?) they said the Ps4 could render at 1240px60F, 860px120f, and 480px240f.

2pacalypsenow1757d ago

would be a waste since no mainstream tv's do over 1080p

KyRo1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Riiiight, so it was a waste for the PS3 to have an HDMi port on it because HD weren't mainstream at the time of the PS3's release? It called being future proof.

Higher res TV's not as big a jump as 4K tvs might come to the market and become mainstream. No one really knows what will and won't take off to the public.

kneon1757d ago

The next step is 4k, there is nothing in between.

Pathosverdes31757d ago

No, that is the capture rate of the new dual Eye camera, not rendering resolution.

landog1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

lol....people(console only gamers that have no idea how hardware works, no offence) think ram is soooooo important, it is the CHEAPEST, least performance carrying part next to the hardrive and the usb ports

literally talking about the ps4's ram like it is going to render visuals is like saying, the ps4 can totally do 4k, it has 4 usb ports, it amlmost that insignificant

every computer you buy today has 8gb ram, and many of the SUCK for gaming, you can build a pc with 48gb ram and it wouldn't run games as good as the ps2 if it had a garbage cpu and gpu

most important is the gpu and chipset(mobo)
next is cpu
ram, hd and optical drive are about tied, with ram being ever so slightly more important, but truthfully, the real beauty of having fast and abundant ram lies it multitasking capabilities

JP13691757d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about. RAM is very important, as it can bottleneck the system if it is not fast enough of there is not enough of it. Also, game assets are held in memory. What kind of memory? Yep, RAM. More RAM equals potentially bigger game worlds, better textures and overall higher image quality. Faster RAM has more bandwidth, and thus a bigger part to play in this regard.
The thing about the RAM in PS4 is that it is GDDR5 RAM, which is a world apart from the kind of RAM used in laptops and other computers (probably DDR3). You're talking about a 3x increase in bandwidth. And yes, it's expensive. GDDR5 only comes in 512 chunks, which means each PS4 will cram 16 of these into the system.
So yeah, you've missed the mark a bit in your assessment.

Raider691757d ago

Yes but it all depends on the rest of the assets,like textures,geometry...So to reach [email protected] is not difficult but they will have to cut somewhere else.This new KZ game looks great haves lots of new effects,bigger and better textures...not to mention that Guerrilla Games is still working with new hardware,it will probably happen but not just now.

BrianC62341757d ago

"lol....people(console only gamers that have no idea how hardware works, no offence) think ram is soooooo important, it is the CHEAPEST, least performance carrying part next to the hardrive and the usb ports "

That comment was dumb landog. RAM is one of the most important parts of every console. That's why it was at the top of the list of what developers wanted from Sony on the PS4. Lots of RAM. Price doesn't matter but the amount of RAM is really important. Graphics are built in the memory. Both the PS2 and PS3 were held back from what they could have done because their RAM was too low. If the PS3 had twice as much RAM as it has the games probably would have been 1080p instead of mostly 720p.

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akaakaaka1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

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who is with me? join me I already got pm's from 4 n4g user's

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ps this capcom game looks really good! to

joab7771757d ago

The reasoning is most likely time and money. They need a next gen lauch title and killzone looks great. Notice it isnt killzone 4.

Sevir1757d ago

So its Canon to the numbered franchise. It doesn't matter, It's a launch title and while the system is clearly capable of running at 60fps and 1080p most devs will likely aim for 1080p 30fps. KZ:Shadow Falk looks glorious for a next gen launch title and I can't wait.

Action games stand to benefit the most since they will no doubt be confirmed for 60 fps and a pretty solid resolution of 1080p.

BXbomber1757d ago

@ Sevir actually it takes place 30 years after kz3

Raider691757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

There are reason for not being KZ4 AT NAME!They most likely didnt call this game KZ4 to not Conflict with the console name at release,and also in order to sell more!If his game was call KZ4 Especially at a release of a new console the PS4 plenty of people would say,look is just a sequel,this way it will not conflict with the PS4 name and more people will end up picking the game without connecting it to the KZ franchise like just another game sequel, it differentiates itself from the main cannon with a diferent name and history .The game will probably be bunble with the console so its better not having the nº4 on the title for marketing reasons too.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

meh I want good games. Along as I am having fun I don't really care. Console gamers need to throw away their pc gamer like mentality. It's not a high end pc!! It's about good games & having a good time and less about textures for me.

30fps never stopped me from having fun. People want to analyze games instead of play games. But games will look and play better naturally on ps4.

do people buy 3ds and worry about texture and how many fps?

Worrying about this stuff defeats the purpose of console gaming. You not supposed to worry about optimization.

Let the pc gamers do that.

I am sure killzone will look pretty and play smooth.
I am just hoping for a snow map similar to killzone 3. Best snow flurries I have ever seen. Even if it's not real time. I don't care.

