Grab these free iOS games

The App Store is great. It hosts thousands of games for you to download, some of the good others not so much, some are pricey, others cheap, you can even find games for free. But one of the things I enjoy most is entering the store and finding out that a game that once cost money is now free to download.

You can imagine then, my excitement, when I found out today that a handful of great games have had their prices reduced to nothing. Beginning with Plants vs Zombies and Swing King

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banjadude1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Swing King is no longer free ($0.99), but the rest are okay (still free). Thanks.

Daniel_F1888d ago

Your welcome. Sorry about Swink King though, didn't know how long it would stay free but The guys at DigiBytes have already updated the article stating that Swing King has returned to its normal price.

banjadude1887d ago

Oh, no problem at all, sir! I just thought I'd comment, in case anyone was specifically looking for that particular title.

brianunfried1887d ago

I'm enjoying "Six Guns", it's Red Dead Redemption on your phone and it's FREE.

Daniel_F1887d ago

Haven't heard of it before but I just saw the video an dit looks amazing. I'll be downloading it shortly!