PS4 PS Meeting Stream “Shattered all Previous Records for Concurrent Viewers” on Ustream

At yesterday’s PlayStation Meeting, Sony announced that their Gaikai and PS4 game sharing service is set to partner with Ustream to allow other people to watch you play games. Showing how close the partnership is, the livestream itself was hosted on Ustream, something that broke viewing records.

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Wedge191795d ago

I love seeing "PS4" and not having be in speculation articles. It's amazing to think that it's real and it's less than a year away. The Ustream partnership is going to be an awesome addition as well.

BanBrother1795d ago

Yes, Ustream was quite impressive for the most part. On N4G, the video lagged for me. I then went to IGN, it lagged. Then GameInformer - lag.

It worked the best of the actual Ustream website for me. I missed the whole Capcom presentation in between switching sites lol.

I don't think they expected that many people to be watching it. It was amazing. The hype surrounding the reveal and the amount of people watching it can only mean very strong sales for the PS4. Can't wait for GDC and E3.

despair1795d ago

Was pretty stable on game trailers for me. Originally tried to go to the ps blog but couldn't even get on the site.

RioKing1795d ago

^this. I had all sorts of troubles tryig to watch the vid, until I went to gametrailers. It was lag-free and awesome!!

JetsFool35001795d ago

Ustream is used to alot of traffic thats why it ran smoothly

porkChop1795d ago

The Gametrailers stream was flawless. No lag whatsoever, even in HD. I watched the whole stream from start to finish on GT.

rbluetank1795d ago

i noticed that too. it lag on playstation blog as well. Ustream was the best one i watched it on.

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HammadTheBeast1795d ago

Looks like Ustream is comfortable, this meeting's viewers alone broke records, they'll be happy about the partnership.

Crazyglues1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

wow - "more than 7.5 million viewers, with a peak of roughly 1 million concurrently. This shatters all previous records for concurrent viewers"

That's insane... Good sign for Sony, means the excitement for PS4 is huge...

I can't wait for E3, I just want to see more games, I still can't believe what I saw at the press conference..

Killzone.. OMG!!! DriveClub.. Wow - Just wow, from the guys that made Motorstorm - evolution games... I mean I was excited to just hear the specs for PS4 and then they showed Games.. OMG!! -that's when my head exploded, it was just too much awesome to take in..

This Fall is going to be the best ever time to be a Gamer..

-and so it begins-..

||.........___||........... . ||

TrendyGamers1795d ago

I had to refresh the page about 4 times because it was so watched.

doctorstrange1795d ago

The whole world was watching

Blastoise1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

It was weird watching it thinking 99% of gamers are sat here doing exactly the same thing I am.

There was a strange tension, ya know? lol

I bet most gaming forums turned into a temporary wasteland

b163o11795d ago

I had to watch first half in German, cause the I couldn't connect to the English one lol, but eventually got into the English room lol desperation

-Alpha1795d ago

GT had one hell of a stream. Beautiful HD, no interruptions.

cervantes991795d ago

Exactly! GT was fantastic for this event.

Stream looked beautiful on my iPad.

Toon_Link1795d ago

I was having a tough time trying to decide where I'd get the best stream I wish I went with GT now.

doctorstrange1795d ago

They were about 3 seconds behind Ustream tho, and I don't want people to hear reveals before me

Merrill1795d ago

I couldn't get the GT stream to stop loading. I never had it once work for me.

despair1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Agreed. they worked great for me as well.

Lmao @doctorstrange

dafegamer1795d ago

yeah gt stream was flawless

TheGamerDood1795d ago

It's a damn shame because Sony's cast was HD/60fps but the freezing was really aggravating, right as they started to talk about the hardware it froze up. lol GT saved the day though.

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insertcoin1795d ago

Sony did a great job promoting the hell out of the PlayStation Meeting. Though they didn't show the console at all, there were enough third-party games. A better than average presentation.

G20WLY1795d ago

“Better than average”?! lmao don't go too mad with the hyperbole, will you?!

Yes...Well I can't disagree, as such, but I'd be so bold as to suggest it was “quite a bit” better!

RememberThe3571795d ago

That new PR agency is working wonders already.

alexcosborn1795d ago

Sony sure did make a splash!

dbjj120881795d ago

And it ran like sh** for it!

porkChop1795d ago

lol, should've watched it on Gametrailers. Crystal clear HD, and it ran silky smooth. When it comes to livestreams GT is one of the best.

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