Ken Levine Responds to BioShock Infinite DLC Complaints, Story Stuff “Is [a] Love Letter to Fans”

In this day and age, it’s almost a given that there will be post-launch DLC for a title, with a Season Pass preceding it, saving you some money in the long run. Just a little bit ago, we told you of the BioShock Infinite Season Pass, something that runs you $20 and includes access to three pieces of post-launch DLC for the title.

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dbjj120881947d ago

He's pretty cool, but I honestly didn't think Bioshock is all that great. Good story, OK gameplay.

EbeneezerGoode1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Agreed. Bioshock had 'shocking' gameplay. Splicers were terrible and boring to kill, physics was jittery and frame capped, energy bars over heads? wuh?? It also took it's self a little too seriously.

Definitely one of the most over rated games of all time. Looked cool, had a cool concept, and I wanted it to be amazing but it wasn't. Gameplay let it down big time.

DigitalRaptor1947d ago

If you think BioShock just has a "good" story you're not exploring it well enough. BioShock games are very deep and interesting commentaries on politics, philosophical ideals of nations and individuals, and societal culture of ages in history and are wonderfully rich in atmosphere to help shape a believable world, even if it is technically a fantasy game. There is much depth to the characters and worlds that Levine creates and Infinite will be no different.

I don't think Ken or his team deserve to take the heat for what is a publishing decision. Levine is a good, honest and modest champion of this industry. If you read or watch his interviews and know his background you'd know that he wouldn't allow an unfinished game to be shipped.

I'll buy this pass if I believe it's worth it after I've completed the game. It's games like BioShock Infinite that cap off the end of a generation and make you appreciate the growth in games we've seen.

CalvinKlein1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

hahaha, as a FPS connoisseur I can assure you that you are mistaken.


doctorstrange1947d ago

I do wish the showed us what the actual DLC was before asking for a season pass.

TrendyGamers1947d ago

He said it's still in the concept stage, so it could be a month or two before we hear anything.

doctorstrange1947d ago

Then offer me the season pass when it's ready

Root1947d ago

But why didn't they just shut their mouths untill the DLC was ready

They could of avoided all this if they didn't say anything. It's not like they NEED people to pre order DLC and get people hyped up for it....that's something you would do to the game it's self.

BanBrother1947d ago

"Then offer me the season pass when it's ready"

Kind of defeats the purpose of a 'season pass' don't you think? It works out cheaper, because you are paying in advance, as it gives them money straight up.

I think people are overreacting at this stage. Remember, the only bad thing about DLC, is 'bad' DLC. If done right, I'll be very happy. Anyone play Minerva's Den from Bioshock 2? That story DLC was very, very good. It couldn't have been included in Bioshock 2 as it was a separate part to the main story.

Give them a chance to show it off first. As long as they don't pull a Randy Bitchford.

EbeneezerGoode1947d ago

Phuck PAID DLC - It's ruining gaming!

nutcrackr1947d ago

how about announcing the season pass after release

Sketchy_Galore1947d ago

I still want to be as optimistic and excited for this game as I was on viewing the first gameplay demo just like I still want to love and respect the people making it but dammit they're not making it easy.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1947d ago

Its optional DLC. Its not that big of a deal dude. Its not taking away from the full game.The DLC isnt content cut from the game and then sold to us. You actually are thinking about not buying the game now because of this? wow.

EbeneezerGoode1947d ago

You believe anything don't you? Time spent on 'never meant for shipped game DLC' is time NOT spent on making the best game possible in the first place.


BLUElightCory1947d ago

@EbeneezerGoode the game is already gold and they have just started working on DLC. They weren't working on it during development for the main game.

Megaton1947d ago

Borderlands 2 was the first and last season pass I'll ever buy. Gearbox completely under-delivered on the DLC thus far.

Root1947d ago

...hell they didn't even make it themselves

I knew something felt off about the DLC

scotchmouth1947d ago

Thats because they like to outsource everything

Capodastaro1947d ago

Agreed, glad i got it dirt cheap from GMG...

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