After Watching the PS4 Event, I’m Disappointed with Nintendo

Playeressence's Furious Francis discusses why he's upset with Nintendo, how Sony knocked it out of the park with the PS4, and how Nintendo needs to pull things together by E3.

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chadboban1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Nintendo really does need to bring their A-game this E3 if they don't want to be overshadowed. If there's one thing I hope it's that this Sony conference will help Nintendo kick their asses into high gear, take it to the next level and really give it all they have in the coming months. Nintendo has some months before the new consoles arrive and that's an opportunity they simply CANNOT let go to waste. Releasing their heavy hitters and (hopefully) dropping the price of their console before Sony and Microsoft unleash their new machines is absolutely crucial in terms of the Wii U being a success.

One thing's for sure though, I think this coming E3 is definitely going to be one to remember. Here's to hoping all the companies give it their all because if they do, who wins? We the gamers do.

aCasualGamer1889d ago

I'm thinking, the only thing that is going to save Wii U is if they announce and show titles that take FULL use of the Wii U second touchscreen and implements it in the same ingenious way they made Wii for Wii sports. At that time, no one had seen anything like it before. We need that same amount of mindblown in gameplay because interms of visuals, Nintendo are being beaten.

Link0791889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Why is it only sony fans that seem impressed with ps4,wiiu has more to offer straight out the box,wiiu is an xtreme social console last time i was on it i was enjoying voice chat just by slapping any headphones in the GAMEPAD and your on your way,then i jumped on MiiVerse ect and MiiVerse is getting huge very interesting concept that works,a social network right on your main menu that's expanding it's features constantly,Sony have just waited for Nintendo and then copied everything but in more confusing way.

There's nothing on ps4 that trumps MiiVerse and Nintendo TVii in my eyes,ive used video chat as well it works flawlessly,and there is nothing that ps4 does that can't easily be replicated on wiiu,and Nintendo could bring a 8GB Model of the WiiU out anytime they wanted,oh remote play can never replicate the Off-TVPlay of wiiu due to lag Nintendo went all out to get zero lag and they have achieved it after playing BO2 ect the GAMEPAD is quicker than my tv,i'm sure an ipad or vita linked to ps4 would have at least a second lag.

DarkHeroZX1889d ago

lmao @Link079.

Let me know when you can upload gameplay videos directly to youtube with a tap of a button, or connect directly to all your favorite social sites. And it was already stated that the PS4 will come with a headset and will probably be compatible with wifi ones. And miiverse is trash, and you shouldn't need one game to interact with other players. Hell the Vita has party chat that allows me to connect instantly with all my friends, skype, facebook, etc. Nintendo is the one finally catching up to Sony and MS in the whole social experience.

kenshiro1001889d ago

...The PS4 was JUST announced genius. How can you compare a console that's already out with one that was JUST announced?

I like Nintendo, but they really need to step it up. Mario and Zelda isn't going to save them anymore.

solidt121889d ago

I am actually thinking about trading in my Wii U for credit toward a PS4.

chadboban1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I think you should wait until after E3 at least, Sony and Nintendo will reveal more games by then, so you should be able to make a more informed decision by that time. PS4 doesn't come out until the end of the year so you have lots of time to decide until then.

MNGamer-N1889d ago

Why? Keep them both and you have the all the best next gen will have to offer.

WiiUsauce1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Go for it, bro. Nintendo already made money off you lol. Plus you'll miss out on amazing games like the next Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, Monolith's ENTHRALLING Xeno-sequel, the next 3D Super Mario Galaxy successor (NEWS FLASH: Super Mario Galaxy 1 is factually THE highest rated game of all time), next HD Mario Kart, and of course the next HD Metroid, HD Zelda, HD F-Zero, HD Star Fox, HD Donkey Kong Country, HD Kirby, BRAND NEW IP's, 3rd party exclusives, brand new Wii U ware games/exclusive indie titles, Miiverse integration on all if not most of these games (the only people who downplay Miiverse have NEVER tried it), being able to take a dump while playing a full blown console game on the gamepad, and hopefully HD sequels to Sin and Punishment, Punch Out!, Wave Race, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon (run on sentence FTW!!!).

oh, and the Wii U is capable of these graphics in its first year.

Imagine what it will be capable of 3 years from now. But it's okay, go ahead, sell it go and get yourself a PS4 ;)

HBK6191889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


You could literally not be anymore wrong with your comment than you are.

Also 'Link' nice work not being a total Nintendo fanboy...

