Why David Cage Will Help Sony Sell PlayStation 4 Hardware And Create The Citizen Kane Of Gaming

Quantic Dream founder and CEO David Cage has been at the forefront of bringing emotion to interactive entertainment. He’s spent his life, thus far, building new technology that allows him to bring memorable stories to life that put the player front and center. Unlike many games, Quantic Dream titles constantly challenge gamers to make important decisions, and these decisions take both an emotional toll on the player and spin the narrative into new directions.

Cage, who wowed the game industry at GDC last year with his short film, Kara, and again at E3 a few months later with his new PlayStation 3 game, Beyond: Two Souls, starring Ellen Page; was on stage at PlayStation Meeting 2013 to show what PlayStation 4 adds to his ultimate quest to bring as much depth and emotion to games as Hollywood has experienced.

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jagiii1916d ago

David Cage is a master of interactive storytelling.

QuebecSuperstar1916d ago

You are so right! He's the best, if you ask me. Well, him and everybody at Quantic Dream.

Bumpmapping1916d ago

Only possible on PS4 Jump In.

bicfitness1916d ago

A huge segment of gamers have matured in life and in years since the console business began. We have kids, families, mortgages. Yet the medium remains aimed at 15-25 year old males (for the most part). I like the fact that someone is making adult content for people in my demographic. The man takes the medium seriously as an art form, and attempts to make games that actually cater to the 25+ crowd. That is commendable.

Temporary1916d ago

I purchase whatever Quantic Dream makes because of the passion David Cage and his team have for their games. They go against the current and stick to their vision and whether or not they sell 10 mil games is irrelevant, they make adult games and are going to revolutionize the industry with their story-heavy titles.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1916d ago

Finally someone who understands.

zatrox1916d ago

"This game plays like a game! It is entertaining like a game! It is made for 15-25 year old males!"

It doesn't work like that. Gaming, in fact, is an ageless, genderless hobby. Old and young men and women alike can play games that cater to their tastes and have a good time. Growing up doesn't mean that you forget how to appreciate fun things in life.

And I think the man could do way better in his execution of ideas. Heavy Rain's story, for example, was as believable and touching as a B movie or a campy book. At least in my opinion.

Sketchy_Galore1916d ago

But it's NOT mature content, that's the problem. David Cage's films are pure shallow adolescent cheese disguised by moody piano soundtracks and shoehorned 'mature' subject matter, all the while retaining the same clichè writing, one dimensional stereotypical characters and Pervy forced T and A of any Hollywood popcorn flick.

The creators of games like Journey and Braid are more likely to bring us gaming's Citizen Kane (if they haven't already). Even though their work looks on the surface nothing like Citizen Kane, it stands in a similar place Kane did in relation to the medium in which it exists. Creating a far deeper and more human connection with its audience than anything had before. A game like Heavy rain stands apart from the rest of the industry in terms of its innovative gameplay but in terms of plot it's just every cliché from every detective potboiler over the past fifty years packaged and sold as something new to people without the cultural education to know where and when these ideas were done better. It tries desperately to look mature and grown up but is in fact embarrassingly adolescent, like a thirteen year old boy smoking his first cigarette and trying not to cough his lungs up.

I'm not saying Cage isn't trying to create something deeper and more mature, he is and that is commendable but if he ever wants to actually do it he really needs to develop greatly as a writer.

BitbyDeath1916d ago

@zatrox, what's a b movie to you?
Something like the 'Taken'?

Taken is a good movie to compare it with IMO.

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Megaton1916d ago

I would really like to see them make something out of that Kara tech demo.

BanBrother1916d ago

Going off David Cage's talk in the conference, it seems very likely. Either way, I am looking to them next-gen for the most immersive storytelling. The insanely realistic character models help greatly in delivering the emotions that he tries to get across. Worked wonder with Heavy Rain, and Beyond:2 Souls has taken it to a new level, deemed unreachable on current-gen tech. But, he will keep proving us wrong.

josephayal1916d ago

PS4's will sell like hotcakes just like the PS3/3DS

BlackTar1871916d ago

He shoots and misses Games over folks games over

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