Retailer Attitudes Towards The Vita

The Vita Lounge look at how retail stores are presenting the Vita to customers ahead of the first birthday of the system.

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Patashnik1888d ago

Nice to see someone address this topic, actually.

Few people give credence to just how powerful retail is in the success of a game. If a buyer at some retailer doesn't like or believe in a product, they have the power to make it dead on arrival.

In this respect I'm a big fan of Digital Sales- because it removes this issue. Retailers have too much power in deciding which games are 'worthy' and that's often unfair and misguided...

Blaze9291888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Well, is it the retailer, or the responsibility of the manufacture? In this case, Sony.

You can't blame the retailer for something not selling good. It's not really their job, ironically. If Sony themselves don't push the Vita, why would retailers chose to do it themselves?

I never owned a store so I'm not going to act like I know how it works. but I'm pretty sure retail space is determined by how much space is purchased from the manufacture. If a little corner is all Sony paid for in a store, that little corner is all Sony will get. That retailer isn't going to go the extra mile to do anything but carry the product.

They can't set the prices, cant do discounts as they please (without taking a loss from MSRP), they can only carry it.

If I had a music store, and my store decided to carry the album of a new artists who ends up not selling - what am I supposed to do? Go out my way not to sell that artist and his/her album? i think not. It'll just sit there until the inevitable price cuts come

rainslacker1887d ago

The reality is that manufactures pay for floor space, particularly in stores that have a variety of products, such as toy stores or super markets.

Stores that want to offer games, but don't receive this payment dedicate the minimum required to provide the product to the consumers in the hope of getting people into the store.

I don't know if game stores charge for shelf space, but I wouldn't doubt it given the rather large section at my local GameStop given to Skylanders. Game stores may not charge for it since they want to provide games, but they will give more space to those that pay for it. Here I can only speculate, however.

It's just the way it's been for a long time, and it doesn't help smaller companies in the free market.

BuffMordecai1888d ago

Some retail decisions I've seen with the vita are incredibly stupid, I was in Wal-Mart the other day and they didn't even have little big planet, a freaking first party game. Another time was when I was browsing in GameStop and they didn't have persona 4, for a store where you are suppose to find some of the more niche titles, this is ridiculous.

Blaze9291888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Well, would you want to carry something no one is buying and have it just taking up shelf space? If there's no demand for it there's no reason to carry it and that's probably Walmart's ideology.

The fact a game is first or third party means nothing. absolutely nothing.

I can walk into Target, and still see games like Marvel vs Capcom 3 loaded to the device and other launch titles...LAUNCH titles. I'm sure Target, are not the ones who need to update the Vita kiosks with more recent, flagship titles. Unless they are?

As for Persona 4, specifically - Atlus is known for hardly having their games in findable amounts in stores. Gotta buy it directly form Atlus for your best shot.

Why? They probably figured, paying retailers - is pointless.

dcbronco1887d ago

People love to cry foul when their favorite products don't do well. They want to blame anything and everything but refuse to recognize the truth. The Vita doesn't sell because people don't want it. It has nothing to do with how retail treats. Or games. Companies do buy shelf space in some businesses. But stores have a vested interest in products doing well.

If people wanted the Vita it would be out front because it would drive the traffic that makes the real money in retail. But the Vita is no different from a 360 in Japan, stuck in a corner because it doesn't drive traffic. CoD appears in sales papers sometimes even when it's not on sale. Because people will come looking for it. And they might buy other things while they are there. Especially impulse items while waiting in line.

Stop looking for scapegoats. No one wants the thing.

Paul_Murphy1887d ago

Hey, I'm just commenting back because it seems you have assumed the content of the article rather than actually reading it. At no point do I cry foul and towards the end of the article I actually put the onus onto Sony.

There is no doubt that the fault remains at Sony's door with most aspects regarding to retail and marketing, I'm just highlighting to many, including Sony themselves what is wrong.

Do you have a Vita? I'm guessing not, therefore wondering why you are here commenting on something that doesn't interest you.

dcbronco1887d ago

You're right. I didn't read the article. But my comment wasn't directed at you. It was directed at fanboys that think every Sony product that doesn't fly off the shelf is being held back one way or another. The reality is retailers aren't going to waste space or effort on things that won't generate traffic. Or Sony has to pay for the space to try and sell more consoles. I will read the article and comment directly on it though.

dcbronco1887d ago

Ok, now I've read your article. Some of the issues you mentioned are addressed in my first post. Grocery stores usually sell their shelf space. At least they do in America. That's why Coke has thirty two variations on the shelf and local or regional drinks can't get in. It may be the case with your stores too.

So you may ask why Sony hasn't bought space? I'm not a business major either, but I do know that Sony is a company financially struggling company. They are barely holding on to their existence, so spending money to buy shelf space and to advertise has to be limited. That's why they haven't advertised much of anything over the last few years. Microsoft can afford a billion dollars in advertising company wide. Sony can't. So they have limits on displays, buying shelf space and even keeping deals they made.

On the other side you mentioned that a lot of your local gaming stores are failing. That leads to several things. Those stores usually don't make their money on hardware or new software. They make it on warranties, accessories and used games. So for them to make a huge effort pushing a product, it has to drive traffic to their store. Traffic increases the chance that a person will buy one of the things that makes them a better profit.

The Vita doesn't drive traffic. Whether it's too high priced, people already have phones and don't want another big thing in their pocket or just never wanted it at all, it doesn't drive traffic. And that is those stores best why of increasing their profits.

dcbronco1887d ago

Sony already seems to have decided how they plan to increase Vita sales. Through the PS4. The Vita becomes more valuable through remote play. If they have exclusive features for Vita involving remote play, it makes it a better buy. They did make a mistake making the memory card mandatory on some games. But a price drop should help. I believe they are trying Japan first to see if it really is the price. That and Japanese buy a ton of handhelds.

After E3 there will probably be a price drop world-wide or it might get bundled with the PS4(which will be $400) for $500.

Also, I comment because this site is full of clowns writing "articles" that are nothing but fanboy blogs making baseless arguments. A ton of people will comment without reading because far too many articles are just that. Your sites name makes that an easy assumption. Your article wasn't that and over time your reputation will reach a point where people won't assume that.

But long story short. Retailers can't afford to help Sony and Sony can't afford to help the Vita in the traditional ways. And, people don't seem to be interest. Not at the current prices for what it offers. So sleep until the PS4 is released.

sherimae24131887d ago

well here in the philippines you can see retailers promote the vita they even display it in the front showcase of their shops inside the malls and they explain what it can do but still the most popular handheld here is the psp its because of that damn cfw