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IGN hit with layoffs, 1UP and Gamespy being shut down

IGN was hit with editorial layoffs today, with sites 1UP and Gamespy expected to be shut down.

A company spokesperson confirmed the details to Joystiq, noting IGN is focusing on its two brands: IGN and AskMen.com (1UP, IGN, Industry)

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Zuperman  +   766d ago
nrvalleytime  +   766d ago
1UP had the best quality editorials and articles on the web - I'll really miss that site. Best of luck to all, and hope everyone lands on their feet.
Relientk77  +   766d ago
I have no clue why you're getting all those disagrees

I'll miss 1UP, way more than Gamespy
mt  +   766d ago
I guess because you made like they already shut down their company. they didn't yet, they might get away with it, and mange to get back on business.
Blacktric  +   766d ago
"1UP had the best quality editorials and articles on the web"



Thanks for the laugh.
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bicfitness  +   766d ago
They wrote the worst sort of opinion pieces. Hardly anything factual to their articles and even less thought paid to the review process. I'll be glad to have less "5 reasons why - insert whatever - is failing" articles.
sikbeta  +   766d ago
+Didn't know IGN owns (or whatever) 1UP + Gamespy? odd considering they compete for the exact same internet hits @_@


Too bad for those without jobs now.
sikbeta  +   766d ago
Didn't know IGN owns (or whatever) 1UP + Gamespy? odd considering they compete for the exact same internet hits @_@


Too bad for those without jobs now.
PeaSFor  +   766d ago
"1UP had the best quality editorials and articles on the web"

what? it started to rot inside out the day they stopped to do the 1up show, sowly it became clear that not a single fck was to be given or any form of passion until today news, we have over 9000 shitty articles has proofs.

thats kinda sad since i was a fan of the old 1up days.

but it went to shit, so thats why you get disagrees.
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SilentNegotiator  +   766d ago
I don't care what anyone says, 1UP had great reviews. With them shut down, it'll just mean one less site that doesn't give a 9 to every game.

EDIT: Oh that's right; everyone is still crying that they gave a generic jrpg a middling score.
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adorie  +   766d ago
Shocking. Has IGN been bought already?
morganfell  +   766d ago | Well said
Thank goodness, it's about time.

These sites were on the whole providing a disservice to the gamer. Their undue influence upon the development and marketing of games was unprecedented in any industry.

Gaming has become less about fan service and more about chasing the 9. These snot nosed pompous kids can now go stand in the unemployment line and ponder their importance in to industry in which they never worked.

The sooner we get rid of a few more untalented hacks - hopefully IGN goes next - the sooner we can get back to developers communicating directly with the fans instead of our reading about their conversations with a group of self promoting jerks.

With Social Media and the ever more open nature of the internet it is time for these overblown sites like Kotaku and IGN to go the way of the dodo and the hour is here for companies to go direct to the fans. Goodbye worthless journalists and good riddance.
Root  +   766d ago

True...it has become all about chasing the 9 scores instead of listening to fans....that and the fact they chase after the so called COD crowd which ruins their games.
user3915800  +   766d ago
I dont mind gamespy and gamespot leaving the online market, but 1up?

Gamespot sold their soul for money and making their editorials write falsed comments to keep bottoms up on reviews, so I could care less for gamespot.

Gamespy was not good to began with, but 1 up its a good source.
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Black-Rock-Shooter  +   766d ago
Read the article it doesn't say anything about Gamespot.
Christopher  +   766d ago
The timing seems to be on purpose. Didn't want anyone who was working up to prepare and do stuff for the Sony announcement to get all depressed and stop working.

Sad fact of life in the gaming journalism industry, though. With everyone able to throw together a site and steal the content from others using their own words, you gotta refocus on a single site and make it the best you can.

Now, if only some _other_ site would start to do that. Make their site the best they can, that is.
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VileAndVicious  +   766d ago
Really? Shutting down 1up IGN? wtf
MoveTheGlow  +   766d ago
You mean Ziff Davis. I'm sure the guys at IGN wanted to keep as many games writing outlets open as possible, but the big guys probably took them in from Newscorp to save them from everything collapsing, and this is their alternative.

