The Guided Fate: Paradox also coming to North America, will be retail release

GE: "NIS America has announced a second localization effort for the PlayStation 3."

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RaikRhythm1916d ago

This is fantastic news! No wonder everyone loves NISA. :D

izumo_lee1916d ago

NISA is probably one of my fave publishers cause they are one of the very few who are not afraid to release games that are traditionally very niche.

Without them i wouldn't have been able to play Neptunia, or Mugen Souls, or the Atelier series. These games sell enough for NISA to make it worthwhile to continue to publish these types of games & i thank them greatly for that.

As for this game. I loved ZHP & this is sort of a spiritual successor to that game. It is over the top, gonna be wacky with a lot of Japanese stereotypes & jokes. ZHP is a very underrated gem for the PSP & this looks to be in the same boat.

Zichu1916d ago

Let's hope for a EU release as well, if not I could always import a US copy.

Chrono1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

What's the Japanese name of this game?

Edit: nevermind

ZeroX98761916d ago

I'm pre-ordering it first chance I got. I want to give my support for games like this to make sure we can still get those games localized.

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