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The evolution - or not - of the DualShock controller

GamesAsylum looks at how Sony has changed the DualShock controller over the years. (PS3, PS4)

majiebeast  +   1008d ago
The DS4 and KZSF at Jimmy Fallon. It looks sexy as hell.
Hope they use the speakers in the controller for the Killzone kill confirm chirp.


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ShugaCane  +   1008d ago
I agree, it looks sooo ergonomic. I can"t believe they managed to come up with a better controller than the DS3.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1008d ago
Wasn't that hard, had lots of room for improvement. Still do.
Sexius Maximus  +   1008d ago
Good hell people; it's all about preference. There is no right or wrong. If you use both analogs at the same time (say an FPS) your thumbs are even on the DS3, so maybe the DS3 wins. If the game needs just the left analog & buttons(most other game styles) then your thumbs are better off on the Xbox controller. I prefer the width of the 360 because my pinkies have nowhere to go on the DS3, but I have man hands. PREFERENCE, I'm not right or wrong.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   1008d ago
I am liking the look of it.

I've always preferred the feel of the 360 pad over PS3's. I didn't really like the feel of the L2/R2 triggers.
Now they they rounded it off a bit more and added real triggers, I don't think I will have any real issue with this one.

Still prefer stick placement on an xbox pad though.
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Root  +   1008d ago
Wonder if you can swipe through your inventory or weapons with the touch pad
battlegrog  +   1008d ago
I love how you can visually see that the handles are longer. Such a relief .
user3915800  +   1007d ago
Same controller for the past 15 years, now lets move on another 20 and we might see a redesign, until that times come, lets use same controller for another 19 years.

Zero talent on the redesign department. Here its a hint, circle = grapefruit and half a circle = boomerang. M Square = Sony controller for the past 15 years. Now 1+1= sonys 3.

The Dualshock 4 includes a touchpad. Great. What’s it for? To make it easier to collect signatures when you make a credit card purchase in the PSN store, it haS NO practical use. LMAO...
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StrongMan  +   1008d ago
The Dualshock is the best controller hands down and the Dualshock 4 has even made it better with a clickable touch pad, speaker, rubber grips, and keeping the analog sticks in the proper place.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1008d ago
If by proper you mean outdated and illogical then yes, very proper.
StrongMan  +   1008d ago
When I hold my hands out both of my thumbs are at the same place on both of my hands making the Dualshock the perfect fit. I don't have my right thumb in the normal position on my right hand and my left hand deformed with my left thumb way higher than my left one.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1008d ago
When you hold your hands out, what direction do your thumbs face? They face up...not out.

The dual shock forces your thumbs out to the sides which is strain and stress on your thumb joints. The 360 controller is ergonomically correct and more comfortable because the analog sticks still keep your thumbs in an upward position which is much less stress on your thumbs.

The 360 controller is by far the better controller and has been accepted as the better controller by the masses. Only the Sony fanboys think the Sony dualshock is the best controller...
Seraphemz  +   1008d ago
Outdate??? illogical??

What would you consider dated and logical?
MasterCornholio  +   1008d ago

Sorry buddy but the 360 controller is horrible for fighting games due to the terrible DPAD that it has. And preferring the dualshock over the 360 controller doesn't turn you into a desperate Sony fan boy. So there you lose.

BTW the reason why i prefer the dualshock design over the 360s is because i dont like the placement of the analog sticks.


I dont know why either the majority of people find that awkward which is why both Nintendo and Sony have the analogs side by side.


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ZeroX9876  +   1008d ago

so by your standards, neither Sony nor microsoft got good controllers. the Wii U controller pro is the right one for you then since both thumbsstick are up... unless one of your thumbs is facing up and the other one is facing out......
Riderz1337  +   1008d ago
Because having asymmetrical analog sticks is "logical". Okay then, have a nice day.
GribbleGrunger  +   1008d ago
Why is the Dualshock illogical? Ergonomics are very simple to understand and very simple to work out. Just let your two hands fall naturally on your lap and take a look at where your thumbs naturally rest. Ergonomics.
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Blackdeath_663  +   1008d ago
i still don't get the people who wanted the joystick and D-pad positions swapped.
The Meerkat  +   1008d ago
It doesn't matter if you get them or not, there are a lot of people who prefer the 360 style setup.
Me included.

I'd love it if Sony made two styles, one for people like you and one for people like me.

