Is Sony Reliving Vita mistakes with the upcoming PS4?

Yesterday Sony, after a month of hype, announced the new PS4 is coming this year! To many Sony fans, this is the biggest announcement of their gaming lives! Many are ready to be first in line at the Sony booth to try out the new PS4 this June at the Electronic Gaming Expo.

But what is it that everyone is missing? When news sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.

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Abriael1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Absolutely lame article based on nothing.

I'm not reporting it as Lame out of mercy, but someone else probably will anyway.

MGregory6661915d ago

People aren't allowed an opinion now Abriael. Your opinion on the article is lame for not giving a through response.

Abriael1915d ago

There isn't much to respond to hot air and FUD, besides the fact that it's, indeed, hot air and FUD.

smashcrashbash1915d ago

Just because it is his opinion doesn't make it any less lame. Saying it is your opinion doesn't make you opinion any more or less valid

MikeMyers1915d ago

Why bother commenting if you have nothing to add or refuse to refute the article. When people first saw Vita they were excited as well and yet here we are with lower than expected sales. Obviously the regular consumer still doesn't see it as a must have device. From all accounts everything I saw for the PS4 has me excited but we still don't know the price, the launch games or how online will be.

People can still be overly cautious about the PS4 and pose good arguments both ways. We will also have much doubt about the next Xbox as well. Nothing is guaranteed to be successful. The author is right in one regard, you can no longer just market yourself to the loyal crowd as we can see with Vita.

ApolloTheBoss1915d ago

Yep. The doom and gloom articles rolling in now.

Dante1121915d ago

Just check the failed submissions, Apollo. The nintendo and 360 crowd are trying their hardest. The amount of misinformation and bias there is shocking. Nintendofeed has like 6 failed articles TODAY.

Gamer19821915d ago

Because the main pulling point of the wiiU is the extra screen and now they seen the ps4 can do it using a vita or tablet or even a phone they know there consoles truly doomed. Apart from hardcore nintendo fans who else is gonna buy the wiiU? Casuals wont this time around and hardcore gamers will stick with either of the 2 big boys in xbox or ps4.

ApolloTheBoss1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

I saw a Wii U vs PS4 comparison article and I'm not gonna lie I bursted out laughing LMAO.

T21915d ago

Wow great article .. Ps4 is too expensive because I just made a price up in my head ... Solid journalism

spurgeonryan1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Oh you think it will be cheap? By the way, learn to read.... It is an opinion piece.

spurgeonryan1914d ago

Well. Here is a link. May or may not convince you of crazy prices.