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Microsoft Already Has An Answer For Sony’s Playstation 4 Cloud Features

Gary Swaby of writes: When Sony announced the Playstation 4 at yesterdays Playstation Meeting event, there’s no denying that many spectators around the world were impressed with the connectivity. It’s clear that purchasing game streaming company Gaikai was a chess move for Sony because they have been able to completely revamp the network architecture for Playstation 4, with the help of Gaikai. As demonstrated yesterday PS4 will allow gamers to stream games before they finish downloading fully as well as allowing gamers to broadcast their gaming session to their friends. They made everything look seamless with no delay, which left me with my jaw wide open in disbelief.

Now people have been casting doubts over Microsoft‘s ability to compete with this level of functionality. It’s assumed that Playstation’s purchase of Gaikai has instantly given them the upper-hand advantage over Microsoft. However people are quickly forgetting that Microsoft already have something under their sleeves, and the information has been right under our noses this whole time. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

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rbailey  +   1084d ago
Good Article and a point that no one seemed to pay attention to. E3 should be VERY interesting indeed.
fr0sty  +   1084d ago
Sony didn't just buy Gaikai and their knowledge, but also their patents. I'm sure MS will have an answer to Sony's cloud gaming plans, but I wouldn't say they are as far along as Sony is with Sony having acquired an entire company that was already up and running.
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muttley65  +   1084d ago
good comment FROSTY

im sure everyone is HYPED UP

but at the moment lets everyone take a step back and ask ourselves: has SONY prevented future hackers from hacking ps4 like ps3 was 2. will there be heatsink an reballing issues like ps3 had those are my 3 big concerns. what would be a reasonable price tag?? over 450 be to much.

this is not trolling or being funny but reality facts.

after reading the article MS is to out do sony with onlive cloud?? if that is MS Trump card then they are in for BIG surprise come this E3
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Martywren  +   1084d ago
@muttley65 no system is unhackable;)
totallysane  +   1084d ago
one thing i heard years ago still sticks with me to this day. if its electronic it CAN be hacked. the only unhackable electronic is the one thats not turned on. and I'm sure there is probably a way around that as well.
STREET x KING  +   1083d ago
Isn't Microsoft's r&d budget for cloud 8.6 billion!? And they recruited onlive employees... yup MS definitely has something up their sleeve.
trancefreak  +   1083d ago
Both consoles will be nearly the same but unique and, I am excited for both. For the power of the consoles Ps4 and Nextbox, I will let the games decide which console I play on.

I am sure both Sony and Microsoft will have had plenty of time to impress with designing their respective architectures. This last console generation was one of the longest and we now know Sony was working on the Ps4 not just hardware but the whole platform for 5 years.
Microsoft is no slouch either and having a windows 8 core OS with its capabilities both sides of the fence should be pleased with their perspective systems; If they are not dual console owners.

In short, I am just excited to get the next generation started. I will own both consoles for their exclusive content because I will enjoy both.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1084d ago
Microsoft will tell you what they intend to do with Cloud gaming ... they may even have a target mock up or two, similar to Milo on the Kinect.

On the other hand, Sony will SHOW you what they're DOING with cloud gaming and have ACTUAL demos, similar to Sorcery on the MOVE.

Anyone going to mention 'copying' here? ... no? I must have hidden the irony in those sentences too well.

Mike, your there again? I don't follow you about do I. In fact, I don't follow anyone about. And are you just going to comment on my posts when you consider them negative or are you going to extend to other posts?
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MikeMyers  +   1084d ago | Well said
"Sony will SHOW you what they DOING with cloud gaming and have ACTUAL demos"

Will they be showing it on actual hardware this time?

You see, anyone can make a sarcastic comment and give little jabs here and there but you know who should be doing that? Sony and Microsoft, not gamers.

At E3 prior to the release of the PS3 Sony showed a bunch of CGI trailers and Sorcery was delayed and fell flat after it came out, and now you want to mock Microsoft?

I don't understand you guys, you whine about how the media treats Sony, you whine about trolls and all the negativity, yet the first chance you get you're right on the attack being complete advocates for Sony's marketing campaign.


Whatever they do they know they have an uphill battle now. Sony has eliminated the key areas that Microsoft had over them. The PS4 will have a very quick start up time. No more waiting and waiting just to play a game. With Gaikai they are serious about having a great online presence, something Xbox Live was known for. The PS4 also sounds like a developers wish list so no more inferior ports.

