Tretton On MS: “We’ve Sold the Same, if not More”, “We’re Trying to Say We’re All About the Gamers”

With everyone gearing up for the next big console war, tensions are rising between Microsoft and Sony.

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Root1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

This is why I like Sony they always think about gamers while others latley think too much about money. I mean Sony is a business and they are obviously interested in money aswell but after their little financial situation they could of easily forced casual crap down our throats and charged for the online but they didn't, they stayed true to what gaming is about.

I have to admit I like Jack aswell, he's a fantastic speaker at conferences...even when he's going on about sales and other boring details about the company and the PS3 you still manage to keep up with him without falling asleep.

As people would say about Ace Rimmer

"What a guy"

Death1703d ago


Sony used their Playstation fanbase to secure Blu-ray as the dominant format over HD-DVD. None of the promises of Blu-ray that benefits gamers came true. The "Cell" was also a marketing term that never had an impact on games or gamers. Sony traded marketshare in the gaming market for Blu-ray sales. The entire year they lost to Microsoft was due to Blu-ray laser issues.

I see the same thing with PS4 specs. Promises of what can be with nothing to back it up. The Vita is a great handheld full of possibility but very low on support. What assurances do we have as gamers that devs will utilize the potential either next gen system has?

I've been around for every console launch since the 70's. The cycle is always the same. Impressive specs and a tease or two about the possible future wrapped in fancy marketing terms.

NeverEnding19891703d ago


You gotta realize that SONY cares just as much about money as every other company does. Actually they probably care more about it since they've been losing so much of it lately.

The PS4 needs to pull in Xbox 360 kind of money if there's any hope of seeing a PS5 one day.

Septic1703d ago


They weren't always doing this. With the PS3 they basically tried to do what MS is purported to be doing next gen and that's focus on entertainment as a whole, not just gaming. The shift in catering for gamers really happened in the latter part of the PS3's life cycle.

This strategy works financially for the company too.

That-Guy1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )



On topic, Microsoft needs to step it up. Last few years haven't been hot and Sony's still thriving to deliver.

gaffyh1702d ago

@Death - "None of the promises of Blu-ray that benefits gamers came true".

Actually, that's not true at all, because there is nothing available on any current gen system that looks anywhere near as good as the Uncharted franchise, God of War 3 or MGS4, and a big part of that is the fact that 1, they are exclusive and can therefore utilise the system to full advantage, and 2, they haven't had to cut content due to lack of disc space.

Secondly, you can't compare a handheld with a home console in terms of support. PS4 will be supported much more than Vita. And PS4 is too close to release for the specs to change, so everything you're saying is a bit unrealistic.

mcstorm1702d ago

@gaffyh I have to disagree Gears 3, Halo 4 and Forza 4 were up there with the games you said. and Root was right sony tried to do what they did with the PS2 and Make its media becomes the most used. But MS knew that the world was looking to go down the digital root and left Sony playing catch-up in that department. For me Sony dropped the ball in a big way with the PS3 the hardware and software they used was looked at all wrong and if you look at the PS4 you can tell they noticed that and made massive changes.

Every company makes mistakes in its products but what makes ones a success of a company is the ones that take those mistakes and makes sure they don't make them again and with the PS4 it looks like they are doing this.

JoGam1702d ago


Nothing, just wanted to say ur name.

MikeMyers1702d ago


The reason things were so heated between the Xbox and Playstation community is because of how close they are to gamers. People act like Killzone 3 is so much better than Halo 4 on a technical level, same with Forza and Gran Turismo. They aren't. This isn't like a high end PC compred to the PS3 or is it like the Wii to the Xbox 360. It's much more minor. In fact the gap in technical capabilities between the original Xbox and the PS2 were higher. But the problem was the PS2 was such a dominant console that developers didn't often use that extra horsepower or the hard drive advantages. So it's awfully convenient of Sony fans to talk about how the PS3 is so much more powerful and how games were dumbed down for it because of the Xbox 360. They are already talking about how the PS4 might get dumbed down ports because the next Xbox might not be as powerful. It goes on and on between Sony fans and Xbox fans. It really is getting tiresome. If they really want the best they would be supporting the PC more in the first place.