No Nintendo aren't going to magically bring out some 8GB RAM Wii U, because then the non-8GB RAM Wii U's are redundant and everyone would have to chuck it out or sell it back. Otherwise that makes double the work for devs to create two Wii U versions.

What features were copied, only in 'confusing ways'?

The video chat and regular voice chat are features that the PS3 has been doing for years! I guess being stuck on a Wii has really left you not knowing what is a true next-gen feature and what's not.

There is lag on the Wii U's remote play, it's been shown before, it's there and it's not great...

chadboban1889d ago

Okay, I'm gonna need a source on that lag comment. I haven't heard anything about Wii U controller lag being "not great".

dubberman1889d ago

The WiiU off-tv play has no lag, i use it everyday and have never had a problem with it and neither has anyone else i know. Also, th PS4 may seem amazing witb 8GB RAM but how much of that is needed for the OS, playing games while they download and all those video streaming/ social aspects. Dont forget it's unfied RAM and no matter how many time it's been said, having 'better' specs STILL don't make a great system. Never have and never will.

g2gshow1889d ago

i will say the show put things in perspective an looking at nintendo the only thing that came to mind was wtf .what are they doing if the next xbox is as powerful as the ps4 on all fronts on an off line then nintendo will be in last place way to blow it nintendo .you better hold on to that handheld market too cause apple has a firm grip that will only get tight with every new device they drop see what over confidences gets you

live2play1888d ago

you mean because the ps4 is more powerful than the wiiu it will be in last place???

oh yea just like how the psp was in 1st place because it was more powerful than the DS

or how the wii was in last place because it was the weakest

or how the 3DS lost to the vita cuz the vita was more powerful


g2gshow1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

i don't disagree with what your saying live2 my point is not power rules all but possibilities what im getting at. i'm saying that we have been stuck in this generation for so long that when gamers see what's capable with the next generation titles an not to mention the online connectivity they are not going to want to be held back by last generation tech the wii u is clearly not next generation tech on or offline nintendo is going backwards not forward an as a gamer i cant respect any company not wanting to do more then what's already been done if you want to scream retro wearing a 8 bit t shirt that says graphics (performance) don't matter feel fee.the future of gaming is in the future not the pass if your happy with a honda that good on you im taking the Lamborghini

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Jadedz1889d ago

The lack of faith in Nintendo's Wii U system, is astounding.

Even Nintendo fans doubt the Wii U after the PS4 reveal. What a tragedy.

jmc88881889d ago

Which is crazy. People need to look in the mirror and quit being used as tools.

Fact: PS4 is 3x faster than Wii U
Rationale: Does any Wii U fan think it was going to be less? Seriously when the most powerful console is ONLY 3x faster when the Wii U is supposed to be the 'weak' one, then there really is nothing to worry about.

Fact: Midrange 2013 PC has the same raw power difference between it and the PS4 as the PS4 has between the Wii U.
Rationale: If knowing another console is 3x more powerful makes you feel underwhelmed, just think that a mid range PC is 3x a PS4, and a uberpc is 3x a midrange PC. So are you still feeling underwhelemed by the Wii U when a PS4 is 1/8-1/9th as powerful as a top end PC?

Fact: PS4 didn't show us PS4 footage, they showed us PC footage.
Rationale: Thus we don't even know if that ho-hum graphics they showed us are even capable on the machine. Graphics like that are already possible on much more powerful hardware that is already out on PC.

Fact: Wii U just got the NFS game and that has showcased some very nice graphics.
Rationale: You really think if you have a PC game and you turn it town two notches in settings it's going to matter much? That's the difference between the Wii U and PS4. Two notches of PC settings. No higher than three. Compare that to the Wii which wasn't even capable of running the same games.

Fact: Wii U will run the same games (minus exclusives) as the others.
Rationale: So getting the next Mass Effect, CoD, Battlefield, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, Madden, so on and so forth is a reason to be sad?

What is with people? The Sony reveal SUCKED. Maybe reveals like these or thinking is hard for you. But the Sony reveal flat out sucked. The best things they had in it was.....

You can turn off your system
You can play game demos as you download them
The move creation demo

All only mediocre stuff

Other than that we saw mostly multiplatform PC games that the PS4 is going to try run. But nothing is certain because it wasn't a PS4 running them.