Now the focus will be on Microsoft to show how serious they are about actual gaming and not apps and securing partnership deals.


If you're going to be out here in public then you should expect people to call you out if it's justified. It's your job to defend your position, not to deflect.
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LOGICWINS  +   1084d ago
Well, we don't know what MS has up their sleeves. Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure they know it has to be big. I'm thinking they're gunna make a deal with Steam. It's the only reasonable move I can think of that would make the 720 stand out from other consoles. In fact, I'm going as far as to say that Microsoft will buy Valve. Thus, the 720 and the Steambox will be the SAME thing.

@MikeMyers- I'm really excited to see what Microsoft can do when they're backed into a corner. They've never had this much pressure on them before.
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CyberCam  +   1084d ago
Gabe has been quoted as saying that he will never sell out to a big corp. He would rather have the company fail than to sell out and be let go in 3 years! That's what usually happens when a company is bought out.

Apparently quite a few companies have tried purchasing Valve before.
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LOGICWINS  +   1084d ago
^^He also said in an interview with Geoff Keighly that Valve had nothing in the pipeline for the PS3. A few months later, he was presenting at Sony's E3 press conference to announce Portal 2.
pixelsword  +   1084d ago
They got 99 problems but a cloud ain't one.
greenpowerz  +   1084d ago
Sony will show us PS4 features and services in depth like they showed PS4 hardware at its very reveal? ;)
Sony purchasing that company shows the opposite of what you're saying.

Sony knows MSFT has been working on this concept for years hense Sony buying that company as a short cut.

you didn't notice that the PS4 sounded like a Xbox 360? But beefed up! PS4 is everything the Xbox 360 is now and the Xbox720 is/was rumored to be(yet no PS4 console because of a recent change of specs reacting to MSFT rumblings)

PS4 doesn't exist It's just concept and idea's thrown together from its competitors. That is why its grand reveal boasted specs but showed little evidence of it existing. No live demos of boasted features and services, no live demo of hardware just PC running everything with Target PS4 specs.

I just hope Sony is being straight up with you guys this time from console launch date(s) to console capabilities.
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Gorilla_Killa_X  +   1084d ago
@ greenpowerz

Lol. Conspiracy theory much.
frelyler  +   1084d ago

Steam will never ever be bought by MS. Steam is the antithesis to MS's business model. On it's own Valve is a billion dollar company, they don't need to sell and Gabe Newell has publicly said MS has too many restrictions. It would be cool, but the business models are complete opposites and MS loves having things locked down and under their direct control.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1083d ago
@ greenpowerz

LOL Conspiracy Keanu! Your little tirade across several articles is convincing no-one. Not because Sony fans populate here, but because you're talking crap about stuff that only comes across as bitter and twisted, instead of showing hope for what was a positive showing. Most normal people can see that Sony has accepted the mistakes of their PS3 decisions to build what is, yes, a supercharged PC, but a console that is a developer's dream - thus should have gamers very excited indeed.

Quite simply, you can't deal with the fact that Sony has been getting positive reactions from not only press and gamers, but developers have come out to praise and acknowledge the direction Sony is going in. And now that arguments like "hard to program for", "inferior multiplatform ports", "inadequate online" are things of the past you're desperately clinging on to the hope that Microsoft will have the upper hand like this did this generation. The fact is, Microsoft were given that opportunity by Sony's lack of foresight this generation, and that mistake won't be repeated.

"PS4 doesn't exist It's just concept and idea's thrown together from its competitors"

What this is is a theory thrown together by you. It's basically throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks - but as we all knows the proof is in the pudding and like with so many of these premature Xbox/media arguments - you're proven wrong time and time again, and once PS4 comes out with all these fully functional games and features that gamers will be talking about, you will be eating crow for another generation running.

I find that funny, because whether you're trolling or not, you're convincing no-one that you're right, because even Xbox fans are taking notice of Sony's positive re-direction.

And PS4 is taken from competitors? So instant streaming is a competitor's idea? Which competitor is that then? Which other of Sony's competitors will allow you to jump into a friend's game and take over from them? Which other company allows instant gameplay uploads and sharing? I guess Kinect was the first of its kind... or I guess that they were inspired by the concept of the EyeToy. Not quite sure there. Or maybe the "entertainment hub" was Microsoft's idea, or maybe Sony had focused on that in the early days of this generation, whilst Microsoft lapped up that in the Xbox 360's latter days.

