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Killzone Shadowfall Releasing On The PS4 Holiday 2013 Confirmed

Guerrilla Games Managing Director Herman Hulst confirms the release of Killzone Shadow Fall by stating "Killzone Shadow Falls is coming out when the PS4 is coming out, and that’s going to be holiday season this year” - on a recent episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

Sizzon  +   888d ago
Cannot wait :)
SandWitch  +   887d ago
Cannot afford :'(
Ashunderfire86  +   887d ago
If you have a job, get your tax returns and save up for launch. Don't worry the price cuts will come a couple years later. While your at it get the Vita or PS3(expect a price cut soon), because there are games still coming out for it.
USEYOURFIST  +   887d ago
will be expensive in one big go! though im gonna start saving £10 a week from now as im going to have to get one at launch
Kingscorpion1981  +   887d ago
Lo, I was thinking the same thing but I'll find a way even if I have to work overtime!
SandWitch  +   887d ago
It's my last year at school so I don't have a job yet. Not to mention I would also need a new TV along with PS4. I have VITA and I have plenty of games to play, but gosh, I want all that Watch_Dogs and Killzone SF awesomeness in 1080p T_T
aCasualGamer  +   887d ago
KZ4 4 PS4 would'v been a marketing dream for Sony but i love the name Killzone Shadow Fall aswell.

I will buy this day one alongside PS4.

If you're a first day buyer of PS4 you owe to yourself to buy this game. Guerrilla are one of the most talented developers out there. The technical achievements these guy reach and the frequency inwhich they reach those goals is nothing short of mindblowing.
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Raf1k1  +   887d ago
I'm already putting money aside for this.

I'm usually reluctant to purchase at launch but with the number of games they already have in the pipeline I don't think I need to worry about having games to play on the PS4.
CBaoth  +   887d ago
"I'll find a way even if I have to work overtime!" - Kingscorpion81

Somewhere, Crazy Ken is smiling!
akaakaaka  +   887d ago
me to! http://www.epicmancave.net/...

PM here or at PSN to made a day one clan for Killzone Shadow Fall!
let's have a stable solid clan to made our online experience better! team word > playing alone..

who is with me? join me I already got pm's from 4 n4g user's
TooTall19  +   887d ago
Were you on the Killzone forums? Your name sounds familiar.
akaakaaka  +   887d ago
Yeah I have been part of Killzone 2, 3 betas
and give a lot of feedback in the killzone forums but i got long time not going back there, there is to much hate, the workers in the forum team where nice for sure that is what make me want to go back and i hope the fans are more mature this time around, I may start soon ..
let's hope Killzone sf is as hardcore as Killzone 2, I got a good feeling.
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pain777pas  +   887d ago
Most importantly the demo was real time. Now everyone doubting can know their roles and shut their mouths. Peace.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   887d ago
Watch Dogs is my launch title, although I think I'll just buy the ps3/360 version depending on how many discs the 360 version ships on.
As for Killzone, if the story is improved I'll buy it.
NBT91  +   887d ago
Just curious here; why would you get Watch Dogs on the PS3 if you're getting a PS4?
Drekken  +   887d ago
Because he is good guy jamal. Not smart guy jamal or honest guy jamal.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   886d ago
I'm not getting a ps4 at launch unles the price is right. Watch Dog is my most anticipated game on the ps4, however it is available on ps3 so I don't see reason to get it on ps4 unles ps4 is reasonably priced.
StrongMan  +   887d ago
The_Infected  +   887d ago
^ Dang you gained a bubble! Good job. Now I need another! On topic I'm so happy this is a launch title!
telekineticmantis  +   887d ago
I need this and
Infamous for the holidays. Drive Club would be good too.
DigitalSmoke  +   887d ago
Killzone's 2 multiplayer was amazing, it still is! fun as heck.
I just hope they dont go crazy on the server slots, 16 players is more then enough!

Freakin 32 versus 32 make's no sense, its a cluster vuk.
BootHammer  +   887d ago
LOL...share! share! share! (while shooting at ceiling). I don't think either of these guys have played a FPS before.

Game already looks so polished, can't wait for the final product =)
DigitalSmoke  +   887d ago
Yes they have, but it has to be funny.
DarkBlood  +   887d ago
day freaking one :P
clintagious650  +   887d ago
I think we all knew it will launch around the holiday season. Now we just wait for a price. Knowing sony they will wait for ms to reveal their console & price then try an match their price tag.
talisker  +   887d ago
I bought the PS3 Killzone 2 bundle. I think the history will repeat. Oh Sony, please make custom cases!
flappersack  +   887d ago
This will be the first game I get on my PS4!
from the beach  +   887d ago
Excellent, was buying anyway but a strong exclusive never goes amiss. Is Knack also a launch title?
MasterCornholio  +   887d ago
I dunno about this one. I enjoyed the second killzone but the 3rd left a sour taste in my mouth.
MoreRPG  +   887d ago
does anyone know if infamous will be launch title too
gijsbrecht  +   887d ago
I am only curious how they're going to deal with the division between the release dates of the US and Europe when it concerns the MP. Isn't the PS4 only coming to Europe in 2014?
Shadowolf  +   887d ago

Great question, rumors were recently circulating concerning that very issue. We're doing some digging on that at the moment. Unfortunately Sony's being tight lipped on the matter. If I were to an make assumption I see Sony preparing for a worldwide PS4 launch aggressively grabbing marketshare with both their hardware and software.
gijsbrecht  +   887d ago
A world wide launch would make much sense in that regard. I hope you'll find out something more about this matter.
Many-hat5  +   886d ago
Despite what some of the PC guys say, I think the demo looked pretty advanced, even for a high spec PC - and yes I do have one.If the standard of the demo shown is truly representative, then I will be getting this with my PS4.

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