You should support that idea too, because then more 360 owners might be tempted to join the Sony camp.

I think even with the controller the way it is I'll become a reluctant PS4 owner.(and end up with sore thumbs)
cervantes99  +   1008d ago
No, it's you that don't get it!

Many of us have been using the dualshock since the PS1 days and we are comfortable with it.

I have no problem with the 360 controller, but I prefer the dualshock.
ZeroX9876  +   1008d ago
having 2 controller layout would be awesome!
the "Xbox styled" controller would be sold seperatly, but I'm sure many xbox fans would prefer it over the original DualShock one. A good way of taking another market share!
Microsoft Should do the same too.
the PS3 accepted any USB gamepad (almost), Except the 360 controller, driver issues I guess.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1008d ago
I'll put it simply for you:

110 million PS1 users, 153 million PS2 users and 77 million PS3 users think the Dualshock is the most ergonomic controller.

25 million Xbox owners + 77 million 360 owners think the Xbox controller is the most ergonomic.

By a vote of 340 million people to 102 million people, think you are wrong.
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ddurand1  +   1008d ago
i oftentimes find myself wishing the controller was SLIGHTLY larger. this looks like itll be perfect.
doublebass2  +   1008d ago
thank god they finally realised that the thumbsticks were too close, after 3 generations!!playing fps and strafing right while looking left,and having my thumbs collide, really got on my nerves at multiplayer!New controller will feel so much better!!I also hope they do something about the triggers progressiveness!Other than that, cant wait for next gen playstation!!
ZeroX9876  +   1008d ago
I never had that problem, but it seems like a couple of my friends had the same problem as you.
for me, the DS3 was just a little bit too small, as ddurand1 said.

for triggers, i prefer shooting with the R1 L1, since for me I'm feeling them as more direct and responsive.
LtFaku  +   1008d ago
Im with you, I really like to shoot using R1, while I use R2 to bombs and L2 to Tacticals.
tweet75  +   1008d ago
the dualshock is the best gaming controller ever. Its something I associate with playstation. Its why i prefer playstation over xbox, the controller im more comfortable with. Getting rid of the dualshock would push away alot of gamers.
battlegrog  +   1008d ago
Coming from a guy that absolutely hated the ps3 controller.Even though i bought the console yet could not invest in in playing on it. I for one think the ps4 controller is finally everything i and many other people have been wanting.They asked the developers what they wanted from it. They fixed everything that pissed us off.The handles where to short not wide enough. Analog sticks felt awkward. It was far from precise. The triggers sucked. It acutely looks better then the xbox controller ,Coming from a guy that only enjoyed a xbox controller. Finally sony can get me to be invested deeply in its next console.I think many people like me will feel the same.
cervantes99  +   1008d ago
Good comment. Good comments are in short supply around here :)

Have a bubble +
cervantes99  +   1008d ago
I'm not going to say which controller is better over the other - that is a personal preference.

I have been using the dualshock since the PS1 days and that is what I am most comfortable with. However, I do like the 360 controller for FPS's.

I can imagine those with large hands though would hate the dualshock since it is smaller.
sandman224  +   1008d ago
What I want to know is how much bigger is it than the duel shock 3. I'm hoping its longer and a bit thicker.
Nitrox  +   1008d ago
That's what she said

..Sorry, couldn't resist
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Rattlehead20  +   1008d ago
It was set up for it! If you didn't say it, someone else would!
doublebass2  +   1008d ago
I also wish that they make the next dualshock a bit heavier!!!So that if it"accidently" hits someone in the genitals, it could prevent breeding and reproduction of stupid individuals!!!! :-p

The triggers were nt that bad with playstation controllers, but when i tried the 360 ones, especially in racing games, they are much better than the dualshock ones, in terms of progressiveness!!
DivineAssault  +   1008d ago
They seemed to be having much more fun than when the last system they got was on the show.. Oh i wanna hold that controller so bad.. The triggers, the analogs, the "SHARE!"..
CaptainYesterday  +   1008d ago
At first I wasn't sure about the controller but I really like I can't wait to get my hands on it! :)
josephayal  +   1008d ago
The Ultimate Evolution
lovegames718  +   1007d ago
God those guys on Jimmy Fallon wete bad but it was enjoyable seeing the game played and their outbursts. No tech demo here this is the real thing.

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