Everything you didn't know about Smash Bros.

The increasingly swollen character roster of the Smash Brothers games can represent a minefield of obscurity for the casual player. To alleviate this bafflement and maybe even impart a few little-known facts to gaming veterans 1UP tapped their resident expert on classic gaming and Japanese culture to plumb the depths of the Smash Bros. backstory and deliver the world's most comprehensive, unassailable guide. Just remember who to thank when you've impressed all your friends with your newfound depth of knowledge.

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Odiah3821d ago

That was really unfunny.

RecSpec3821d ago

Good God, that was an attempt at comedy?

sumfood4u3821d ago

Tho most of his National Inquirer was not so funny! That Hamburger Helper mad me laugh!

MolotovMan12633821d ago

I have no idea what the hell that article had to do with anything. None of that makes any sense whatsoever. can someone explain what i just spent 5 minutes of my time reading?

San anto3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

how geh.

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