Infamous Second Son - What we know and what we want

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alousow1916d ago

that was just an warm wait until naughty dog and santa monica show us what they got.

smashcrashbash1916d ago

I like his Nightcrawler like powers.Kind of remind me of Nix's powers though. Hmmmmmm... *looks at Cole* Nah!! Can't be.

animegamingnerd1916d ago

i want to know if its a continuation of the already existing infamous universe or a new world entirely

Riderz13371916d ago

It takes place 7 years after the events that occurred in inFamous 2. The government is more locked down (DUP is what they are called) because they want to make sure that another event like the one in inFamous 2 doesn't occur. The main character is Cole's younger brother.

animegamingnerd1916d ago

can you give me a link to where you found out that?

lashes2ashes1916d ago

They have not said anything about him being Coles brother.

Riderz13371916d ago

@Lashes2ashes, In one of the inFamous 2 missions Cole mentions he has a younger brother. Now since it's been 7 years I would assume this "younger" brother has grown up and the character in Second Son looks to be in his 20's. Also the title of the game sort of gives it away. "Second Son". Cole was probably the first.

Riderz13371916d ago

PS Blog - it's by one of the founders of Sucker Punch Studios,

Fred41441916d ago

He cant be cole's younger brother....his name is Delsin Rowe unless he changed his name from McGrath which is possible if he was trying to hide from the DUP. His abilities are simular to Nix's but it is fire he can control...its smoke....he has the ability to "manipulate, control and even turn into smoke"

I am so buying a playstaion 4 just for this game :P