Do you not think that Sony buying a company to ensure a positive direction for their ambitions is the same thing as Microsoft buying a company to focus too many of their resources on casual motion-control based fluff that they also think is a positive direction for their ambitions? Double standards are very, very easy to spot mate.

I really don't know where you're getting this crap from, but it's definitely making me laugh. How does a console based on 5 years of hardware R&D, that developers are excited about based on development experience,, not exist??
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Ju  +   1083d ago
@Green. You are really trying harder and harder each round, aren't you? You'll see metal early enough, trust me ;)
ABizzel1  +   1084d ago
"Microsoft held an event in which they invited all the former OnLive employees. This lead to Microsoft recruiting the majority of OnLive’s previous employers. In my eyes this is confirmation that Microsoft aims to completely outdo Sony when it comes to cloud gaming."

Gaikai was better than Onlive to begin with. It uses a better method of streaming the games allowing gamers to have much better connections, faster streaming, better graphics, better video compression, and better effects.

The only advantage Onlive had was playing games at 60fps (which was nice), but Gaikai is still more responsive, has less input lag, and suffers huge graphical downgrades (as in below PS360 levels).

Gakai has some work to do before streaming is a solid source for gaming. They need more servers, a way to reduce input lag, and more powerful hardware to boost game quality up to 1080p @ 60fps based on current PC standards. The first and last easy to do, and input lag should go down as more servers become available.

OnLive; however, has some serious work arounds they need to get done. Lag input, image quality, more servers, better hardware, and the fact they had to basically rebuild their team after going bankrupt. Both need work, but OnLive needs a lot of work.
darx  +   1084d ago
Of course it's better it's Sony. /s Now cloud gaming is awesome /s
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delboy  +   1084d ago
agree with darx

Onlive and Gaikai where on pc first, and everyone was like, ah it's shit, has input lag, bad picture quality and so on.
But when Sony shows streaming games,and now suddenly it's great and wow.
WiiU brings perfect offscreen gameplay without any lag and people say it's shit.
But when Sony shows offscreen like gameplay with Vita which is full of lag and worse in any aspect compared to wiiu it's great, It's Sony so it must be great even if it's not.
ABizzel1  +   1084d ago
I really don't know where you two are coming from.
Saigon  +   1084d ago

No offense but that is BS...I see what @ABizzel1 was trying to say. Pretty much with the addition of Sony, the streaming should improve a great deal, not because of Sony itself, but because they will have the financial backing to improve what is needed to stream at full capacity. This will be the same situation with MS when they launch their streaming Live service with the neXt Box. If all of the streaming companies out there had the financial backing of big companies, streaming gaming would be more successful
ABizzel1  +   1084d ago

I don't see how you got that from them, but even what you said wasn't exactly what I meant.

Yes with bigger companies backing them streaming will be better.

But Gaikai was already better than OnLive before Sony or MS even thought about buying them. Gaikai offered better graphics, less lag input, faster streaming, and better video compression than OnLive when both companies were on their own.

OnLive's best selling point was it ran at 60fps.

Now this is where your comment comes into play. With more support it's going to be easier for Gaikai to get their service up to a premium standard (720p / 1080p, 60fps, max 150ms lag, low powered ISP connection capable) than OnLive.

That's because Gaikai has been at work this entire time, while OnLive had to go through a foreclosure, Bankruptcy, negotiations with MS, and get a team strategy to combine what they had and what MS has into one smooth experience.
Urusernamesucks  +   1084d ago
There both frogotten shit but the fact that onlive can run at 60 fps is impressive.
darthv72  +   1084d ago
let me ask you this. Would it not be safe to assume that with MS streaming tech, the potential for onlive would also be a better service?

MS and their silverlight for video streaming over live is significantly better than what they offered before.

They have the financial backing to take the onlive approach and make it better just as sony would do to take gaikai and make it better.

When the two were on PC they were essentially themselves. having to make compromises to their delivery to achieve the same result of streaming pc games over the web. Each one had a slightly different approach but still.

Now if both get full backing from companies that are serious about such a direction then it stands to reason that the imperfections both displayed would become less of an issue.

