IGN hit with layoffs, 1UP and Gamespy being shut down

IGN was hit with editorial layoffs today, with sites 1UP and Gamespy expected to be shut down.

A company spokesperson confirmed the details to Joystiq, noting IGN is focusing on its two brands: IGN and

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nrvalleytime1914d ago

1UP had the best quality editorials and articles on the web - I'll really miss that site. Best of luck to all, and hope everyone lands on their feet.

Relientk771914d ago

I have no clue why you're getting all those disagrees

I'll miss 1UP, way more than Gamespy

mt1914d ago

I guess because you made like they already shut down their company. they didn't yet, they might get away with it, and mange to get back on business.

Blacktric1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

"1UP had the best quality editorials and articles on the web"

Thanks for the laugh.

bicfitness1914d ago

They wrote the worst sort of opinion pieces. Hardly anything factual to their articles and even less thought paid to the review process. I'll be glad to have less "5 reasons why - insert whatever - is failing" articles.

sikbeta1914d ago

+Didn't know IGN owns (or whatever) 1UP + Gamespy? odd considering they compete for the exact same internet hits @[email protected]


Too bad for those without jobs now.

sikbeta1914d ago

Didn't know IGN owns (or whatever) 1UP + Gamespy? odd considering they compete for the exact same internet hits @[email protected]


Too bad for those without jobs now.

PeaSFor1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

"1UP had the best quality editorials and articles on the web"

what? it started to rot inside out the day they stopped to do the 1up show, sowly it became clear that not a single fck was to be given or any form of passion until today news, we have over 9000 shitty articles has proofs.

thats kinda sad since i was a fan of the old 1up days.

but it went to shit, so thats why you get disagrees.

SilentNegotiator1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I don't care what anyone says, 1UP had great reviews. With them shut down, it'll just mean one less site that doesn't give a 9 to every game.

EDIT: Oh that's right; everyone is still crying that they gave a generic jrpg a middling score.

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adorie1914d ago

Shocking. Has IGN been bought already?

morganfell1914d ago

Thank goodness, it's about time.

These sites were on the whole providing a disservice to the gamer. Their undue influence upon the development and marketing of games was unprecedented in any industry.

Gaming has become less about fan service and more about chasing the 9. These snot nosed pompous kids can now go stand in the unemployment line and ponder their importance in to industry in which they never worked.

The sooner we get rid of a few more untalented hacks - hopefully IGN goes next - the sooner we can get back to developers communicating directly with the fans instead of our reading about their conversations with a group of self promoting jerks.

With Social Media and the ever more open nature of the internet it is time for these overblown sites like Kotaku and IGN to go the way of the dodo and the hour is here for companies to go direct to the fans. Goodbye worthless journalists and good riddance.

Root1914d ago

@morganfell has become all about chasing the 9 scores instead of listening to fans....that and the fact they chase after the so called COD crowd which ruins their games.

user39158001914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I dont mind gamespy and gamespot leaving the online market, but 1up?

Gamespot sold their soul for money and making their editorials write falsed comments to keep bottoms up on reviews, so I could care less for gamespot.

Gamespy was not good to began with, but 1 up its a good source.

Black-Rock-Shooter1914d ago

Read the article it doesn't say anything about Gamespot.

Christopher1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

The timing seems to be on purpose. Didn't want anyone who was working up to prepare and do stuff for the Sony announcement to get all depressed and stop working.

Sad fact of life in the gaming journalism industry, though. With everyone able to throw together a site and steal the content from others using their own words, you gotta refocus on a single site and make it the best you can.

Now, if only some _other_ site would start to do that. Make their site the best they can, that is.

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VileAndVicious1914d ago

Really? Shutting down 1up IGN? wtf

MoveTheGlow1914d ago

You mean Ziff Davis. I'm sure the guys at IGN wanted to keep as many games writing outlets open as possible, but the big guys probably took them in from Newscorp to save them from everything collapsing, and this is their alternative.

1up-ocalypse Part 2. Podcasts won't save this one. I hope those guys find amazing places to go.

ApolloTheBoss1914d ago

Excuse me?? Just like that?!

Black-Rock-Shooter1914d ago

No I think they will slowly shut them down after time or straight off on a certain date.

silkrevolver1914d ago

As much as I dislike this news, it makes sense.
IGN was bought out about a month ago, along with those sister-sites.
Why have competing sites doing similar coverage? They'll most likely restructure much of the talent from 1-UP and Co. to integrate into IGN.


mandf1914d ago

I hope so because cvg, gamingbolt, kotaku, etc. etc. are horrible flamebait sites.

DivineAssault 1914d ago

bye bye.. ign selling out was a bad move

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