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Sony America Boss Hope PS4 Will Not Cost $600

As Sony was unveiling the feature-rich, and still-as-yet un-photographed PlayStation 4 console last night, one question kept running through my mind: how much is this thing going to cost? The PlayStation 3 was pretty expensive at launch—infamously so, costing $500 at the most inexpensive level. As a result, it didn’t fare as well at retail in the United States as the competition. (PS4, Sony)

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Zuperman  +   886d ago
PS4 - $399.99

.. Please? D:
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DarkBlood  +   886d ago

ahhhh thats better :P sigh
Blacktric  +   886d ago
Also free donuts with each purchase.

KwietStorm  +   886d ago
Not even jokingly realistic.
DarkBlood  +   886d ago
what you guys want to pay more? lol im still getting the ps4 either way but the less i pay for it the better = more games to buy for it that way
SAE  +   886d ago
1.99 dollar would be much better ..
I don't really care about the price now since they showed us the amazing specs..
Raccoon  +   886d ago
What I don't understand is how a $800 64gb iPad Can sell like hotcakes with no complain yet people want a capable quality console with all the bells and whistles and pay half the price... I understand we want the best things in life and we want it at a steal price but come on people lets be realistic what other device at the $600 price range will offer more bang for your bucks? This is the hobby I love and this industry has gaming for everyone, from all ages and prices... Ill take all i can get for free.99 but thats not how things work so if you Can't afford a $600 ps4 or whatever it will cost, buy yourself a ps3, a Nintendo wii or even a ps2 you broke bitches...
mcstorm  +   886d ago
@Raccoon People see the Ipad, Microsoft Surface and android ect as more than playing games and go anywhere device.

They only see a Playstation as playing games and they don't see what's in side of it.

I have said from the start that Sony need to look at the price on the PS4 if they want to hit the ground running. Look at the PSV sales at its current price. Look at the 3DS at its higher price and also look at the PS3 sales at the start when it was a high price.

People need to remember the core market is small and a lot of family's and Kids get consoles but this is dependent on there portents getting the console the family and kids and spending £400/500/600 on a games console when they can get another one for £250.

I am impressed with the PS4 and what ive seen so far I will get one on day one but I do see the price being a major factor on sales of the console just like it did with the PS3 ect.
nukeitall  +   886d ago
I'm seeing minimum $400-500 for the kind of hardware Sony is putting in the PS4.

Think about it:

* 8GB DDR5
* PS Eye 2
* Touchpad on the DS4
* custom APU

Consider what the PS3 cost now at $250, and the Wii U at $350.

I expect $400 minimum for the low end model if not more. Might even hit $450 for low end and $550.
Virtual_Reality  +   886d ago
PS Eye is not included, is it?
KwietStorm  +   886d ago
Yoshuda himself said they haven't made any mention of the camera being included. I don't know where that rumor came from. But a SKU without it would be great for keeping the price down.
Donnieboi  +   886d ago
If the ps4 doesn't bundle the eye in every box, then it'll be a fiasco. They have to bundle it in every box if devs are ever expected to use it. Making it optional could hurt development for it. Hopefully it will be cheap.
Knight_Crawler  +   886d ago
You forgot 2 things

Mic, which judging from the mic input should be mandatory.

HDMI cables, this should be mandatory next gen.

Knowing Sony they will not want to go with the cheapest mic and HDMI cable on the market.

Sure these things are not exPensive but still adds a few dollars to the PS4.
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delboy  +   886d ago

Compare the wiiu specs and price with ps4.
Ps4 won't be cheap, especially now when they pumped ram from 4 to 8gig.
Sony is in bad position now, especially when MS shows next box and decide to go for a cheaper price tag, maybe even selling with small lose.
MS can afford that, don't know about Sony.
Bumpmapping  +   886d ago
450$ from the sounds of it.
Qrphe  +   886d ago
The thing is, the 360 pretty much delivered the graphical quality the PS3 did but at MUCH affordable prices ($300 and $400 in 2005). It seems like Sony made better decisions this time around so I'm definitely not expecting a $600 price tag.
KwietStorm  +   886d ago
I agree with half of what you said.
cherry_olsen  +   886d ago
"The thing is, the 360 pretty much delivered the graphical quality the PS3 did but at MUCH affordable prices"


Tell us you were joking...
TheSurg  +   886d ago
Wow, take off your fanboy glasses. Xbox360 is not behind in terms of graphics at all. While few exclusives look great on ps3, 90% of multiplatform and one of best games (hello skyrim, gta etc..) are still better on 360 in terms of graphics and performance so please...or get both and test or just shut the f up.

