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GodisaGeek: "If this turns out to be the last Crysis game, then it’s a shame, because Crytek deserve one last chance to finally create a game that realises the awesome potential of this series. A game that finally presents a balanced, hardcore challenge that forces you to use every single trick and tool at your disposal to succeed; that forces you to recon every area, scope out every hiding place, tag every patrolling enemy and savour every ounce of suit energy and every single bullet. Sadly, this is not that game, but that’s not to say it’s not very good at what it does. The disappointment here isn’t that Crysis 3 fails in any real way, but that once again Crytek have delivered a merely great game that falls short of its genre-defining potential. Regardless, Crysis 3 remains a solid shooter and a title worthy of this generation’s final hours."

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