Arma 3 and Day Z Standalone Not Coming To Consoles

Eskimo Press: Arma 3 and Day Z were set to release late 2012 on PC and later on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, both the games were announced to be delayed, and there is still no sign of a release date for either game. That was until today, 21st of February 2012, when Bohemia Interactive announced that Arma 3 will be a Steam-exlusive title because otherwise they'd never be able to release the game in 2013. Considering that Day Z standalone is also suppoed to release this year and use the Arma 3 engine, we can confidently assume that Day Z will not be coming to consoles either

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3GenGames1918d ago

They're a good hacker group trying to move to making a full game. That's a BIG step, and this is bound to happen. I'm okay with this, just pluck through and get it done guys. Then fry bigger chickens when you can, later.

Hydrolex1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Damnn why not !!

SilentNegotiator1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Because Eskimopress needs more hits, so they've decided to make more rumor articles.

urwifeminder1918d ago

The fact that they embracing steamworks for user content is the best news ive heard all year.

Neko_Mega1918d ago

So its not coming to PS3 or 360, so that doesn't mean it can't come to the next gen consoles.

ZeroX98761918d ago

I don't want another BF3 on consoles. I prefer getting it on next gen.

Robbert_jansen1918d ago

stupid article full of stupid incorrect information don't waste your time reading this

MorbidPorpoise1918d ago

''That was until today, 21st of February 2012''.

Feralkitsune1918d ago

Exactly. DayZ Standalone will not even be using the ARMA3 engine. It's a combination of Arma2, ToH, and some features from the ARMA3 engine all customized to what is needed only for DayZ.

RedSoakedSponge1918d ago

dayz doesnt use the arma 3 engine. it uses arma 2 but an enhanced version with bits of arma 3 put in. so there is no point in assuming anything about the dayz standalone with the news. dean hall has stated he would love to put dayz on consoles if he hits 1 million sales of the standalone on pc. i bet you he still plans to go along with that.

RedSoakedSponge1918d ago

also i dont understand why they have a picture of The WarZ on that article. like.... do these guys have a clue at all?!

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