Playstation 4 Reveal Reactions, Simply Amazing

February 20th 2013 was a day that will go down in history. After years of rumors and speculation, Sony finally unveiled the Playstation 4. With a new console, new controller, and some fancy new first party titles, the Playstation 4 reveal was amazing.

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8GB_DDR5RAM1921d ago

The RAM announcement was a megaton. Nobody saw it coming.

It killed all the competition.

Killzoner991921d ago

Nothing will be able to compete with the PS4. It's kind of unfair really but that's business. Sony deserves to sit at the top though , they've earned it through years of hard work and commitment to the fans. They are the one company that can honestly say they care about their customers and treat them with respect. The other two console makers won't be around much longer that for sure.

8GB_DDR5RAM1921d ago

Yeah Mario and Zelda barely even sell anymore. Everyone is sick of them and Halo is pretty much dead in the water.

They would be lucky if all 3 of those franchises sold half a million copies.

Once Infamous: Second Son comes out and just blows everyones mind with PS4's 8GB ram it's game over for everyone. Valve might as well just pack up and leave too because computers won't be able to catch up.

PS4 is future proof.

sincitysir11921d ago


im super excited.

T21921d ago

I like your enthusiasm and share in it, but I doubt xbox will go down without a fight .. Theyll cram 8 gb into the 720 if they have to glue it on the outside now

creatchee1921d ago

I can't say that anything truly amazed me. Sure it was good, and there were some really cool ideas and promises of the future, but nothing left me with my jaw open and drool piling up on my lap.

If you overuse a word like "amazing", it loses its value and meaning.

NoSuchUserName1921d ago

The 8gbs of fast RAM was the best and most important info, especially since there were rumors about 4 before the event