N4G needs more ubniased community ... like REALLY! This is just getting ridiculous.
duplissi  +   886d ago
uh no the xbox was 400 and 500 there buddy... i purchased my xbox in 09 and it cost 400 for an elite, the pro was either 349 or 300 cant remember exactly.

edit, did some research and apparently it was 399.. could have sworn it was 499. oh well.
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Number-Nine  +   886d ago
$399.99 would insure a successful start to the PS4. It has the specs, games and features that fans will want so all Sony needs to do is make it affordable.

The trend has been releasing 2 different versions. I can see one costing $400 and the other costing $450.

I'm not entirely comfortable with that prediction though given the technology being use in the PS4. I could see it costing north of $450 but hopefully not.

$600 price tag would be extremely idiotic of Sony seeing how poorly the PS3 did at launch with a same price.
clintagious650  +   886d ago
Keep in mind though it only seemed expensive because it launched a year later then the 360. By the the time it launched for $600 & u were able to buy a 360 for $299 at that time that is why the 360 was selling better then the ps3 at the time because it was $300 cheaper.
clintagious650  +   886d ago
xbox 360 launch price $299 & $399

ps3 launch price $499 & $599

Lol at the disagrees. the truth hurts lol.
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mistertwoturbo  +   886d ago
He doesn't make the pricing decision, I'm assuming something like this comes from the top.
rainslacker  +   885d ago
He kind of is the top. Not much higher you can go, at least in the US.

Things like this come from market research, as well as costs vs risks analysis and such. It'll depends on how much they want to profit, or how little they want to lose on each console. Risks are involved, and they'll look at what they feel will benefit them in the long run.
mistertwoturbo  +   884d ago
That is true and some good points.

But I'm just thinking it comes probably from the President and group CEO, which is now Andrew House to make that final decision.
animegamingnerd  +   886d ago
400$ is the maximum amount i would pay for a console
Donnieboi  +   886d ago
Too bad for you, I guess. Because it may likely cost $450. Many of us pay more than that a year on new cell phones.

I'll just choose not to upgrade my phone this year. When u think about it, who really needs a phone every year? My current one is fine. So, now I can get a PS4 without a hitch.
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mistertwoturbo  +   884d ago
$500 is my limit.

Then again who am I to talk, I paid $400 for my GPU and it only does one thing lol
Hazadess1  +   886d ago
450 euro and ill be quite happy. You yanks are kidding yourselves if you think it goin to be less than $400.

Also why are so many being so negative towards the PS4. Its new and powerful and has Killzone:)
DigitalSmoke  +   886d ago
This console isn't build for children, a 499 price with all the bells and whisles is justified.

If you want to play kiddy shit good luck boying a Wii U, or maybe the next Breakbox 3 Fixme.
andibandit  +   886d ago
Well, thank god you are here to tell us who's suppose to get a PS4 and who's not.

Hang on while i call Sony and tell them to change their motto to:

"It only does everything, except for kids."
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DigitalSmoke  +   886d ago
Well if you don't see that this is a console meant for big boys then let me make you realize that infact you are a target for Wii's marketing.

That being said, if you can get your parrents to buy you a PS4 go right on, i know i would.

