Ken Levine says to never disrespect gamers' expectation of quality

Tanya Valdez writes: With the approaching launch date of BioShock Infinite, Ken Levine took to the airwaves in a quick interview with Chad Dukes of radio station KROQ on The Fan: DC Sportsradio 10.

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TekoIie1950d ago

Yes he knows not to **** with us :3

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

Unlike Aliens Colonial Marines.

DevilVergilX1950d ago

Take a lesson from him capcom/ninja theory...

ChickeyCantor1949d ago

Bah, get over yourself.
The new DMC is a good game. And story telling is miles better than the anime inspired drivel the original had. I like the new Dante far better than the 1D character the original games portrait.

Ninja Theory did a great job. Go ahead disagree.

g2gshow1950d ago

those thats show loyalty deserve loyalty

NateCole1950d ago

All devs should keep this in mind.

Black-Rock-Shooter1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

You can see this in bishock infinite and I hope Bioshock infinite gets good sales.

Kevlar0091950d ago

Has Levine ever let us down?

joab7771950d ago

Not yet. I think its because he is as hard on himself and his ppl as we r. It allwos him to make what he wants instead of making only what is selling at the moment. I cannt wait for this game. I havnt been more excited for a game this generation.

Monstar1950d ago

you're falling for it. lol this is what levine wants.

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