This is all speculation anyways. Onlive was always the rumored buyout rival for gaikai when gaikai was bought out. Its only natural to try and associate the two in such a way.
Ju  +   1083d ago
Well, Gaikai as we know it doesn't exist any more. They have been integrated into Sony.

MS hiring OnLive personal does not change the fact that they might have bought some talent but no IP (and no whitepapers or technology in that respect). MS will have to start from scratch.

Gaikai will become the Playstation Cloud. I would not hold my breath waiting they'd stream anything else than PlayStation games, and I also would think, this might be the same as PlayStation Mobile; a little bit of a step child without a focus.

The second part where Gaikai will become available immediately is the new PlayStation Network. I also think, the "Gaikai" branch in Sony will most likely build Sony's new Network infrastructure. But now with Sony's backing and PlayStation focus.
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ABizzel1  +   1083d ago

Yes, it's just they have more work to do than Sony does with Gaikai.

Sony is replacing PSN, MS is likely trying to figure out how to evolve XBL with this service.

With the right backing both should be able to get their services up to a solid standard, but I have a bit more faith in SOny and Gaikai, because Gaikai was nearly there bach when it was a standalone service. Online had a ways to go.
CyberCam  +   1084d ago
The biggest problem MS have is that although they have the OnLive ex-employees, OnLive's technology is patent and can't be used without paying licensing fees to the OnLive creators. They will have to create something simular but can't encrouch on OnLive's patent!

MS still have to create their own technology and that will take some time to get right!
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JeffGUNZ  +   1084d ago
How do you know Microsoft doesn't have it up and running and hired the staff of onlive to work on and bring enhancements to?
CyberCam  +   1084d ago
We'll have to wait and see, won't we? I'm just going by the Sony/Gaikai situation. Sony mentioned that it would take time for them to roll out the projected cloud features, and that's with an establish technology. MS's technology hasn't been implemented nor proven yet.
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Ju  +   1083d ago
The "Cloud" Sony mentioned is a long term project. It will not happen any time soon. They will use the PS4 to build a high performance networking infrastructure first. I would even go so far to say, it might never come. It is a wait and see situation for Sony. It can take years to build this network - we are talking about a global high speed network to reach the majority of their audience so they can play their games. Right now, selling (projected) 100Million thin clients (the PS4) is the immediate goal - and what is possible today. But depending where we are heading with internet technology and market development, I could imagine, a PS5 could be a server side installation - byt that time everything might be up and running - and the PS4 woud be a great client which by that time will be installed in million house holds. But that is more a vision than a plan. Too many unknowns. - IMO
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1084d ago
This is not a surprise.1st party game wise I think they will fall behind sony. Media features is a no brainer for MS.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1084d ago
You and 100 of others will be proved wrong come MS E3 or whenever MS decides to show the new console.

Playing the waiting game. I can't wait to prove you fanboys wrong.
MysticStrummer  +   1084d ago
This is what matters to me. The new features Sony showed were cool and all but I imagine most of that will require a PS+ subscription so I probably won't be using that stuff. Exclusive games are what it's all about for me when I choose a console. I'm not interested in buying games for more than one platform so I go with the one that has the exclusives I want to play. For some that would be Microsoft. For some that would be Nintendo. For me that's Sony and there's no contest.
joab777  +   1084d ago
In the end, we will see that they both are as similar as they are now. And games will be ported to the lesser quality. So, the only thing that will matter is price, online price and exclusivity, which ironically is what separates them now. And go figure, they are similar in units sold too. I think they know that it works in both their favors to compete against one another...fanboy vs. fanboy. This way the industry is happy and both of them are successful, happy and making money. I dont think it would b good for either if the other went under. Also, together, they can hold off valve and dictate software made, keeping pc gaming to a minimum. They were never corporate spies because they talked with one another the whole time. This is my conspiracy theory.
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nukeitall  +   1084d ago
Of my personal experience with Gakai and OnLive, I want very little to do with it.

It's one of those things that sounds great, but in actual use is laggy and has compression artifacts all over the place. It's like playing a bad mpeg movie in high resolution outlining the problems even more.

Cloud strategy should not be about streaming video game feed, because it works like crap even on my super fast fiber optics internet connection.