Please I hope no one is diappointed because Facebook's junk wasn't sucked. It's worthless. Just wait until everyone who linked their gaming account to Facebook tries to buy insurance in a decade or two and they find out the insurance company knows EXACTLY how much time they've played videogames and charges them double. You want that? Plus guess what, no one wants to see you game. The sharing thing is basically useless. I can see some small uses, but really, who is going to use it more than 2-3 times a year, mostly maybe to show a friend if he's interested in the game, but not sure. That's about it.

The only thing graphically good was the Deep Down, most likely CGI, using the Panta Rhei engine from Capcom. Though Capcom again, is an everything publisher. Unreal 4 engine? everything publisher. All easily running on a PC. The tech demos? There's always demos.

People need to chill out. Even the Vita integration isn't that good. Off game gameplay and slow updating inventory screens. THat's it. Vita isn't the gamepad.

It also won't be supported much since no one will have it. 100 percent have the Wii U gamepad, and it can do things that Vita will never be able to. You won't be calling in a killstreak on CoD with a Vita.

Qrphe1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Please provide actual sources for you "facts." I am doubting your claims but I am more than willing to accept them if they are correct.
If you spend so much time writing these long posts in many threads I'm sure you wouldn't mind spending a bit of time citing yourself to increase your credibility.

EcoSos31889d ago

I recommend you two chill pills a day.

It's ok to defend the console you like but damn 3-4 paragraphs if not more every time you comment is too much, just go play the console you like and that's it. Oh and try not to over react its just opinions.

Bumpmapping1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

You're a casual gamer FACT everything you wrote was just written pure bias and complete desperation.

FACT-Wii was a fad its over with.Wii U doesn't nothing new or innovative bu bu a Tablet controller BWHAHAHa FLOP.

FACT-3RD Party Developers are jumping out from the Wii U faster than people jumping off the Titanic.

Fact-Wii U=Beefed up 360 bu bu but NFS yea not impressed not that hard to put a little more detail when when U have a little more memory.Wake us up when we see a game like Killzone Shadow Fall.

FACT-Vita integration is completely optional that's one of the many features PS4 will have the rest of them are not even possible on the Wii U <God hate sound of that name that's why it's such a failure.

Dark_Overlord1889d ago

FACT - You cannot back up anything you have said with evidence :/

Ippiki Okami1889d ago

"Fact: PS4 didn't show us PS4 footage, they showed us PC footage.
Rationale: Thus we don't even know if that ho-hum graphics they showed us are even capable on the machine. Graphics like that are already possible on much more powerful hardware that is already out on PC."

Everything sony showed was made using the 4GB dev kit that devs got in january. The Final dev kits will be shipped in the summer with the 8GB specs. They are housed in a PC shell and to an idiot like you it would look like a just a PC.

Unless PC games go photo realistic in the next 5 years the PS4 will be able to keep up with any PC game. Oh and the people who gave you agrees to your idiotic statement are idiotic nintendrones.

MysticStrummer1889d ago

Fact: You are one bitter human

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LOL_WUT1889d ago

Nintendo can only bring their "A" game, with games because console wise it just ain't happening. Hopefully the PS4 and the next rumored console by Microsoft force Nintendo show us all what the Wii U is capable of. ;)

Theyellowflash301889d ago

I think Microsoft is in the toughest spot. They don't have the exclusive games Sony and Nintendo have.

1upgamer991889d ago

I agree with some of this, and sadly so. Not to say my Wii U purchase was a waste of money, but far from it. I love the Wii U, and the gamepad is a welcome addition. There is just nothing else that compares including Vita/PS3. E3 is Nintendo's last chance to impress with the Wii U. Granted the Nintendo direct last month was great. Now we need to see the games with solid release dates.
Nintendo has done a poor job with marketing the Wii U, and so much so that you could go on Youtube and see much better fan made commercials that show what the Wii U is about. Whoever is in charge of Nintendo marketing of the Wii U should be out of a job, and Nintendo should take a fan and let produce the adds. Bet they would do a FAR better job. Hell even most gamers that don't have a Wii U don't REALLY know how cool it is. No store demo can do it justice. Nintendo should have done it just a little bit more like Sony did and get fans EXCITED!
The Social aspect of Wii U is growing, so I don't really agree with that part of it. In the next 6 months I think MiiVerse will be an awesome app, and it really pretty much already is an awesome app.
Common Nintendo get your $%^& together and get people pumped up. I know that Nintendo is very meticulous about first party games and that is great, but hire more people and pump some of these games out faster.

corrus1889d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Nintendo are so stupid and lazy are you really believe they can do it like Sony Sony are the best and when they doing something doing it always right Not like your stupid Nintendo when they show their console E3 2011 they showed only two stupid tech demos one was with PS2 graphic anyway even E3 2012 they did show nothing to show the power of their console oh yeah and the whole world was thinking that it was the same Wii with new tablet why cos the stupid Nintendo showed again only their stupid Mario and talk only for the tablet and now on 20th on Sony PS4's conference i am sure that after that whole world knows that this new Sony console and second they showed to the world the power of PS4

chadboban1889d ago

Dude is "stupid" the only adjective you know? People won't take you seriously if you continue to speak like a toddler.

