PS4 haters: Simmer down and celebrate progress

Tim Clark writes: "I've sat there in plenty, making whispered funnies with my colleagues. In ye olden days (two years ago) we'd write them down on our little reporter note pads and show them to each other and snigger. Being a wiseass is nothing new and gaming has long been a haven for wiseass - but holy smoke has Twitter and in-article commenting taken wise-assery to eye-watering new levels of tedious cynicism masquerading as analysis."

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knowyourstuff1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

The fact that anti-Sony fanboys are already condemning a console when they know almost nothing about it should destroy any credence they had to their voices, and they should be shunned for their one-dimensional minds.

Why not celebrate progress, and buy whatever console comes out that has games on it that you like, and satisfies whatever your wants are? The fanboy mentality makes gamers look bad, and it's the antithesis to gamers trying to be taken seriously. If we want gaming to be accepted as a legitimate art form, every fanboy is a step backwards in creating a culture of respect and sophistication in the gaming world.

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IAMERROR1916d ago

I agree same could be said about anti-Xbox fanboys, you know absolutely nothing about the next Xbox, chill out. boxxy+sony=love

Gaming1011917d ago

It doesn't matter what Sony shows, the childish infantile haters will always hate it no matter what, and shun it like the bitter, angry, stereotypical fanboys that they are.

Eyeco1916d ago

Even when Sony does the right thing they still get hate for it,

Example for years the anti's were saying that the PS3 price should drop, Sony comes out with the PS3 slim...then what do people say "too little to late" "dooomed" "ugly design" "it will fail"

Sony comes out with PS+ "dooomed" "scam" "not good enough" "rip off" "it's just a scam to spend more money"

For 2 years fanboys bitch about the PS3's "lack of games" an absolute myth btw, then when Sony does release exclusives "yeah but PS3 exclusives are irrelevant" "I don't care for them" "they can't match the sales of Halo"

Their damned if the do damned if they don't.

izumo_lee1917d ago

I look at it in the words of a great man...Yoda (all tongue & cheek)

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering"

They 'Fear' the capabilities and potential of the PS4 which 'Angers' them to the point of denial. That denial manifests itself as 'Hate', the hate makes them say & do stupid things which in actual fact is that they are jealous that their allegiance can't compete. In the end they end up 'Suffering' cause their allegiance will probably get no support.

It really quite sad really. Not sure if there should be pity or whatnot. There is just no good to come out of HATE or negativity. Just accept it & move's that simple.

Cam9771916d ago

Bubble vote added for this comment, you said it perfectly.

sherimae24131916d ago

izumo-sensei, that's some aspiring words from you ^_^

nirwanda1916d ago

I have no hate for anyone, i will just buy the best console in a time frame that suits me, last time i went with the 360 at launch, i enjoyed for a whole year before the ps3 launched and even when i did it wasn't much better.
This time if most of what i'm reading about the machines i will go for a PS4

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