I think gamers will be disappointed when they actually get to use "streaming cloud gaming" in their home and that is why Gakai was sold and why OnLive failed. We just aren't there yet, and likely won't ever be, because the graphical leap will hit a limit where people no longer care and that hardware will be super cheap negating the whole streaming cloud gaming.

I hope MS just embedds the whole damn chip in the next Xbox for BC. I will even pay a little extra for that.
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SatanSki  +   1084d ago
Yep, i cant imagine playing streammed games. They look and play like crap.
showtimefolks  +   1084d ago
E3 should be a lot of fun

more competition means better content for gamers. with all these announcements and upcoming announcements surrounding ps4 and next xbox i think wiiu will be a forgotten device

even at E3 everything will be about sony and ms so nintendo really has to bring their A+ game
doctorstrange  +   1084d ago
The difference is Sony bought Gaikai as a whole, meaning they bought the whole architecture that Gaikai spent years on. With OnLive hires, they don't get any of that and have to start ground up.
maniacmayhem  +   1084d ago
You really think that what you mentioned is some kind of hurdle for a giant software/hardware company like MS? You'd be fooling yourself if you think that MS couldn't match or exceed what Sony has with their cloud service.
Dragos75  +   1084d ago
People tend to forget MS has been pushing cloud for years now. Even when sony was pushing BR disc MS was saying that cloud was the future. It was a smart move buying Gaikai. It probably saved them tons of money but then again it will cost them tons to get the thing up and running the way they want. I bet MS is one step ahead of them in this.
mistertwoturbo  +   1084d ago
You'd be fooling yourself to think even Microsoft can magically pull a streaming cloud service out of their @$$.

It is some complex stuff to implement. Why do you think OnLive failed in the first place?

1. It's hard.
2. It's hard.
3. It IS HARD.

If it was so easy, we'd see more companies do it. But what did we have? Gaikai and OnLive, with the latter failing.
maniacmayhem  +   1084d ago

"You'd be fooling yourself to think even Microsoft can magically pull a streaming cloud service out of their @$$. "

MS already have a cloud service, in case you missed their Windows8/laptop commercials where they promote their cloud.

Are you really comparing start up companies to MS who have already established a well cemented foothold in the technology field? You think MS can't pull it off because it's hard, hard, HARD and yet OnLive and Gaikai could but couldn't maintain only because of lack of services, profit and money. Both of which MS has ample of?

As the article stated MS has employed a number of people from OnLive who already have the knowledge and experience of how a cloud gaming service works and functions. That and MS's own computer scientists, you really, actually believe it's too hard for MS?

I think you're the one who's fooling yourself.
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Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1083d ago
For one he said STREAMING cloud service...suggesting the additional functionality that makes GAIKAI different from Amazon or DropBox.

Patents will be another barrier, like others are saying.

Don't put too much faith in a company that thought a software solution would fix RROD. Just saying...
rpd123  +   1084d ago
That might actually be better. You build the system from the ground up for the console, not the other way around. Either way, it seems that both companies will have cloud gaming next gen.
dafegamer  +   1084d ago
wasnt gaikai a stronger company than onlive overall?
Studio-YaMi  +   1084d ago
People "tend" to forget that fact,ignore them ! xD
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JeffGUNZ  +   1084d ago
Microsoft didn't buy onlive, they hired a group of their employees who are probably tasked to running and maintaining their OWN cloud service. MS already has cloud service with Windows 8/Tablets/Windows phone. You think they don't have something ready for the next gen????
majorw2  +   1084d ago
Having a 'Cloud' to copy office files to is quite different than a 'Cloud' to stream games running on central servers.

MS has not been a part of the 'Cloud Gaming' field until they hired some left-over OnLive employees.
Venomousfatman  +   1084d ago
Now I bet you a lot of the next console war is the war for Streaming Retail Games. Which company can deliver the best and seamless service around. Going to be crazy over the next few years once these new consoles are out in the market.
Qrphe  +   1084d ago
Sorry, I replied to the wrong person.
#4.1 (Edited 1084d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MadMen  +   1084d ago
MS is a software company first, no doubt they are more than ready and already years ahead in planning on this for Xbox.
Qrphe  +   1084d ago
The same could be said for Gaikai since it had been working for years on this stuff exclusively.

