EVE Online: CSM 8 Schedule & new Election Process Announced

The guys over at CCP Games, makers of the Important Internet Spaceship MMO EVE Online, have just released an outline of the new election schedule and selection process for the upcoming eighth Council of Stellar Management, or CSM for short.

MWEB GameZone takes a look at the election procedures.

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schmoe1917d ago

pew pew pew lazerbeams via context menus :-)

Choc_Salties1917d ago

There is an interesting little piece about how the new STV system would work based on previous election numbers, had it been based on this system over here:

Choc_Salties1917d ago

Remember one of the reasons that makes it different is becuase its a sandbox-based MMO, where players are and create the content for others; rather than a theme-park-ride-based MMO such as WoW and SWTOR where the content is spoon-fed to players.

Players even having the ability to directly interface with the developers in a unified way is unheard of in many other games, and the amount of access that this player group have is unparalleled.

DesVader1917d ago

Add Dust514 into the mix and this game is a winner. Pls can we have Dust514 on PC too? PLEASE PLEASE!

HanCilliers1917d ago

I really wish I had the time to explore Eve Online. Seems like such a multi-layered experience

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