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Mariusmssj1254d ago

Hmm specs don't look too bad

RedDeadLB1254d ago

These new games will murder my GTX 460 I'm afraid.

Hassassin1254d ago

Try SLI?? GTX570 still kicking butt, I'll wait for gtx700 series to upgrade.

RedDeadLB1254d ago

I wish I could, but I have a crossfire-only MBO.

RedDeadLB1253d ago

Crysis 3 demolishes it even on medium @ 1080p..

mcstorm1254d ago

Ide love to see this game on the WiiU.

TomInc1254d ago

Me too, but CD seemed pretty adamant that it wouldn't happen (at least not anytime soon..)

mcstorm1254d ago

I know dam them ill have to grab it on my 360 me thinks.

Satanas1254d ago

Interesting that for Recommended it says "DX11 GPU" and then goes on the list the HD4870 for its AMD choice. I still have a 4870 so cool by me...

hiredhelp1254d ago

I beleave the 4870 was a estimate benchmark for high end systems even thoe 4870 is DX10 witch where great cards.
The game will utilize most recent hardware trust me.

Satanas1254d ago

I read the Tomb Raider blog apparently they have some sort of AMD relationship? I donno, something like that. They probably optimized it such that it works well on older AMD cards, which is good news for people with older cards. And yes, it will look fantastic on newer cards. Excited for the game.

Subzero2001254d ago

ahh the real next gen with no cutting corners :)

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