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Submitted by Tolkoto 1083d ago | opinion piece

The biggest PlayStation 4 disappointments

GamesBeat: We should probably be excited that we’re getting a new, powerful system with a bunch of pretty looking games, but it’s far more fun to complain. And Sony’s unveiling of the PlayStation 4, a two-hour long display of hardware specs and game trailers, gave us plenty to moan about. Whether it was the absence of an expected title or an underwhelming announcement, the event had its share of disappointments. (Diablo III, PS4, Sony, The Last Guardian)

midnightambler  +   1083d ago
I still can't believe they didn't show the console.

Not sure they have even made it yet, tbh.
Sadie2100  +   1083d ago
Ha, that'd be hilarious. Sony's all like, "OK, now we seriously need to make this thing. Everyone thinks it's real now."
e-p-ayeaH  +   1083d ago
Its just plastic really the specs already were revealed and we got a controller and some nice looking games.

E3 will give more definite answers about everything there is to know about the PS4.
MikeMyers  +   1083d ago
Why show your whole hand early? I think this event showed more than what many expected. I expect all the details at E3, including pricing.
plaZeHD  +   1083d ago
Saving for E3.
My God you people are getting seriously annoying.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1083d ago
Disappointments?!!! Really?!! It's not even here and only been 24hrs since the reveal and we have "disappointment" articles already. Goes to show you that you can't satisfy anyone these days.
Scrupuless  +   1083d ago
Although I am a Sony supporter, especially in respect to gaming consoles. I see absolutely nothing wrong with people being disappointed or for that matter taking the time to write their quibbles up for us to deliberate over. You see, not everyone shares your mind set, and it can be healthy to study another point of view on any topic, new or old. By the way, you could never, have never, and will never satisfy every one.
OmegaSlayer  +   1083d ago
I don't give a damm about how it will look like.
Don't understand the buzz.

About Diablo 3.
It's not important about the game, it's important that Blizzard is starting to give support.
Same message given with Destiny, showing a developer that worked exclusively for Microsoft.
And same with The Witness/Jonathan Blow in regard of indie development.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1083d ago
No backward compatibility is my big disappointment i was planing to sell my ps3 to get some cash back but right now only time will tell.

I wanna play watch dogs man that looks dope but it will have to wait because i want The Last of Us and other PS3 titles before getting a PS4.
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ApolloTheBoss  +   1083d ago
Watch dogs is on PS3 too.
eferreira  +   1083d ago
Why is BC such an issue. I have a bc ps3 and don't even use it. Same goes for my 360 and wii u. I just keep my old console. I'm a collector so that's probably why I don't care.
Elem187  +   1083d ago
I wasn't impressed with the PS4 reveal either... Looks like I'm sticking with PC/Wii U this gen.
Bathyj  +   1083d ago
"We should probably be excited that we’re getting a new, powerful system with a bunch of pretty looking games, but it’s far more fun to complain."

Well at least they're honest. Douches, but honest.
Elem187  +   1083d ago
After fangirls of Sony were for months hyping the PS4 to blow the doors off PC gaming.. and then the reveal it was like an imponent old man blowing its load in a puff of dust "There she blowsssss"

Sorry not even in the least bit impressed... Maybe Microsoft will have something better to show us... Judging by the demos Sony showed us, if this is really "nextgen" then PC's have been doing "Nextgen" for several years now.

by the time the Sony/Microsoft twins launch, PC games will be looking towards Gen 9, while the consoles will be stuck in gen 8.
MasterCornholio  +   1082d ago
"After fangirls of Sony were for months hyping the PS4 to blow the doors off PC gaming"

They were hyping that it would destroy the Wii U in terms of graphics and they were right.

" Maybe Microsoft will have something better to show us"

With slow ram, inferior GPU and a heavy OS the 720 wont be more powerful than the PS3 but it will be geared towards services and Kinect if thats what you mean by better.

"by the time the Sony/Microsoft twins launch, PC games will be looking towards Gen 9, while the consoles will be stuck in gen 8."

Well what do you want them to do? Release a console that costs over 2000€. Im truly sorry but your being extremely irrational at this point.
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OmegaWolf  +   1083d ago
Are there armies of Xbox/PC drones behind the scenes of this site working together to spam anti-Sony articles? FML....I am seriously getting tired of this site.
SybaRat  +   1083d ago

That about cover it? Yes, I think that about covers it.
cedaridge  +   1083d ago
There was no disappointment's. After so much rumor's regarding Sony's feb 20th meeting they announce the PS4. Now what's disappointing about that?
Deeloc  +   1082d ago
The only disappointment was square enix and they b***s**t.everything else was on point.
Fullmetalevolust  +   1083d ago
Ok, no, Sony has not disappointed yet, we just have heard words of the damn thing, let it prosper and allow E3 to happen. Geez, talk about jumping to conclusions.
I am DAMN excited and no silly doom n gloom article will bring me down.
PhillipSantanaMusic  +   1083d ago
"alot more fun to complain"

wtf is that? idgaf what itlll look like, when its released im on it, Vita in hand!

