PS4 Release Date: Amazon Launches Pre-order Product Page

"Playstation 4 (PS4) Release Date: Amazon Offer Pre-order Notification!

With all the news hitting the wires since the Sony PS4 announcment yesterday, you would have to live under a rock to not get excited about the launch of the next round of next generation consoles.

Today, Amazon launched their PlayStation 4 (PS4) product page and is currently offering pre-order notification (via email) when the highly anticipated console is available!"

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DaThreats1918d ago

lol, gna be an Amazon PS4 pre-order war when the email comes in.

platformmaster9181916d ago

Just signed up this will be my first launch night system

cleverusername1916d ago

EVERYTIME I've signed up for amazon alerts in the past they've emailed me about a week after I found out the info elsewhere!!!