PS4 Supports Move, Doesn't Support DualShock 3

IGN - Today during a roundtable discussion with the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, news about the role of PlayStation 3’s two controllers – DualShock 3 and PlayStation Move – were revealed in terms of their functionality with PlayStation 4.

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NeverEnding19891612d ago ShowReplies(9)
Godmars2901612d ago

And the PS3 doesn't support Duelshock 2 just like you can't use the PS1's controller on the PS2.


Qrphe1612d ago


Controller layout is basically the same anyway.

thatsBangin1612d ago

yea exactly. next it'll be the ps4 doesn't support ps1 controller

Reverent1612d ago

Omg no way! I'm totally not buying a PS4 now!


Ducky1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

err... you can use PS1 controllers on a PS2.

I think the PS2 controllers also work on a PS3 if you have an adapter.

Considering that there's no adapter to worry about with PS3/PS4 controller, it is a bit surprising if the PS3 controllers don't work for PS4.

badz1491612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

damn double post and I only have 2 bubbles!!

badz1491612d ago

yes, you can use the adapter but that doesn't mean the PS3 supports DS2 natively. with the adapter, it will be treated just like any other "USB" controller where there will be no SIXAXIS function and most importantly no rumble!

Gaming_Guru1612d ago

What is the point when all the controllers are virtually the same?

Just_The_Truth1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

You had to plug the ps2 controller in but the DS3 uses Bluetooth. There's no reason why it should work with the ps4 besides they want you to buy the new one. I don't mind too much but I don't like the new design.

Kingthrash3601612d ago

Thank you, you mind reader! The article writer's an idiot... the bigger the site the bigger the nit picks and complaints...

1612d ago
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TrevorPhillips1612d ago

doesn't really bother me to be honest, PS4 controller looks awesome anyways =]

Tr10wn1612d ago

Well if what they said its true that they fix the triggers ya, i like the look of the new controller and if there is something i didnt like from the PS3 was the triggers of the controllers.

Number-Nine1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

not surprising. you could never really use the DS1 on the ps2, the DS2 on the ps3 and now the DS3 on the ps4.

new system, new features, new controllers.

ExCest1612d ago

Awww, now I'll have 2 relatively worthless controllers sitting around. It makes sense though, since it doesn't have the same layout/tech as the new controller. But, still a shame.

Sevir1612d ago

Lol. That's hysterical

ExCest1612d ago

No but I'm pretty sure I won't be using it as much. Or at all, possibly (once all my games are done).

YoungKingDoran1612d ago

Meh, my ps3 is going in the loungeroom.
It wont be forgotten.

Irishguy951610d ago

Still loads of PS3 games coming out though

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