I also have to laugh that forum analysts think Microsoft will just come out with a bunch of Kinect games on the next Xbox and perhaps a new Forza and Halo and call it a day. All this optimism for Sony but rarely for Microsoft. It's been like that from Sony fans since the original Xbox came out.

The original Xbox got Microsoft in the door in a very competitive market. Then with the Xbox 360 they took marketshare away from Sony and created parity among the two. No longer does Sony have that upper hand anymore with key franchises from 3rd party publishers that make up the bulk of each systems history. This has forced Sony to deliver more with their own internal developers. We have seen that not all of them have become success stories while we watch Sony invest lots of money and not always getting returns back.

Both the PS4 and the next Xbox will have favorable userbases to get them started. Neither really has much of an advantage over the other. The forums are not a great place to have a placeholder on how these new systems will do. You will always have your loyal fanbase in total support but that doesn't really mean much at the end of the day. A perfect example is the Vita. Great system, very loyal fanbase but the sales just aren't there to back it up.

Microsoft has taken advantage of the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer. Now it is in their best interest to gather support from all aspects of gaming. Just like how Sony is now doing and emphasizing social gaming. It's all coming full circle where we can have game systems that can appeal to all types of gamers. From AAA games like Killzone and Halo to smaller games like Journey and Fez to games like Wonderbook and Kinect Sesame Street. The hardcore gamers are just going to have to accept casual gamers. They will also have to accept social gaming. There's just too much money for both companies to simply ignore. But yes, Microsoft does need to strike a better balance. I think they needed to be very aggressive with Kinect in order to make sure they can capture that audience. The Playstation Move by comparison is a great product that had terrible support and terrible marketing. You can see Sony is still trying to push that as well. So hopefully they can get more success with it and hopefully Microsoft isn't too aggressive with Kinect going forward. It's about balance.

inveni01702d ago

Sony caters to the hardcore because that's where the LASTING money is at. Nintendo thought they could release WiiU and have it be another great console because of the Wii name, but casual gaming is a fad. Sony knows that casual gaming could disappear in an instant. (And even if it doesn't, who wants to make games that sell for $0.99 each?) But the hardcore gamer will always be there, willing to spend $500 on a console, willing to spend $60 on a game (in many cases, even before the game is released).

Their care for the gamer is not altruistic. It is a business model designed to last beyond passing fads. Even as we speak, my interest in casual games has dwindled. I haven't visited the App Store in weeks. Casual gaming just doesn't interest me anymore...and I can't be the only one.

blackbeld1702d ago


"We look at the market in worldwide terms, and every market is extremely important to us. The facts are, we debuted the PlayStation 3 at $599, which was an extremely steep price barrier for a lot of consumers. And we debuted a year after Microsoft, but on a worldwide basis, we’ve sold the same, if not more, devices. I think we’re at 77 million sold right now — it’s basically splitting hairs. Despite all that, our message has been extremely well-received around the world."

But the xbox fanboys are still in denial. LOL

Jockamo1702d ago

Nice post MikeMeyers. Insightful and fair. Personally, I think the Xbox needs to introduce something new to the market. I was honestly surprised to see how conservatively the PS4 has been developed. Yes graphics are important, but w/ dimishing appeal as years, even months pass by. I think they needed to show something that makes the PS4 more unique than the PS3. There's more to it than just appeasing a fanbase, although the more hardcore audience appreciates the attention. However, it's also about appealing to people who are not gamers. Getting people to try something new. Turning the industry on its head and taking risks. I understand Sony is in a financial position that wouldn't allow flexibility in features that perhaps Nintendo has had. Nintendo took a big risk w/ the Wii and has taken another big risk w/ the WiiU. Sony isn't taking that much of a risk, imo. Maybe that's what the market needs at the moment--who can tell. I agree w/ you, though, that a more aggressive Kinect plan must be the next step. I want to see MS on stage show something we've never seen before. Something that will make us see how games can change our perception of "video games." Personally, if they are serious about it, a room projection system would really turn the industry on its head. I know it's a lofty ideal, but I think a step needs to be taken to get people out of their tvs. Occulus Rift would also be another awesome idea. Just something that will make this next generation memorable. No more tacked on peripherals. MS needs a plan from the beginning and I think they are in a great position to take a risk.

