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Opinion: Final Fantasy XIII Producer Explains Declining Sales

One oprainfall writer strongly disagrees with Final Fantasy XIII's producer on the series' declining sales. (Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, Xbox 360)

Root  +   923d ago
"The reason for the drop may have been due to the fact that not many players knew you didn’t have to have played Final Fantasy XIII to understand the plot in its sequel. We’re hoping that we can get that message across for Lightning Returns, because the same is true here.”


Really, or is it because people knew not to trust you again after how crap FF13 was and how average FF13-2 looked.

This is what people were saying when they made FF13-2...you know those FF13 "haters" about how it was pointless because people would rather buy a brand new enjoyable FF game and wouldn't force themselfs to sit through a badly designed first game just to understand the next game and bare in mind this is when they made it seem FF13-2 would have a ton of improvements before it was out.

It was always going to be "If it is good, then still...whos going to play on it when they've either haven't completed it, haven't bought it, or gave up half way throuigh because it was that bad"

This just shows you how stupid Square Enix are

If you brought out FF Versus after FF13 where it's been re named and separated as much from the FF13 mytho (they've had plenty of time to do this) then FF sales would skyrocket instead of them declining which is happening now.

Basing from what you hear with social groups, the media and on the internet the majority of us don't care about Lightning or FF13. We either want FF10 HD, FF Versus, FF Type-0 or a FF7-9 remake.
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Larry L  +   923d ago
It's simple. Final Fantasy has declining sales because no one really loved 13, and most didn't even like it, and all FFs since have been sequels to 13......so what would you expect Square-Enix?

Why would any businessman really think that a game no one liked should have as many sequels as you can possibly pump out. After 13 flopped critically, all efforts should have been focused on Vs13 and 14, not priority given to sequels for probably the worst FF ever.

I can't really think of a worse business related move this generation. The decision makers over at Square couldn't POSSIBLY be this ignorant to the public opinion of FF13 which started basically the night the game released, could they?

To me it seems like deliberate trolling on their part, but then when I hear them talk about it, they genuinely seem to think that FF13 is an absolute masterpiece.
kreate  +   922d ago
All is fine and dandy w ur comment. Plz let square enix know.
Godmars290  +   922d ago
"Why would any businessman really think that a game no one liked should have as many sequels as you can possibly pump out."

You only have to look at FF14, the original, to get your answer.

They didn't know what they were doing in regards to system hardware, HD tech and even game, relied too heavily on the brand name and blind fan devotion to carry them through and delivered a mess.

FF13 is exactly the same case, the original project was just too ambitious and they had to scale back while several production directors were pulling in different directions with the sudden multiplatform shift not helping things, and now SE seems to be as unable to realize their errors internally as they've failed to admit them publicly.

Square Enix Japan is dead. The only thing that's going to save the company - keep it going for a few more years - will be as a publisher of Western titles.
joab777  +   923d ago
Go play ni no kuni or some of the tales games. Hell, go play ur own games from last gen and u will know exactly why sales r down. Ppl love jrpgs because they r jrpgs....otherwise u r trying to sell a non jrpg to jrpg fans. New tech doesnt mean changing the genre.

Or what he is saying is that the reason is because they are not able to trick ppl anymore or ride the once illustrious final fantasy name.
Root  +   923d ago
You know what I find hilarious about Ni No Kuni, it's open world where you can free roam and see towns on the map like the old FF games so why can't Square Enix do this again. Even with the FF7 remake they said it's because an open world game wouldn't work on this gen consoles yet Ni No Kuni proves it works fine.

The game has you on foot, boat and even traveling in the sky.

Lets not forget they actually came up with a better battle system then FF13. Sure it has some problems like the counter attacks and the fact it's hard to manage all three characters in real time but even then it's still good
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El_Assenso  +   922d ago
3 words...Ni No Kuni.Play this game Squeenix and you'll see why you've failed this gamning gen. Ni Ni Kuni is a MASTER-PIECE!

JRPG's are JRPG's for a reason! Squeenix are the worst gaming company out there, beating Activision and Crapcom to the title.
joab777  +   922d ago
Exactly...what is it so hard to do. Oh yeah, it isn't. They simply wanted to do what they wanted to do. I love the incremental move from foot, to ship, to Dragon, the Dragon is awesome, to vacate and travel. And they got the ideas from you...wtf! The overworld is a big deal because it separates towns from dungeons, and allows non linearity to coincide with linearity to tell a good story while being open. I thought this leads jrpg 101. And it looks awesome and allows u to go wherever u want...freedom!!!!!!
aiBreeze  +   922d ago
"The reason for the drop may have been due to the fact that not many players knew you didn’t have to have played Final Fantasy XIII to understand the plot in its sequel. We’re hoping that we can get that message across for Lightning Returns, because the same is true here.”

Wow, what an idiotic excuse. If FF13 was any good, he wouldn't need to make such excuses because those who played FF13 would be jumping at a sequel.

No wonder FF is in the dumps, if their producers are as stupid as this idiot. Maybe a slight twist on his words but he's almost implying FF13 was a bad game.
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phantomexe  +   922d ago
Mark it on the calendar....i agree with root totally.
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Root  +   922d ago
You always agree with me...because you love me :)



...Why won't you look at me when were making love
ritsuka666  +   922d ago
Honestly FF13 wasn't that bad. The issue is that the retard old fanboys still living in the past, so it's 'socially-correct' to highly dislike anything past 10. 13 was not a terrible game at all as it still told it's story well, had great characters (and development), the music is great (I still listen to the OST daily/weekly), and the battle system is refreshing. I honestly cannot take any final fantasy fan that calls 13 terrible without any real thought seriously.
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BitbyDeath  +   922d ago
FF13 was terrible because all you ever did was walk down corridors, fight and get cutscenes.