But you're right, Microsoft, as a large corporation, has been researching this for years just like many other projects that we have no idea they've been working on.
Hated Greatness  +   1084d ago
The Onlive Hires for Microsoft can be a HUGE advantage for them, especially when combined with their well-known software prowess. E3 will be interesting indeed.
stage88  +   1084d ago
It's obvious the MS will have a cloud service to compete but I doubt it will be as good as Sony's. Sony didn't just buy Gaikai service, they bought expertise, architecture and an established cloud gaming company's patents.
JeffGUNZ  +   1084d ago
That means nothing. They hired ex-onlive employees, they didn't buy onlive. Microsoft has been working on their own cloud services when Sony was pushing BR. These employees are perfect hires as they are already familiar with cloud services in gaming. Sony diehards need to stop making assumptions about the nextbox and wait for it to be shown.
Kyur4ThePain  +   1084d ago
"something under their sleeves"

I'm sorry, but I can't take you seriously if you use that phrase.
plaZeHD  +   1084d ago
interesting article
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1084d ago
I remember onlive lol.
isarai  +   1084d ago
That's cool and all, but has anyone tried Onlive compared to Gaikai? no diss to MS but Onlive was shit compared to gaikai, better library but service was unacceptable in comparison
GoldenMonkey34   1084d ago | Spam
turnerdc  +   1083d ago
Playing OnLive right now on my microconsole. I've always found the service to perform great! Gaikai did have overall better visual quality but the FPS was capped at 30 FPS while all OnLive games run at 60 FPS. This overall, I believe, leads to a better experience on OnLive. Also, Gaikai only did demos on a PC. OnLive is pretty much an entire platform. Games can be bought, multiplayer can be played, an app is available for Android, a console is available to hook up to your TV, it can be played on your PC through the browser or through the OnLive client, it has it's own unique controller, it has a unique system UI. Additionally it has many community features; a profile (much like a gamertag), friends lists, messaging system, achievements, points (much like gamerscore) voice chat, and party chat among other things. Many of the features Gaikai are implementing onto the PS4 seem to be lifted straight from OnLive with features like live spectating, live commenting, recording gameplay, and automatic uploading gameplay having been a standard on OnLive since launch over 2 years ago. Gaikai was a good service but it was EXTREMELY limited in scope and what it could actually do when compared to OnLive.
#11.2 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
isarai  +   1083d ago
All of that is cool but when the quality looks like a compressed youtube video in 240p, and the latency makes it hard to aim/react, it kinda breaks the main part of the whole service
turnerdc  +   1083d ago
That's unfortunate that you had a bad experience with OnLive but I assure you that your experience is not a universal one. Playing on my laptop and on my TV it looks like a 720p YouTube video (the content is streamed at 720p). Granted there is some artifacting and fast movement does tend to experience some blurring but, for me, the overall visual quality has been great. There is a VERY slight delay when compared to playing on a console for me but it's not a game breaker. If it looked and performed as bad as you say it did then I think there there are probably other factors at play. Your internet speed might not be fast enough (5 Mbps recommended), there might have been a firewall or some router interference, or you might have been just located too far away from their closest server. I've put in 719 total hours (according to my OnLive account) on OnLive and have completed many games on the service and the performance has been great!
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Dragos75  +   1084d ago
I have no doubt MS already is ahead of sony in this area. Sony already revealed that Gaikai will be revealed in stages so I don't expect their cloud service to be up and running for a while. MS has the resources, the R&D and the technical advantage here. If this were another area I would say sony will beat them but this is just one of those areas where sony just can't outdo MS. I'm thinking Gaikai may not be 100% til maybe next year.
Jek_Porkins  +   1084d ago
It was clear from the minute that Microsoft didn't buy OnLive that they had a plan in place already. The leaked Microsoft documents mentions gaming from the cloud on any mobile device. They are a freaking computer software company, of course they have something planned.
majiebeast  +   1084d ago
Onlive sucked balls no stable framerate,lag and it ran on low graphics settings.