Don't be an insane fanboy bro, just enjoy the games you play.

MNGamer-N1889d ago

Pure fanboyism. I feel gross after reading your post.

Theyellowflash301889d ago

I know... corrus sounds live a evil villain from the the Justice League. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH when i deploy this toxin, I will rule the world HAHAHAHAHAH stupid super heroes can't save the world! MUHAHAHAHAHAH!

1upgamer991889d ago

You are so immature. I mean really. None of what you are saying is even true. Gamecube had better Graphics than PS2, and look where Gamecube landed. It is nice to see you have such high self esteem that you do not even capitalize I, when referring to yourself.
Akuma much? I am a Sony fan too, but people like you make me cringe. Clearly you are not a gamer but a freaking fanboy. Too bad for you dude. Nintendo is still a GREAT publisher, and still has GREAT games. You act like Mario is all Nintendo has to offer. That is not the case. I would wait for you to respond, but oh wait you only have one bubble...LMAO!!!!

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OhReginald1889d ago

Nintendo should honestly stick with making handhelds and software.

Leave the consoles to the big boys.

OhReginald1889d ago


are you really comparing nintendo to Sony and Microsoft????

You honestly think Nintendo is on the same level as them?


Here i will give you time to retract that statement about how you think nintendo is as big as Sony and Microsoft

SerodD1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Well the Wii sold more then both the 360 and the Ps3, so they are good in terms of competing against Sony and Microsoft, will see how this genaration goes, maybe it will be a game changer for Nintendo, if they don't sell well, maybe they'll sell great and keep doing what they have been doing, until it fails, will see.

And if you look at the handheld market Nintendo completly desimates Sony in terms of sales, they will always have big profit from that market, or at least for a good amount of years.

MysticStrummer1889d ago

@OhReginald - I haven't cared about Nintendo's offerings in about 25 years, but to say they aren't one of the big boys is incredibly stupid. They certainly have a much longer time in the business, and their little underpowered console spanked the companies you call the big boys.

kenshiro1001889d ago

Nintendo is one of giants of gaming.

Talamak1889d ago

They're a GIANT ENEMY CRAB lol....

kirbyu1889d ago

What are you trying to say?

lilbroRx1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

The only reason the Wii U has low sells is because it has had like 1 or 2 games(that were poorly made) total released in the last 2 months.

Games sale consoles. Software moves hardware. This has been the case for decades and it has never changed. Its simple as that. When the games start the flow, the sales with pick up on the Wii U. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nintendo has done nothing wrong other than fail to provide games and properly inform people about the console.

Link0791889d ago

What makes people think ps4 will sell well ?

kenshiro1001889d ago

What makes you think it won't?

axisofweevils1889d ago

Well, every console so far this gen has failed to sell well at first. There's a definite pattern.

3DS, Vita, Wii U....

1upgamer991889d ago

Fanboys (myself not included) do not bother to look at sales of PS360 their launch, and the fact that not everyone shares their enthusiasm for gaming. Hell most of the people I know do not play games as much as me. So yes there will be a HUGE rush for fanboys to buy the PS4 (I will be one if the price is right)the same will go for Microsoft fanboys with 720. It is what happens the months after the initial rush of sales that matters. Now the downside of PS4 is it will not play PS3 games. I think that sucks. So if you do not own a PS3 already, you will be limited PS4 games if you pick up a PS4. Not EVERYONE wants to play Killzone(I do). So Sony is going to have a HUGE library right off the bat to get people to buy it.

Some people are blinded by the freaking name on the Console. Not me, if I like a game I buy it. Nintendo has some really great games, and I could care less what anyone says. That is a simple fact. NFS on Wii U is going to be the best console version out there and by now I am sure anyone reading has seen that article. So Wii U will have some AMAZING looking games, and you know what if PS4's games look better good, because I will be playing those as well. I am done with the fanboy pissing matches.