Point remains.
saint_seya  +   886d ago
Was all that really needed? Its ok to enjoy ps3, but talking sh## of the other two for no reason is stupid.
Octo1  +   886d ago
As much as an upgrade the PS4 is from the PS3, I can't see Sony making the PS4 that expensive. Keep in mind that the tech in the box is nothing new and some elitist PC gamers have already pointed, "I already run this blah blah blah on my system well over 2 years ago derp."
Anyway, The PS3 shipping with new tech like BD drive and Cell processor drove the price of the PS3 up and Sony was not able to sell the machine at a loss. I think the PS4 will be released with a price point that is on par or a bit higher to the WiiU's 32GB sku. I can't see Sony selling this at $500. I can see Sony doing the same as what Nintendo did with the WiiU. They will probably have a few different bundle SKU's that will have a different HDD sizes, pack in game, accessories etc.
Donnieboi  +   886d ago
I wish u were right. But the PS4 has for times the RAM as the Wii U, better graphics chip, a camera, a controller with a built-in lithium ion battery, and is confirmed to ship with a headset. Also, if Wii U's 32gb is sold at a loss at that price, how much MORE would Sony be selling a console more powerful if at that same pricing? Also, Sony would not likely put a measly 32 gigs memory harddrive in it, like Nintendo did. They will put more, which only drive costs up.

This thing WILL cost mpre than a Wii U 32gb. No doubt. But lord knows we don't want it to cost $600! Hopefully it'll be no more than $429-$450 USD. But I don't see how it can be any less (wish it will be though, so long as Sony doesn't take a [major] loss)
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insomnium2  +   886d ago
I have to agree. PS4 will have 2 SKUs. A $400 one and a $500 one. I predict that the $500 one will have a full years worth of "full access" to every subscription from Sony there is and a way bigger HDD. I say a terabyte one.

I got the feeling that with PS4 the online will be a gigantic part of everything. The online gaming will remain free but without a sub you are locked out of everything else. It will be a PS+ (and then some) subscription for those who want it and most will want it since if anything online will even further grow on people in a few years.

I'm exited for new games for PS3 and excited for PS4. Good times ahead....
clintagious650  +   886d ago
Im guessing there will be 2 different sku's & knowing sony the high priced version will be worth its high price but I think the cheaper one for $399.99 range to $449.99 & the expensive version for $499.99 range to $549.99. Im just looking at it realistically but if it comes cheaper, hey thats even better because with the camera and all, i just dont see how it will be any cheaper then any of these prices.
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RTheRebel  +   886d ago
uh oh he hopes that it won't cost 600$ that doesn't sound good
im thinking this beast will cost $500-$600
I hope is $400
seanpitt23  +   886d ago
Sony will put it on market for $500 + they can now because if you don't have enough money for that then you can get the ps3 its like when Ferrari put a car on the market I will not be able to afford it so I get a ford because that's what I can afford this is high end gaming its not going to come cheap Sony has never sold things cheap quality comes at a price
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jukins  +   886d ago
im hoping to spend no more than $500 day 1 for system and a game. But the earlier we know the price the better I can prepare and maybe spend a little more lol
vikingland1  +   886d ago
I am saving right now. So even if it is 600$ I will be able to afford it. I will want games for it also so there is another 200$. My hobbie sure aint cheap.
Deku-Johnny  +   886d ago
Of course it won't be $600, it'll probably be more like $800.
hazardman  +   886d ago
Honestly I know for me and what I've seen so far...I wouldn't mind paying $500-$600. That's just me tho.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   886d ago
has to be $400-$450max. A $500-$600 price tag dosent look appealing
TechnicianTed  +   886d ago
It won't be $600. But it might be five hundred and ninety-nine us dollars.
BoNeSaW23  +   886d ago
Anything over $449.99 and PS4 systems will sit on the shelves.

After the die hard Sony loyalist make their day one purchase it will be up to the moderate gamers to buy and that is the top price I can afford.

But at $399 it would be day 1, plus a game purchase. See how it works?
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stefan771  +   886d ago
Hopefully it's a lot less than the $800 PS3 was at launch in NZ
SDF Repellent  +   885d ago
There is no freaking way this can be less than $400 seeing those specs unless Sony is willing to take a $200 loss on each system sold. I think $450 to $500 for the lowest SKU is about right.

Maybe Microsoft having a lower spec system does have its advantage because they can sell it at a much lower price. In this economy, unless it is an Apple item or an Air Jordan pair of shoe, price is very important, more so than a higher spec technology.
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