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PS4 – The Biggest Let Down and The Highest Praise

The date has finally passed and Sony announced their next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. Fans around the world had waited in anticipation to the big announcement during a press conference in New York; that conference proved to house some immense statements. Now that the PS4 has been officially confirmed rumors will come to a halt and facts should start flowing in. (PS4, Sony)

TheSuperior  +   800d ago
I was pretty pleased with the press conference
thereapersson  +   800d ago
It'll be a tough decision for me
On one hand, what I've seen so far is exactly what I wanted out of my next console. A powerhouse that goes above the current level and brings us that much closer to target renders. I think that Killzone footage is really what GG was wanting to achieve all this time, seeing how they came so close with Killzone 2. That Capcom demo left me awestruck, too; if that is indeed in-game assets running in real-time we are in for a treat.

On the other hand, I'm still concerned with how Sony is handling their backwards compatibility regarding older titles. Their decision to use x86 was great from a development standpoint, but the fact they aren't bothering to implement any sort of emulation software is really disappointing. The reliance on a streaming service is aggravating, as many people don't have access to broadband, and the market has also deemed game streaming not ready for primetime. As ambitious as it is, we just don't have the infrastructure for Sony's cloud-gaming vision right now.

Look at how poorly OnLive has fared. They are now in bankruptcy proceedings and they are a company that built their vision around game streaming. One also has to worry about the fidelity and latency problems that arise from game streaming. It might work for RPG's and slower titles, but fast-paced action games require split-second input. I don't think that's something that even the fastest internet connection can overcome. Coupled with the internet monopoly we have allowed corporations to set up, and the bandwidth throttling and data caps that are a real threat to this type of entertainment delivery, and I am ultimately left wondering if Sony has really thought this through.

E3 is too far away...
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cervantes99  +   800d ago
Not trying to be argumentative, but do you have broadband? If so, why would other people not having it impact you?

Also, it sounds like current gen games are still your priority, hence your concern for BC, so why not keep your PS3 until you are ready to move to the PS4 and then upgrade? Price and games may be cheaper by that point.

To move forward, sometimes we have to let go. If you do not want to let go, then stay put with PS3.
ExPresident  +   800d ago
On live also had a ridiculous license agreement that they could turn off servers to games you purchased after 3 years if they wanted. While Sony may not allow backwards compatibility, atleast I can still use my PS3 after getting a PS4 to play those games, unlike On Lives offer.
JoGam  +   800d ago
Also, do u have a PS3? If so, do you enjoy it? If you do, and if Sony don't have backwards compatible in their PS4 u wouldn't buy it? If not what will u buy? Another console, just to not have your PS3 games not play on it too. Just sounds stupid to me. If the PS4 isnt backwards compatible just keep ps3.
3-4-5  +   800d ago
Same here. I don't know what System I'm going to buy yet, I still need to see E3 and everything up until release but it looked decent at worst.
SheaHoff  +   800d ago
Looking forward to trying it out!
TheGrimBunny  +   800d ago
8GB of memory is pretty impressive, love to see what it actual looks like.
Dante112  +   800d ago
I'm looking forward to the PS4, even my older cousin (hardcore 360 fan) is looking forward and planning on buying the PS4 (which was a shock to hear).
TheSuperior  +   800d ago
Im a hard core 360 player too and the PS4 only impressed here. Excited to see what the next Xbox has to offer but I think the ps4 made nearly no mistakes so it will be a tough battle :) bigger the battle the better it is for the gamers so im happy lol
R_aVe_N  +   800d ago
This Gen will be very exciting indeed. Microsoft is going to have to bring it this time around before I decide to run out and get one, and I will definally not get one at launch just in case there is a chance they didnt learned from past mistakes on launches.
josephayal  +   800d ago
I'm DualShocked
battlegrog  +   800d ago
As a person that hated the ps3 and the controller. Which was the deciding factor to never invest in all the wonderful games it had.Im very excited they got everything right this time.That controller seems so good and fixed all the problems that bothered so many people.