Gaikai vs Onlive by Eurogamer
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BLow  +   1084d ago
Well, this is a competition and I expect MS to counter this especially since Sony just showed their cards in that aspect. But one thing I do remember though is how MS wanted a strong push for digital retail games this gen and Sony actually excelled in that department as far as titles available. I could be wrong so correct if I am. So this will be something else for fanboys to fight about. Gloves are coming off next gen...This is like the old Nintendo vs Sega days. It's gonna get good people.
Raider69  +   1084d ago
Its fact that M$ can not be rule out just yet,they havent show us there cards.But its also a fact that Sony is a step or two ahead of M$ because they already start building the hype that gamers were expecting.Just by showing the PS4 specs and the commitement that gaming is the priority for the PS4 Sony already score a lot of points that will be very difficult to M$ to take from them.
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TheOneEyedHound  +   1084d ago
I doubt it's as good as Sony's.
GraveLord  +   1084d ago
Sorry but Microsoft has nothing on the level of Gaikai "up their sleeve". Even the tech that's already out there like OnLive is flopping miserably. It is a damaged brand and its not even worth being purchased by Microsoft.
Dragos75  +   1084d ago
When they get both of these services up we can debate. Until then all this talk about which is better is nonsense. Lets not forget this is not a strong area for sony. They have the content but getting it to stream flawlessly won't be so easy. Same with MS but they have plenty of money and that's something sony doesn't have.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   1084d ago
Lol, I know Sony hasn't turned a profit in a while but to say they Don't have money is wrong Sony. Sony has 12.2 billion $ in the bank as of 2012.
Otherwise all your points are valid but the patents to the technologies for cloud gaming belong to Gakai and the company that bought Onlive for 6mil USD last year.
clintagious650  +   1084d ago
I wouldnt worry about ms in this area because ms knows what to do in this area of the nextbox but i am worried about the way they support their core base with games because with what we have learned in not just this year but also last year & the year before with no new core ip's. That alone shows me they arent committed to all their fanbase but favors whichever area brings in the most money. This is the reason i will hold out on buying their system at launch until they show they can be consistent with what i care most about & thats new ip's. Not best features just new exclusive games.
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despair  +   1084d ago
Recruiting former onlive employees is a far cry from acquiring a full fledged cloud company with record setting tech.
Energy-HL  +   1084d ago
And before you disagree with this guy I suggest you pick up a copy of the Guinness book of records ;)
darx  +   1084d ago
Not yet sold on cloud gaming. I prefer the way Steam works. I wish you could access Steam from the PS4.
Energy-HL  +   1084d ago
Steam is just digital distribution but in a community, Im a fan of t personally but there is no reason why PS4 wont have something similar along side online streaming.
Energy-HL  +   1084d ago
darx  +   1084d ago
That would be nice if so. But curious to see if they have the sales.
Energy-HL  +   1084d ago
All about steam deals as well!
despair  +   1084d ago
I love steam but not a huge fan of cloud either, mostly because I usually have a crappy net connection with unreliable service.
BuffMordecai  +   1084d ago
For the low' low price of $50, you can use our cloud features, but only if you are already a Xbox live subscriber.
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Kingthrash360  +   1084d ago
Good times....I love being a gamer most at times like this. New systems new games and The mystery of what will come at E3. Forget all the xbox this, sony that bs. This is a great time to sit back a watch gaminig evolve before our eyes..
cyhm3112  +   1084d ago
It is very funny some people in this thread think that Microsoft is really that unbeatable which is clearly not true.
JeffGUNZ  +   1084d ago
Compared to the 99% of the people in this article who think sonys cloud service is superior to a cvloud service which has not been revealed on a console which has not been revealed. Give me a break, this site is full of Sony fanboys.
objdadon  +   1084d ago
If Microsoft charges one red cent for me to play online they can kiss my ass goodbye!
kingPoS  +   1084d ago
Some people have known the Gaikai service to be great. But who's to say Sony won't improve on it in unexpected ways. Remote play and Gaikai's functionality also happens to share a lot similarities. What if it could offer more than just games.

As they say in Dragon Ball Z... Fusion!!
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ALLWRONG  +   1084d ago
MS has been working on the cloud from day 1. MS is one of the first to invest in cloud. Sony bought Gaikai at the last minute while MS has had a head start.
majorw2  +   1084d ago
Having a 'Cloud' to copy office files to is quite different than a 'Cloud' to stream games running on central servers.

MS has not been a part of the 'Cloud Gaming' field until they hired some left-over OnLive employees.
SOULJER  +   1084d ago
I got it. Onlive is the x-box new secret sauce. Wait. Tickle my nut sack, it's the new kinect. No. WAIT. I know it's the new live its free. Yes that's the ticket.
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