PlayStation 4: "$299 is the magic price point"

Analyst Billy Pidgeon talks about the challenges both Sony and Microsoft will face in transitioning to next-gen

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DaThreats1701d ago

Same price as PS3?

donniebaseball1701d ago

PS3 didn't launch at $299 though (it should have!) and we're likely to see PS3 price drop very soon anyway.

thereapersson1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Tech in the graphics processor and the type of RAM (GDDR5) and amount utilized guarantees this won't be $299. Honestly, Sony will take a huge hit anyway on the price no matter what they set it at. That's what happens initially during a console's lifespan. I think the loss will be a lot less than the one with the PS3 considering they aren't really using any "new" tech (from what I can tell). No need for Cell research or implementation of the then-new Blu Ray technology means that Sony will likely be able to recoup losses faster and earlier in the system's lifecycle.

I won't be surprised to see a $499 or $599 price point again. Honestly, I'm okay with that so long as Sony can bring the games and bring plenty of them. We've already seen great potential in that regard.

Sarcasm1701d ago

You know the rumors of $399 and $499 is more likely.

$299? Not going to happen.

SAE1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

You people are crazy if you believe this. This proves my talk that journalists are just for hits these days..

With ps4 specs it's impossible to have that kind of price. Would be glad to be proven wrong though. I swear i feel like these predicting coming from 10 years old kid..

TheGamerDood1701d ago

With that amount of 8GB GDDR5 memory? No! You can't even get those quantities on PC at the moment. That isht is expensive so expect $400-$500. These people are just trying to troll so when the real price is revealed they're hoping you get pissed and buy the cheaper crap that's on the market.

dcbronco1700d ago

Actually most people are wrong about the cost of the new consoles. $300 is very possible. If you look at the Microsoft leak from 2010 they believed they could have 3 CPUs and Two GPUs for $300. These are 28nm APUs. The GPU and CPU on one chip. The APU in the 360 Slim should be less than $40 now. An APU with a 7xxx series card is $130 now retail. Close to the GPU in the PS4.

Take away retail mark-up and that chip is well under $100. Since Sony will shop it to the cheapest manufacturer and the chip in the PS4 should be even smaller it should cost very close to $100 for the CPU and GPU. Last generation, those two chips accounted for almost half of the launch cost.

These machines will not be that expensive to make. The parts are very small and they are less of them. They are also cooler and need less power and less cooling. More savings. $400 will be the price, but it will be because they will be sold at a profit day one.

TheFinalEpisode1700d ago

I would gladly pay $450 for a PS4 from what I've seen. As long as Sony keeps pumping out quality exclusives like they do I'd have no problem.

aCasualGamer1700d ago


I'm with you on this one, there is absolutely no way that Sony is going to release PS4 with that tech any lower than 400$. My best guess would be $499 or $449. 8GB GDDR5 doesn't come cheap no matter how much you mass produce.

As long as they roll out games with some continuity and never have dry seasons of zero game releases "PS Vita style" then i'm all for it.

IcarusOne1700d ago

Just to point this out...

At launch, Xbox 360 was $299 and $399. If MS could do it, why can't Sony? You'd think they hopefully learned something from the debacle that was the PS3 launch.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Console gamers are cheap asses.. 8gb ram + 8 core cpu for $299? Can you guys get anymore spoiled? Throw in 5 games or no sale!!

Mounce1700d ago


Yea....I cannot see PS4 being this cheap, no matter if being that cheap would be beneficial for us as a consumer to not have to pay so much...It's also a sign that this person is living in a bubble to think that anything in this title alone would be realistic -.-

$299 for the specs shown?

$399 to $450 Has to be the price Minimum whether we like it or not, it's the most realistic.

Anarki1700d ago

As much as I'd like that, it wont happen. 299$ is really cheap and if you look at the specs, that is really cheap..

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Rainstorm811701d ago

Exactly in what world would that be possible, and everyone wants it to be 399 but unless PS3 gets a price drop I can't see the PS4 being only 100$ more than the PS3.

It seems that would kill the PS3 sales .

Tres211701d ago

i could see the ps3 gettin a drop right around the time they show the actual system at least by e3 & im hopin its 400 & 500

Ultr1701d ago

some people... just wow...

this is not even funny. I mean
he really believes that

what the.... wuuaaaat

Cam9771701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Shopto seem to think that the RRP is £450 with them selling it at £399.99.