i wAsnt disapointed at all, sony has never failed me so im good.
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kcuthbertson  +   1083d ago
While I'm stoked for the PS4 (and I'm mainly a PC gamer mind you,) I feel like Knack was a terrible game to show first. That is something definitely marketed towards the kids who play Skylander's. No one watching that live stream gave two shits about that game...I mean, I LOVE Playstation, I've had every PS console to date, but that was just incredibly lame. The other announcements were pretty exciting though.
Elem187  +   1083d ago
I thought the first person shooters were yawn worthy.

Maybe coming from a PC background I have over 20 years of playing shooters... I'm just not impressed by console games (90%+ are shooters) ... The genre needs to be laid to rest.

I guess because I was playing shooters back when console gamers were arguing how great Sonic the hedgehog looked on the Sega Genesis.... takes a lot to impress me.

Looks like I'll stick with PC gaming for eye candy and my Wii U for gameplay innovation this gen.
BitbyDeath  +   1083d ago
Biggest disappointment for me was DriveClub.
Sure it looks like a great game but I was really hoping for a new Motorstorm :-(
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Tr10wn  +   1083d ago
wow...... biggest disappointment for me was killzone because i was expecting a cod game...... dat logic haha

Because you were expecting another game automatically DriveClub is a disappointment lol, dude is a totally difference game from Motorstorm is aimed for a more arcade and boom-boom audience while DriveClub is aimed for those who love actual cars you know like real cars and a more mature audience, DriveClub was the best looking game on the show and probably the best PS4 exclusive of the show, the best game on the show for me was Watch Dogs hands down.
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BitbyDeath  +   1083d ago
Should clarify, DriveClub is made by the guys who make Motorstorm, so it is unlikely we will be getting a new Motorstorm for at least 2-3 years. (If even then)

Hence the disappointment.
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2pacalypsenow  +   1083d ago
Here we go well that lasted a day , people are idiots this isnt e3 they save the best for e3 , this was just a small portion
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listenkids  +   1083d ago
No disappointments for me, they weren't obligated to show a console, 99.9% of people expected minimal showcasing and a short conference. It was long, detailed and full of interesting facts and games. The social features are fantastic, if you don't want them, don't use them. As for the games;

Knack isn't just for kids, I'm sure if it was Crash you'd say something different ( same style )
Killzone stunned, taking on board the "grey" comments and giving a lush sci fi world for us to wreck havoc in.
Drive club has intrigue, the concept on the competitive aspect and social interaction is interesting and this is just the beginning.
Infamous second son, looking nice graphically, would love to see some gameplay soon (GDC?).
Watch Dogs, no brainer stun fest.
Not a fan of Diablo but I see the interest this could bring to Sony in general.
Witness, everyone loves a puzzler, good looking to boot.
Deep down looked incredible visually, again not a fan of the game type but the engine will be great on the next Dino Crisis ( please ).
David Cage.... That old mans head made me weep tears of joy at the thought of his PS4 game, considering the leap from Heavy Rain to Beyond, shitll get crazy.

TL:DR Bring on PS4
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sarshelyam  +   1083d ago
In regard to the Diablo III announcement, it's less about that title and what Blizzard's return to consoles says. I mean, the last console title they released was Lost Vikings II nearly 16 years ago...unless of course we count Diablo on PSone. Either way, that's quite a statement...a statement further backed by CD Projekt RED's confirmation that PS4 will see Witcher 3!

Very excited to see if this is simply a fluke, or the beginning of a mass exodus of formerly PC-primary/exclusive devs, looking to consoles. There's certainly nothing wrong with a larger audience, though the PC loyalists will certainly argue otherwise. Don't want to muddle that exclusive club now do they?
kalkano  +   1083d ago
I'm a PC first guy. I also own a PS3 and Wii. I like to play on it all, but if I have the option, I'll always choose PC. The only part of the whole equation that annoys me, is when a game get's a subpar PC port. But, that won't be as big of a problem next least, at first.
sarshelyam  +   1083d ago
I think it's up to developers to adapt their offering to the hardware. Certainly we can assume, and should even expect that there will be sloppy ports. That said, it looks like Blizzard is taking this into account to create an experience that is optimized, and I can't stress that word enough, optimized per platform.

Realistically, I have no idea how much optimizing would cost a company when you consider the platforms involved, however, unified hardware will go miles to ensure that a good port isn't a fluke in a long line of software releases from single dev studios.
Ninja_G_Aidan  +   1083d ago
I don't understand why everyone is freaking out about not seeing the actual console. Is it really that big of a deal?!

Also I'm glad it doesn't have backwards compatability because then the same thing will happen just like the ps3.

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