Godmars2901702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

"@gaffyh I have to disagree Gears 3, Halo 4 and Forza 4 were up there with the games you said."

And all of those games have technical issues because the XBox used DVD. Issues which the system's fan camp denies while they insist that BR wasn't needed.

"and Root was right sony tried to do what they did with the PS2 and Make its media becomes the most used. But MS knew that the world was looking to go down the digital root and left Sony playing catch-up in that department."

Um, MS was well capable of doing exactly what Sony did with the PS2 to make the Xbox a go to media device, simply allow it to play movie DVDs, but they didn't. And because they made an early mistake which kept them from directly modding their own system the kit solution was less than an improvement. Likewise as much as may want to make MS's move to digital entertainment a thing, the fact remains that through they had Netflix first, The PS3 became the #1 platform for the service.

Whenever MS and Sony are on equal levels, Sony tends to be better, possibly because they're more concerned about their customers and audience, rather than themselves.

That's going to be the thing when MS makes their move with Xbox3: if they try to make/force rather than read a trend, go after the general consumer with a cable box you have to pay more for rather than gamers with games, they're going to fail.

Syntax-Error1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Do you people really think MS is going to show up at E3 with another Halo, Forza, and Kinect game and call it a show? Please remember that Wednesday night was not a show or an video game conference, it was Sony's press conference. THAT'S IT! Sony called a special meeting to make announcements and that was all. Why don't you sit down somewhere and wait for E3 to see what the other companies are going to release. If Sony wants to blow their load this early, that's up to them. Showing me a controller to a system that has yet to be seen doesn't get my dick hard. Hearing that Diablo III is going to be on PS3 doesn't garner a cheering section. Both systems are going to amaze everyone, so saying SONY is in the lead or what can MS bring to table is just fanboy rhetoric. Sit the hell down and wait. How the hell is Sony in full force by issuing a press conference months ahead of E3? If I announce the Iron Man movie 5 months before The Justice League movie, does it mean the Iron Man is going to be a better movie? #GROWUP

gaffyh1702d ago

@mcstorm - Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but owning and having played all of the games you mentioned, they do not look as good as the games I mentioned on PS3. Sure they look good, but Halo 4 is nowhere near the level of something like Uncharted. If you have eyes, then it's just a fact. And I'm not saying this in a fanboy way, I'm just saying that I don't think GOW3 or Uncharted could be done on 360 hardware, no matter who was developing for the system.

Which would therefore prove that the PS3 hardware was needed for these games. Which is what Death was trying to disprove.

Skip_Bayless1702d ago

International Data Corporation says 77 million PS3s as of January 2013 and 360 sales on wiki is 75.9 million on Microsoft's earnings release.

So basically this generation is a tie. The Wii doesn't count. PS4 has been annouced so officially the current gen is over. It's no longer fair to continue the console war sales because there will be less people buying the PS3 for the fact that PS4 is coming out.

Temporary1702d ago

Sony's PS3 isnt going anywhere, so this gen is still very much alive. I understand with the announcement of PS4 PS3 sales will the wayh i see it sony won this gen.

EVILDEAD3601702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

'International Data Corporation says 77 million PS3s as of January 2013 and 360 sales on wiki is 75.9 million on Microsoft's earnings release.'

Just look at the Company quarterly sales reports. Sony doesnt report the PS3 alone anymore. So they started intermingling the PS2 with the PS3 sales.

PS3 + PS2 Q4 = 6.8

70.2 end of September (previous 6 months including PS2) + 6.8m = 77m.

So like Jack said it's basically a wash, but until they seperate the sales we won't know exactly what was shipped.


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AngelicIceDiamond1703d ago

I love this Competition is good. Hopefully MS answers back soon, Lets go MS. Sony's in FULL force right now.

Cueil1703d ago

shhh... people on here don't want competition they want Sony to be the only console manufacturer

pixelsword1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

@ cueil

Not so.