1up-ocalypse Part 2. Podcasts won't save this one. I hope those guys find amazing places to go.
ApolloTheBoss  +   766d ago
Excuse me?? Just like that?!
Black-Rock-Shooter  +   766d ago
No I think they will slowly shut them down after time or straight off on a certain date.
silkrevolver  +   766d ago
As much as I dislike this news, it makes sense.
IGN was bought out about a month ago, along with those sister-sites.
Why have competing sites doing similar coverage? They'll most likely restructure much of the talent from 1-UP and Co. to integrate into IGN.

mandf  +   766d ago
I hope so because cvg, gamingbolt, kotaku, etc. etc. are horrible flamebait sites.
DivineAssault  +   766d ago
bye bye.. ign selling out was a bad move
nutcrackr  +   766d ago
Man that's pretty sad to see gamespy go down. They had all the awesome "planet_" sites back in the day. Used to visit them quite regularly. Personally I'd rather see IGN fall on their sword than Gamespy.
Christopher  +   766d ago
IGN had the Vault Network as well, which was the primary competitor (though, they screwed that up over time by making it about money than the community) to the Planet sites. I really miss those. Now, everything has pretty much turned to a wikia site, though.
thecowsaysmoo  +   766d ago
IGN needs to get out of California and move to Texas. Too much high taxes in California and California high prices on basic needs added with too much regulation kills companies.
baraka007  +   766d ago
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mandf  +   766d ago
California is the worst state to do business. I'm not saying Texas is better. I had a business in Cali and they are crooks.
thecowsaysmoo  +   766d ago
I don't know, maybe I would if they accept someone with somewhat liberal views on social matters. But there is a reason why Texas unemployment is low and Texas basic needs such as gas and food isn't as high as California. But to answer your question if I did work at Fox news at least I will be working unlike a lot of people in California. And btw notice how everyone is leaving California pretty much.
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clearelite  +   766d ago
He's right, but perhaps english is his second language, or he's typing on his phone, etc.

Whoops cows, I meant to give you an agree so here's a bubble.

Both of your comment's are pretty spot on conceptually but I don't know if moving to Texas could save those companies.
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wolokowoh  +   766d ago
@clearelite In a sense it could if the sit stayed the same. Wages could be slightly reduced if they set up shop in Texas/any southern state/the Midwest region instead of the west coast or the Megalopolis(northeast coastline)region because cost of living is so much lower in these areas and states like Louisiana have great tax laws(or lack there of) in place for businesses. Whereas Arkansas is fairly bad on taxes and regulations, Louisiana is not. I know from working a management position(former driller myself) at a drilling company. The permits are way easier to get in Louisiana and there's not just generally less hassle.
WooHooAlex  +   766d ago
Wow, didn't they just purchase both 1UP and GameSpy within the last year or so? Hopefully the majority of those who lost their job will be rehired by IGN or other outlets.
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Christopher  +   766d ago
Other way around. Ziff just bought IGN and closed what they already owned.

It's likely that some key members will be moved over to IGN, or at least offered the chance.
aviator189  +   766d ago
1up?? ..... ;/
WooHooAlex  +   766d ago
Any word yet on who was let go?
The_Klank  +   766d ago
Ryan Clements, Colin Cambell from Ign. Bob Servo from 1up and I'm sure many more.
Heisenburger  +   766d ago
Not Clements..... :(

He was there to balance out Colin's ridiculous rants on beyond with his politeness and positive attitude.

I really liked him....
Raider69  +   766d ago
Get Greg Miller out too,that guy dont know shit about video games.
Beast_Master  +   766d ago
Oh goodness sorry to see Clements go.. He is a good guy I am sure he will land on his feet. To bad that Greg and Colin Moriarty are still there. They both sound and write editorials like a 3rd graders.
bryam1982  +   766d ago
Software_Lover  +   766d ago
Its all about the mighty dollar. Once you become so big, you have to constantly produce money for the shareholders or kiss your butts goodbye.