It was boring and repetitive.
DaThreats  +   923d ago
DaThreats opinion: IT SUCKED
BanBrother  +   923d ago
Sssh. Why are you here? I thought Cell smashed your head in with his foot? :)
AllenScribe  +   923d ago
They're not selling because they lack memorable characters and stories that make something which resembles sense.
maniacmayhem  +   923d ago
I agree with this, the story in FF13 was extremely convoluted. I found myself skipping cut scenes because they made no sense or were just plain boring.

And for the characters, they too were pretty bland and they seem to introduce new ones every other chapter. Even when your near the end, new characters started to appear and added nothing to the story or plot. IMO.
Igor89  +   923d ago
Combat,story,world...all of that was better in previous FFs.
sithsylar  +   923d ago
I remember when waiting for the battle system was a major part of how good final fantasy was. Like shit ff9 battle system and item system was awesomeeeee. I miss those days.
Bobby Kotex  +   923d ago
FFXIII sucked, and people moved on. It's not that complicated. I know I wasted my $60.
pinkyxyz  +   923d ago
squallheart  +   922d ago
Me to :(. Me and brother in law bought it on launch day. I barely beat it this past november because i just found it irritating to play. Not as fun as i had with the originals.
Number-Nine  +   923d ago
I thought FF13 was great :\
kma2k  +   923d ago
Ive been such a hardcore FF nerd for so many years it really is depressing to see what they have become. I dont have a lot of faith left in them but i would happily play a III or VII remake :)
sithsylar  +   923d ago
100% with you as well. It makes me really sad with what happened to ffxiii and even ffxii...
kalkano  +   922d ago
Assuming you mean 6, and 7, I totally agree.
Godmars290  +   923d ago
(That's all I got, but likely not really.)

Edit (Yeah, you knew it was coming):
If anything is going to finish off FF once and for all its going to be the insistence to make it yearly. No story was really developed with XIII, and yet it was expanded upon with the sequels. It doesn't matter that they're different game's with different themes its that what story elements and themes remained to connect the games together.
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uuaschbaer  +   923d ago
Enter 20 comments all agreeing that this man is either honestly mistaken or lying at shareholders plus the additional odd comment stating that FFXIII(-2) was the best FF ever or stating that Versus is vaporware.

(edit:nvm already happened. Thread is going fast.)
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sithsylar  +   923d ago
I just can't believe anyone thinks taking away control of all characters and giving you control of one is a good idea.... When did less become more arghh pisses me off
phantomexe  +   922d ago
God what you just said is so true. It's sad that SE don't see it.
AllenScribe  +   923d ago
I liked the combat in FF13, but the story caused head trauma. All that Falcy and Pulse Lycie.. It was like Bill Cosby was talking to me - you fight the pulse lycies, ya see...
Archmagel  +   923d ago
<_< I would have watched the FF-XIII story, but the gameplay was atrocious. In no way is "auto-battle, auto-battle, pardagrim shift, rinse and repeat" fun. I then, to my own stupidity, or hope (ha ha...Hope), borrowed my friend's copy of FF-XIII-2 and put it down in 10mins. Still pretty to look at, but this time it didn't boast a good story and it still had the awful gameplay. FF-XIII, in my opinion, is the mistake child of the entire series. Though, the only good thing that MAY come out of it could be Versus, but I am just going to wait for them to actually release it first. The next FF should be whatever was on the Luminous demo. That summon looked like Bahaumut to me.
Kratoscar2008  +   923d ago
Damage Control nothing less, i wonder if they will stick to that excuse when LR: FFXIII flops.
Magnus  +   923d ago
This generation Final Fantasy sucks and bad sequals. Prolonging development, putting out bad sequals keeping the hush hush on the Final Fantasy that people actually want to play the one that looks cool the one that might save the franchise from completly doing a nose dive into the ground. Whats it called oh yeah Final Fantasy VS 13 in stead they are releasing another damn sequal to Final Fantasy 13. And they wonder why the sales are falling.

Quite honestly I don't think advances in medical science could save this once great franchise.
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TheBatman_Fanatic  +   922d ago
Fans didn't ask for it, that's why. Square Enix, give us what we want and you all will make more money.
EverydayGuy  +   922d ago
Square Enix is so out of touch of reality its amazing.
bryam1982  +   922d ago
lol what a dumb excuse the game suck that's why
Xklaw  +   922d ago
Is this guy 4 real?
elda  +   922d ago
I enjoyed FFXIII,but it didn't need three parts,by this time Square should have released 2 other IP's.Square should know why sales are declining,they're not listening or catering to the fans needs and wants.Square is too busy obsessing over Lightning's wants and needs....LOL!
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Ripco_Keller  +   922d ago
Square-Enix, I am disappoint.
Max-Zorin  +   922d ago
Square got some serious issues. Everyone hated FF13 and they keep making games for it.
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arbitor365  +   922d ago
"He came to the conclusion that players didn’t know that you didn’t need to understand the plot of the first game to enjoy the second."

or maybe people just didnt care, because the first one didn't establish itself has a top tier part of the franchise and forge a universe interesting enough to merit a sequel.

or maybe its because you already burned people with FFX2. just sayin

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