No company would be as good as they are if there wasn't competition. Competition is essential for great tech and games.

unknownhero11231702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

*dances to mortal kombat music*

on that note, I want to see what microsoft has to offer. I'm wondering if the no used games and the always online rumor are true. If it was, it wouldn't surprise me and it will deter me from getting the next xbox. hell, they make you pay for a gold service for services that are free everywhere else and some demos need the gold service as well. I also hope they have a better dashboard because the current one they have is laggy as heck.

otherZinc1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Tretton's lying again:

If the PS3 were the world sales leader, That would've been said at the beginning of that conference. The Shareholders would have loved to hear that! That's what they want to hear.

In Front Of The Shareholders that were present!
That's Binding!

Dont say it in the shadows where it isn't binding.

GrandTheftZamboni1702d ago

I think you're lying. Where did Tretton say PS3 was the world sales leader?

pixelsword1702d ago

@ zinc:

I think it's too close to call.

showtimefolks1702d ago

I am with him, I like this more aggressive sony.

i want some TC commercials like Crash series where he was standing outside Nintendo offices lol

MS's execs talk all the crap yet show more crappy kinect games. so if you are gonna talk than back that up

now with all the bells and whistles of PSN for ps4 what will be the excuse for MS to charge and sony to offer free services?

ps4 is a console for gamers and developers and that's what i want

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Prodigy-X1703d ago ShowReplies(2)
Nykamari1703d ago

Did you steal that from me? I used that on YouTube last night on KZ Shadow Fall vid. Nice quote though!

LOGICWINS1703d ago

"We look at the market in worldwide terms, and every market is extremely important to us."

Good answer.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1702d ago

Well, USA is the most important out of all of them in the World... wonder why he didn't comment on sales in the USA. ;)

Interesting to see him say Xbox Trojan Horsed it's way... I seem to remember my PS3 coming with Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray... and NOT a video game for my video game console I bought. Strange that their was a Bluray player in every PS3, and then Blu ray wins the format war. Talk about Trojan Horsed in. If anything, PS3 trojan horsed blu into everyone's lives.

Also ironic, that there's a problem with all entertainment for the console now. I seem to remember a tag line Sony used to say proudly... "It only does everything"

Now of course, it's a problem that MS console is doing everything.

Sheikh Yerbouti1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Sony is feeding off the fact that MS doesn't really try to cover breadth of gamer preferences itself, leaving that to 3rd parties. Their main focus is whoring Kinect to casuals and LIVE to MP shooters.

Despite its own concerns as well as a crap economic situation (more so in Japan than US), they deliver on new IP. Sony, likely due to being a Japanese firm, knows the world culture of gaming more, or at least respects it more.

We get an Ico or Heavy Rain from a Sony, not Microsoft. Regardless of which one you like, this is a real difference between companies, and why Move is less a failure in Sony's eyes than Kinect is in Ballmer's, whose shareholders are still of a society that largely stigmatizes gaming and even fear it. It has taken a lot of earned revenue from LIVE and Halo for 360 to legitimize its position in Microsoft's portfolio. So that is all you can expect, I guess.

TrendyGamers1703d ago

As far as I remember, PS3 is outselling Xbox 360 worldwide.

1703d ago
BitbyDeath1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

EDIT: Nevermind, seems i wrote the same as the header...

omi25p1703d ago

Actually we dont know.

Microsoft release actual sales numbers where as sony only release shipped numbers.

If sony where to release sales numbers we would know.

ThatXboxGuy1703d ago

That same tired old excuse? Jesus christ lol.

MRMagoo1231703d ago

derrrrrrrrrrrrp thats all i can say about your ignorant none factual comment omi25p

MysticStrummer1703d ago

How long will people keep spouting this?

kneon1702d ago


It will go on forever, never underestimate people's stupidity, they will always prove you wrong.

Companies don't track when each unit is sold to the end user, it's considered sold when it's shipped to a retailer or distributor.

TheRealHeisenberg1702d ago

The funny thing is that the Sony fanboys used to say that Sony reported sold and MS reported shipped.

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Deku-Johnny1702d ago

And what is outselling PS3?

unknownhero11231702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

my forever alone machine aka the holodeck

(not invented yet but it will be!)

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