Thatguy-3101701d ago

People want good things at a cheap price. Don't they know how business works? My guess is that the price will be from 400$-500$

MariaHelFutura1700d ago

Let's be fair... To get the PS4 to that price point, magic would be required.

lilbrat231700d ago

$299? Please that system might be $399 to $499 with the specs. I just hope prices on the games DON'T go up because even now $60 for a half a$$ game is too much.

joab7771700d ago

If xbox is smart they will take a hit, offer it for $199 and a monthly fee like smartphones. Ppl are used to it and if they can get it in everyones home quickly, they will be successful.

Honestly, i would easily pay $500 for a ps4. It looks awesome but they have to be careful of xboxs pricepoint because they can afford to lose more initially. and xbox is trying to incorporate cable TV which could be very dangerous. Ps4 may be the better console but if xbox releases at under $300 with cable etc., it may not matter.

I also disagree with sales. I may be wrong and i know phonea and tablets have hurt game sales but with a long generation, and the pcs success, gamers are dying for a new console. Amd no one said the ps3 and 360 would become obsolete. I will keep them. They r very useful for content other than games. And why not continue to support them with xbox live etc.

jmc88881700d ago

Would rather buy my consoles. Not looking for another monthly bill.

CalvinKlein1700d ago

Im guessing 400-500$. 300$ would be stupid and sony wold loose tons of money and noone would think its very good if it is only 50 more than the ps3 or the same price as the wiiU.

3-4-51700d ago

Yea it's going to cost $400

OneAboveAll1700d ago

Drugs are bad, Mmmkay?

That shit was $600

solidt121700d ago

No way! not with 8 gigs of GDDR5 Ram.

charted1700d ago

$299 is NOT fair on us Australian consumers.

FFS, Ebgames (gamestop) have priced PS4 $899 here.

This is an outrage!!!!!

showtimefolks1700d ago

i say this will be a $399-449 2 SKU's

but my gut feeling is its gonna be $449-499

sony's world wide studio president said they saved a lot of money on R&D so they can have a fleixable price point

imagine if ps4 actually launches for $299 and price gets a price drop to $150 damn lol.

MEsoJD1700d ago

I really doubt $299. I was always thinking it would be two skus... One for $399 and the other for $449. Along those lines.

Sano641700d ago

He must be thinking Euro because $299 USD would be stupid on Sony's part. They are already bleeding money.

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Snookies121701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Yeah, that's just delusional. It'll at LEAST cost $400 or more... Although if I had to say, I'd go with somewhere between 500-600 USD.

mcstorm1701d ago

I agree. I've said this could be the ps4s let down. Yes its powerful and worth the price but that's not how the main market will see it just like the ps3, psv and 3ds.

Times are hard at the moment and because of this if the Same games are on 3 consoles you will find more people will pickup the console that costs the lest. Its only the core and fan boys who care about the specs.

That said I can't wait to get a ps4 and a next Xbox but until then back to my Wiiu.

C-Thunder1701d ago

They may have a high level sku in the $500-$600 range, but they made it very clear that they've learned from their mistakes and I think this will carry over to pricing as well. My guess, $399 and $499.

zebramocha1701d ago

@snookie I doubt that the ps4 is going to cost $600,at best it may align with the rumor it being $400-$530.

SAE1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

100% with you. It's annoying how these people don't use their minds..

SnakeforPresident1701d ago

$600 is equally as ridiculous as $300. After everything Sony did to bring down the ps3 price when they realized that they werent selling at $600 theres no way they do it again. $400- $500 max.

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JoGam1701d ago

Exactly it wont. BUT.... if it did....... OMG THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

jukins1701d ago

lets all have hope lol. wishful thinking but man they could definetly get a good launch user base at that price and make it up in the long run if they're willing. Sony does have the assets to cover a loss like this as long as comes back on the software side of things until it can be sold for a profit.

because if you really think about it even tho gddr5 is expensive but its really the only "exotic" piece of tech. if they worked out a good deal with whatever supplier there's hope.

SlyGuy1700d ago

At $300 that would make it cheaper than my mobile phone.


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Zefros1701d ago

I belive ps4 will be cheaper than launch ps3 but 299... in your dreams, this machine will be at minimum 399 USD.

s8anicslayer1701d ago

Sorry but the PS4 wont be 299$ until maybe 3 or 4 years down the road! wishful thinking though!!

Cocozero1701d ago

Well thats the rumoured 720 price....

Kingthrash3601701d ago

I dont think you can create a link for the imagination!

Kingthrash3601701d ago

I dont think you can create a link for the imagination.

Sarcasm1701d ago

Other rumors point to the 720 being subsidized $199.