Feralkitsune1757d ago

Only the asshole PC Gamers do that. Most of us just enjoy our games and maybe find ways to make them run better without running to the console guys and telling them what we're doing.

Gamers are gamers no matter what they play on. The idiots on PC, are just like the idiots on any other platform. What people should argue over is Gamers, vs Fanboys. Not Platform vs Platform vs Platform vs Platform

Zhipp1757d ago

I'm not a PC gamer(yet) but I must say, 60fps does add a lot to the experience. I'd actually rather play a game at Med 60+fps than ULTRA 30fps.

isarai1757d ago

1080p 60fps depending on the specs will definitely be doable WITH decent graphics, but they aren't going to look "true next gen" things will have to sacrificed. but hey who knows, lets see what they can do

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1757d ago

why would anyone disagree with what you just said??? who are those 9 people lol

360ICE1757d ago

You guys are idiots.
Developers use 30fps, because the graphical loss that would have to follow if they used 60fps would be more considerable to consumers than the loss of frame rate.
That's not really gonna change.

Yodagamer1757d ago

As long as devs can get more detail at 30 fps, devs will use it. Along with 720p I don't think we will ever going to be a guaranteed 1080p60 even if it's possible and viable.

bigrob9041757d ago

tell you the truth i don't care if a game is in 60 fps as long as it doesn't go below 30 it doesn't hurt the game at all. give me those great graphics with a steady smooth frame rate.

Sucitta1757d ago

yes but as many have already speculated, most of these titles were probably in development for the ps3 and have been brought over to the ps4 dev kits.

just be patient and wait 8 months, then we should start seeing true next gen games at 60fps = )

Ulf1757d ago

1080p is 2.5x the pixels of 720p.
60 Hz is 2x the framerate of 30 Hz.

2x2.5 == 5, which is about how many times faster the PS4's GPU is than the PS3's.

So... you don't want the shaders to be cooler? Don't want better lighting, higher rez shadows, etc? You just want more of the same pixels from last gen? I'll take 30Hz and sub-1080p, if I don't have to look at blocky shadows and simplistic shaders on most of my games, thanks.

hesido1757d ago

It is about preference indeed, but I'd prefer 720p60fps over 1080p30fps if I had to choose. I HOPE games will let me choose between the two, but I don't think consoles would let me do that.

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Ashunderfire861757d ago

Your day Helghan will come during launch Holiday 2013, in many player's hands, and even mines!!!

Bahpomet---1757d ago

i dont get it is it gon be 60fps>

PirateThom1757d ago

Killzone 2 and 3 are 30fps and I think Mercanaries is targeting 30fps as well. I can only assume they are wanting to, at least, keep the feel of series consistant.

TechnicianTed1757d ago

No, they are doing it because they won't be able to make it look as good and run at 60fps. It's nothing to do with wanting to 'keep the feel of series consistant'.

FlashBack1757d ago

Congratulations, you are one of the few people with a lick of sense in this thread.

The PS4 has great graphics, ok, but they are not unbelievable, and this goes to show that the PS4 isn't that amazing. It's not going to be as costly has a PC that would run Killzone SF at 60 fps because it doesn't have that kind of power.

And I'm okay with that. I'm a PC and PS3 gamer, and playing with a mouse requires fluid movement, and so, 60 fps.
Stable 30 fps, on console, is fine though, the controller isn't as fast.

PirateThom1757d ago

How is you PS4 game coming along? I am assuming you know all the ins and outs being able to make such definitive statements.

Ju1757d ago

Frame rate doesn't really matter. Not even on the PC. But you want the mouse handled in that 15ms a 60fps game gives you. I doubt you can spot your enemy in 33ms. And 180dgr movements are most likely skips frames anyway. Even 90dgr. So, you want immediate response, but what you see is often not really coupled to the frame rate. But, games on PCs eat up bandwidth by rendering at high speed. On modern multi core machines, if you can run systems in parallel, the frame rate isn't that much of a problem. But 30fps at the bandwidth limit most likely doesn't give you enough bandwidth to handle other things of the game and hence might dip at times. I doubt that's the case on the PS4. The demo ran absolutely smooth without lag no matter what was going on on screen. You don't have this problem on the PS4. You have guaranteed 8 cores. Always.

medziarz1757d ago

after playing that free KZ3 multiplayer, I can say that the game run perfectly and didn't need more frames per second

r211757d ago

30 FPS at 1080p and no frame drops to show off them graphics is ok in my books. 60 FPS is a bonus to have. This does raise a question that has yet to be confirmed though. Will all PS4 games run at 1080p and or 60FPS?

Ju1757d ago

I think 1080p is desired, 60fps not really (as seen here).