Even though i still bought a ps3 ha
Dms2012  +   800d ago
Not sure what they meant by "biggest letdown", Sony's showing was stellar.
Bathyj  +   800d ago
The release date isnt too soon at all.

It HAS to be out this year, before Christmas. Thats 10 months away, they have plenty of time to show off more. After E3 anticipation is going to be feverpitch.
Athonline  +   800d ago
There are some rumours for a November launch... By saying Holidays 2013 in the ending trailer, I guess it means end of November - start of December to catch up the holidays...

Not only E3, we also got Gamescom and Eurogamer between now and PS4 launch!
Sarcasm  +   800d ago
"As nothing has been confirmed for the next-gen Xbox yet it still can be assumed that they will do something to keep up with what Sony is presenting in the terms of actual hardware."

Well the rumors of the PS4 having GDDR5 was pretty accurate, but somehow they managed to get 8GB instead of the previously reported 4GB.

At this point, Microsoft's console is rumored to have 8GB of DDR3 memory.

I think both systems are going to be pretty similar on multi-platform titles though. But one thing is for sure, the PS4 finally won't be "gimped" because developers don't have any more architectural excuses to make.

Even then, PS4 exclusives are going to differentiate themselves from the other console.
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MikeMyers  +   800d ago
Exclusives always differentiate themselves from the others.

I agree that Sony finally released a system that will bring no more excuses to developers and no more gimped versions as you said. They are now coming out with a more PC architecture with great specs. I don't think the difference in type of RAM will matter much.

Sony is really pushing hard now with Gaikai which will go toe to toe with Xbox Live and probably surpass it in many areas. Plus if Sony can keep online play access free then that too will go against Microsoft who will be all too eager to continue charging people.

We've seen Microsoft get outclassed by Sony's diverse in house library. Now the ball is in Microsoft's court to actually show us they are serious about gaming and not just a media device.
WeAreLegion  +   800d ago
"I don't think the difference in type of RAM will matter much."

Well, in theory, DDR5 RAM is much faster than DDR3. There are certain bottlenecks that usually prevent DDR5 from performing at its peak, however. It sounded like Sony worked on getting rid of those, including overclocking. I can't wait to see what they've done.
Sarcasm  +   800d ago
Yup, Microsoft has their work cut out for them.

I remember when the 360 first launched, and for the first few years it was known as the "Hardcore gamers" console. Now if it completely reversed. All they care about is milking as much money from consumers as possible.

And actually I forgot to mention, rumor says they are going to allocate 2-3GB solely for the OS/Kinect. That means they are gimping themselves of the consoles real potential.

Oh well I don't really mind either way, I am not going to be a fanboy of the PS4 or anything. But as it stands, I'm sold on the PS4 and Microsoft has a lot of convincing to do.
MikeMyers  +   800d ago
Microsoft does indeed have a lot of convincing to do but just like when I watched the PS4 event I had no bias going into it. I will also hold no bias against the next Xbox.

You see, when you sit back and have preconceived notions and make it that much harder for them to convince you then chances are you won't give them a fair chance to win you over.

I have no loyalty to any of them. I also went into the Wii U with no bias even though the Wii didn't interest me all that much. However I am still not convinced on the Wii U. There are a few games that interest me but I think Nintendo always makes compromises at the sake of not wanting to outprice themselves. This is why they try so hard to be different because they know they can no longer compete on a technical level. Now we are already seeing 3rd party publishers holding back on support because they want to move onto the next gen and the Wii U will once again be treated differently.
StreetsofRage  +   800d ago
The features is what really got my attention. Sharing game play clips and watching live game play is pretty sick. I hope you can watch live multiplayer games. I would love this feature for the next xbox especially for games like Halo.
lovegames718  +   800d ago
Presentation was stellar they went above and beyond what unveils usually do. They not only gave good amount of specs but also showed live gameplay as oppossed to just tech demos. Not to mention the innovative social features Got me hype and instant demo play is great.

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