My favorite website, gamepro.com, is gone. It wasn't for the editorials or news, but for the community of friends that I had there. We still have our annual gamepro fantasy football challenges on espn, and some of us communicate through xbox live and psn. But its just not the same.

I wish the people good luck in finding jobs. I never like it when people lose their jobs to fatten pockets of someone else.
WooHooAlex  +   766d ago
Ryan Clements was let go, I'll miss listening to him on Podcast Beyond and wish him luck finding work.

MattyG  +   766d ago
I can't believe they let him go. He was one of the best editors they had. Gonna miss Cypher Filton and Colin's death predictions. Very upsetting news. Hope he finds a good job elsewhere.
Relientk77  +   766d ago
Wait seriously?

1UP and Gamespy are just done?

Damn :-/
Captain Qwark 9  +   766d ago
greg miller better still have a job. that would be a tragic loss, i love that guy
MattyG  +   766d ago
He does. Sadly, the powerhouse Ryan Clements doesn't.
Captain Qwark 9  +   766d ago
im really not that familiar with ryan. which section did he run? i mostly just know greg and brian from watching up at noon.

its a shame either way. i hate seeing people lose their jobs and sites or companies shut down. just shows things aren't getting better in the US
MattyG  +   766d ago
He was part of the Playstation team at one point but then he moved to general editorials.

@MrMeh007 You're a heartless bastard if that is how you really feel. These are REAL people's jobs and lives and you hope they get screwed over out of spite. Grow up and learn that no matter how much you dislike someone, it's a terrible thing to hope someone lost their job. People like you make me sick.
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Beast_Master  +   766d ago
@Matty G, I think he was talking about Greg Miller, who is a self pompous toolbag, and not Ryan Clements. Everyone pretty much hates Greg, from his 13 yr old voice to his 10 yr old writing style, he is far too untalented to be in his position. but as much as I hate Greg Miller I would not love to see him get fired I would rather he just understand how much he sucks and find a new line of work on his on.
wolokowoh  +   766d ago
@Beast_Master Even he was referring to Greg, Mr.Meh007 would wrong to want to lose his job. The only reason you can every justify wanting someone to lose their job is if you or someone you care needs/wants that specific job. Otherwise you're just a douche. It does not matter if you and many others(not everyone as you stated) hate the guy and believe he is bad at his job. I personally like him on Podcast Beyond. Even though I disagree with his most of reviews and don't really find him to be as much of a contribution to the actual site as Colin Moriarty is, he still could be a valuable asset to IGN in my eyes.

There's more to the job than just writing content for the site, putting up videos, and playing games. There's a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes and you can tell if you pay attention. Also if you're going to criticize someone for writing don't make five errors in a very short paragraph. Let's start with "self pompous". Pompous means self-important so you would saying "self self-important" which is redundant. There's a period instead of comma before the word "but" which is simply a typographical error. A lack of punctuation for two sentences. Finally, you ended a sentence with spelling error "on" own.
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ThatXboxGuy   766d ago | Immature | show
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Black-Rock-Shooter  +   766d ago
I for some reason whatever it may be but I hated Gamespy and 1up was just there but rarely on n4g since they didn't do that much for getting good stories (or stupid list that lead nowhere but hey that's n4g).

For IGN I hope they wake up before they drown in a sea of there bulls#*t.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   766d ago
My heart goes out to anyone losing their job.
Evil_Ryu  +   766d ago
Getting rid of 1up and Gamespy is a good business decision but i do feel for those who lost there jobs.
ratcop22  +   766d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   766d ago
That's what happens when you make them harlem shake vids...
Nodoze  +   766d ago
This is one hell of a recovery we have going on. Layoffs after layoffs after layoffs.

Hint (layoffs don't happen in a recovering/booming economy).

Just wait until all the healthcare mandates kick in next year. This is just the beginning of the 'recovery'.
YodaCracker  +   765d ago
The only gaming site I would truly be sad to see go is Giant Bomb.
-IronMan-  +   765d ago
Good Riddance
JeepGamer  +   765d ago
More casualties of the recession it seems.

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