No Women at PS4 Reveal?

Chris Lohr: In spite of that satisfaction and the positive outlook for the PS4, Sony has become everyone’s least favorite company of all time. There were no female presenters on stage. Not one, ever. From what I’ve seen on Twitter and Kotaku (the only websites that matter for video game coverage), everyone is outraged. They should be. It’s blatant sexism on Sony’s part.

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Gimmemorebubblez1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

There were no con-joined twins either.
"Sony what's your problem"

RememberThe3571919d ago

Seriously, and all those gun... So insensitive.

Diver1919d ago

this is a duplicate story. an the dud from kotaku complained about no women then said he didn't notice till it was pointed out.

kotaku has hated Sony since the Home leak. I hope they all get fired.

Mounce1919d ago

I was hoping for Siamese twins or better, Dwarfed prostitutes.

Sony, your event was completely disappointing.

Grap1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

when they use women they say they just want too show her body that's sexism. when you don't show women because there is no important women in this industry other than showing her breast. they say sexism. you can't satisfy these arrogant. if there were decent women in this industry who can give us something that's doesn't involve her body am sure sony will give her time at the stage.

stage881919d ago

Satire - The poorest attempt of comedy.

Knight_Crawler1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Well to be fair Sony is a Japanese company and in Japan women are not treated equal to men in the business world.

I work for a big company in America where we deal with alot Japanese clients and the top Japanese CEO's from different companies refused to meet with our CEO here who was a woman.

Eventually we had to higher a male CEO because we were loosing business.

Sony has alot of Japanese investors and it would be an insult to them to have a woman on stage at such an important even.

kreate1919d ago

Yea but thats In japan. This is america. I can assure u when I called sony america, a lady picked up.

kreate1919d ago

They should go watch some pulse episodes.

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maniacmayhem1921d ago

This really disappointed me that there were no booth babes at the ps4 reveal. Major Fail!

GribbleGrunger1919d ago

I LOVE this post. For the reason he posted it, not for the reason most of you would think. It's clever.

Godchild10201921d ago

Wasn't there a female announcer?

Conzul1919d ago

Yeah, but she wasn't *shown*
heh heh

Tuxmask551921d ago

Why is this even an issue?

BkaY1919d ago

coz they couldnt get anything else to pick on...


theDECAY1919d ago

It was a satire, man, er...woman. Damn, we are sexist.

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