Are Twitch and Microsoft Working on a Secret Deal?

Why did Sony partner with Ustream instead of Twitch? Could Microsoft have something to do with this?

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Snookies121753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I've never even heard of Twitch... So, I wouldn't really care much either way lol. Then again, I'd never heard of Ustream until just recently either.

rajman1753d ago

Twitch right now is the best and most popular site for streaming video games. I too was shocked when Sony announced they were in partnership with ustream (who isnt as good) as Twitch seemed the obvious choice o_0

Brawler1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Last night stream was terrible on Twitch couldnt even watch while it was ok on ustream. I do use Twitch more often but I was not impressed with it last night.

xtremeimport1753d ago

I've never heard of twitch either.

it may be good for video games, but I think Sony wanted to appeal to more people. More people know what Ustream is.

Brand recognition is pretty important.

DarthJay1753d ago

Most gamers should know Twitch, especially after the Call Of Duty deal...

Psychotica1753d ago

Crawl out from under the rock..

kingmushroom1753d ago

and then what ? pull you out of ur basement ?

yess1753d ago

It really dosn't matter, as you can stream what ever console on both Ustream and Twitch.

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Megaton1753d ago

The only thing YouTube is king of is censorship and copyright takedown.

animegamingnerd1753d ago

and changing the layout just after we got use to the old one

-Alpha1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I won't be surprised if they do-- I am sure MS will have similar hardware features when it comes to Operating Software-- this is after all, what Microsoft is best known for.

I expect to see live-streaming as part of a twitch deal, and I had a feeling when Sony decided to go with Ustream instead.

I am pretty excited to see these sort of features get integrated into consoles, Sony really nailed accessibility and simplicity, and I expect MS to do the same

MikeMyers1753d ago

It's kind of funny watching them go head to head with one another. The Xbox 360 had the better operating system and made online easy and unified. Sony had the better hardware and the more diverse exclusives. Now it looks like Sony is closing the gap and moving ahead of Microsoft in three key areas, online experiences, smoother and quicker start-up times, and having a system that is tailored for game development with no headaches.

So now Microsoft has to go toe to toe with Sony's in-house games and exclusives. This is one area many are waiting to see if they can or not.

Obamanationn1753d ago

was just thinking about this lol and low and behold its on n4g like twitch kids about to be rich

DarthJay1753d ago

Twitch used to be Justin.TV. They focus on purely gaming streams. When Sony announced they were doing Ustream, I immediately thought that meant Microsoft would end up with Twitch. Works for me.

I love what Sony is doing there. I stream on Twitch and the thought of just pressing a button and not having to deal with everything else is amazing.

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