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Sony Flexible on PlayStation 4 Cost

PlayStation 4 won't take save data or PSN titles from PS3, Sony is aiming to provide a competitive price.

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peterthomas61795d ago
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DaThreats1795d ago

Where is this confirmation from SONY that it won't transfer PSN titels from PS3?

Kamikaze1351795d ago

There is none. The title is BS

decrypt1794d ago

Poor console gamers..

Id been saying it for a while. PS4 wont be compatible with PS3. Which means even PSN titles wont carry forward.

Console gamers generally are fine with taking it up the hind.. shrug.

But oh the hardware is gonna cost me 400usd thats so cheap.. nvm all the games lost bought over the years. Its ok Sony will give you guys a free game for the PSN+ members suddenly everything will be fixed lol.

nukeitall1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Here is your confirmation:

Supposedly directly from Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida.

I think BC is nice, but it was only important when when the technology changed drastically i.e. from PS2 to PS3, where you get upscaled graphics, wireless controllers and save games on hard drive.

Now a days, there is almost no benefit to having BC, other than having it all in one box. Not a big deal in my opinion and likely not a big deal to most consumers.

AtomicGerbil1794d ago


My PS3 isn't going to spontaneously combust the very nanosecond the PS4 is released. So I think all my past games will be fine.

dcbronco1794d ago


It's kind of a big deal in Japan. Remember they though the original Xbox was too big. Now you're asking them to have two separate consoles. So not a big deal in most of the world, big deal in Japan where space is at a premium.

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Knight_Crawler1794d ago

People are also forgetting that Sony will need to include a mic and HDMI cable bundled with the PS4.

I know that they are not expensive but knowing Sony they will not aim for the cheapest mic and HDMI on the market.

fermcr1794d ago

"Where is this confirmation from SONY that it won't transfer PSN titels from PS3? "

MasterCornholio1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Well they could always support backwards compatibility by including a PS3 chip with the console however that would jack up the price of the device.

Sounds familiar right? Like 600€ familiar?


"2 SKUs $399 and $499 are the perfect prices IMO."

Thats impossible bub theres no way in hell that the PS4 is 50€ more expensive than the premium Wii U bundle.

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ThatXboxGuy1795d ago

The is 100% duplicate submission.You just twisted the headline into something different lol

peterthomas61795d ago

It wasn't a duplicate. I used the title from where I pulled the article by mistake instead of using the source title. I have fixed it now. It doesn't change what the article says though.

smashcrashbash1795d ago

No conformation of that. Sony however definitely did say that they were thinking of a way.They said they have our data and will be looking into it. They never said 'No Transfer'. Their is no quote of them saying that.

alousow1795d ago

Back to the event. that was just an warm wait until naughty dog and santa monica show us what they got.. the mind game with ms has started

miyamoto1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )


and ps3 will last 10 years

ApolloTheBoss1794d ago

2 SKUs $399 and $499 are the perfect prices IMO.

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