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Submitted by Adnan_rules 1083d ago | article

Wii U V.S PS4 Images and Video Comparison

Adnans Compared the PS4 and Wii U graphics? are the PS4 graphics that much better? (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4, Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

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Neonridr  +   1083d ago | Well said
While the PS4 does have some very impressive graphics, the Wii U will in no way be left behind like the Wii was in comparison to the 360/PS3. Obvioulsy when multiplat games release on all three, then some sacrifices will have to be made for the Wii U version. But the Wii U has the ability to at least run some of the same game engines potentially. Obviously the key thing will be the processors, since the PS4 will have 8 cores compared to the three in the Wii U. This may result in some CPU intensive games from not being able to be released on the Wii U due to some possible technical limitations. We will have to wait and see of course.

Exciting times regardless. I will be getting one of the next gen systems from Sony or MS to compliment my Wii U. But I will reserve my judgement until I see what MS brings to the table.
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Adnan_rules  +   1083d ago
very nice comment. I agree, i think its wrong to say the Wii u will be miles apart.
Enemy  +   1083d ago | Well said
Just compare the specs, guys.
dcbronco  +   1083d ago | Well said
"I agree, i think its wrong to say the Wii u will be miles apart".

I think it's realistic to say it though.

What kind of depraved mind compares the two, anyway.
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darthv72  +   1083d ago
lets compare things
rationally. If we compare the wii to the wii-u we can see that the specs provide a significant increase in proposed fidelity. Going from 480p to 720-1080p is quite a jump and the games will reflect that.

Comparing the ps3 to the PS4 we can see that the biggest improvement was the increase in memory. We know the cell was already a strong chip but had been paired with a gpu that didnt live up to its potential. If it did, sony would still be with nvidia instead of switching to AMD/ATI.

Many (if not all) of the games shown yesterday more than likely started development on Ps3 hardware. you can see many similarities but most importantly, the lighting and shadows are better. This is probably due to those titles being shifted over to PS4 dev kits within the last few months.

So we are used to seeing PS3 level of graphics in 720-1080p and the PS4 will output the same resolutions but with a higher polygon count and better AA. This would be akin to going from medium settings on a game to high but keeping the same resolution (ie more textures and finer details being noticeable).

The graphical performance of the PS4 is helped by the increase in unified memory where as the ps3 was somewhat hindered by the split memory design. We can see that the 360 (to some extent) played a role in the PS4 design. By that i am referring to using a unified memory, more standardized pc development architecture and most of all ATI graphics.

Those could just be coincidences or they could be legit improvements sony saw the need to make to build a better box.

The jump from wii to wii-u is one that is (right now) overshadowed by all the talk of the PS4 but its jump is significant enough to really be noticeable. Many say wii-u is not nextgen but that is where they are wrong. Wii-u is as much nintendo's nextgen offering as ps4 is for sony.

The main difference is the amount of improvements nintendo has made from wii to wii-u are more significant than those sony made from ps3 to ps4. The best comparative would be wii to wii-u is equal to ps2 to ps3. Both were significant improvements. PS3 to PS4 is not as significant (at the moment) but it can be given time and experience and games really made from scratch using the PS4 hardware.
gaffyh  +   1083d ago
Yes, the games will be scalable to Wii U, obviously Wii U is likely to suffer with the worst version of all multiplatform games, but the bigger question that will be on the developer's minds is, "Is it worth porting the games to Wii U?" Until Nintendo can prove that Wii U owners will buy games other than first party titles, it's unlikely that the Wii U will be supported by most developers, especially indie studios who are short on cash.
blackbeld  +   1083d ago
I still buy both so it doesn't matter.

WiiU and PS4 they both have great exclusives!

And both can play online for FREE!
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aceitman  +   1083d ago
here is a spec chart to look at to see the big difference.
inveni0  +   1083d ago
Anyone who bought the WiiU thinking it would be on par with the PS4 horribly miscalculated their purchase. That's not to say that the WiiU won't do okay, but it's certainly not going to be the same top-level experience as PS4.
fatstarr  +   1083d ago
so now people go to specs on n4g...

Lmao Ive seen it all.

reguardless, wiiu's hardware can push out graphically good looking games, seeing as people are still claiming ps3 has the best graphics in the universe and the wiiu's specs > the ps3 logically that means that the wiius graphics would be accepted as better than gen 7.

gen 8 wise, if its built from the ground up for each system visually they will all look good. from a high end pc owner you eventually get to the point where it doesn't matter since you wont see it unless you sit and pay attention zoming in and out to see the 5 hours of work some coder/3d artist put on some chain link fence.

wiiu pushed to the limit can achieve that quality with gimped tricks and good mastery of the hardware. its gonna be a case of devs optimizing engines to run on 8gb of ram that will be the future down fall 4 years from now should they choose to pull a exclude Nintendo from everything.
pixelsword  +   1083d ago
It's not just specs, it's also the talent of the devs.
bigrob904  +   1083d ago
if you look at the game deep down they showed, it would be stupid to compare it to any game the wiiu ever does. that is one of the single most impressive looking games i have ever seen and i have seen games running on ultra settings on a pc.
subtenko  +   1083d ago
WiiUPS4 LOL We UPS! ....yea its late
BattleAxe  +   1083d ago | Well said


I'm sorry, but based on the RAM specifications alone, the WiiU is pathetic.
ABizzel1  +   1083d ago
First off these are two very different games. While Xenoblade 2 may be open world, RPG's don't have to render things that FPS have to constantly keep running like particle effect, bullet effects, weapon fire lighting, etc... Also looking at the games you can see Killzone has tons of graphically effects that the "X" trailer doesn't have like real-time reflections, insane lighting effects, and tessellation (X has great textures, but none of that going on). So off the back Killzone is pushing a lot more graphic intensive features thus "X" is able to hold it's own a bit more simply because it doesn't have to worry about said features and can focus on polygons and textures rather than advanced processing. Killzone is also running 1080p and X is most likely 720p.

Secondly the image quality of both screenshots are horrible. They're both foggy looking, and it looks like the author purposefully picked the least impressive shots of Killzone.

This is a much better comparison if only I could get them side by side. Solution click Killzone then click X one after the other to better compare.


X (A lot of the images are sub 720p, but that's because the image quality seems to vastly deteriorate when using anything 720p or higher, so the game may have been rendered on something more like 720 x 480, instead of true 1280 x 720. So for quality I used the lower resolution for better looking images.)


As you can see X looks great on the Wii U, but it doesn't compare to Killzone on the PS4. This is nothing against the Wii U at all, and X is doing some really impressive stuff with the console, but again that's going to be one of Nintendo's next batch of games, while Killzone is a launch title. By no means will this be PS360 vs. Wii, but Wii U is still behind nonetheless.

Capcom's Deep Down is a better look at the future of the PS4. Chose this scene because it actually looks like gameplay.

Not trying to bash the WIi U at all, just being fair.
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Quetzll  +   1083d ago
Most people don't consider the fact that if Nintendo wanted direct competition with Sony and Microsoft, then they would obviously make a "just as powerful" console. But Nintendo quit worrying about that after the Gamecube.
No point in trying to compete with Sony, Microsoft, and PC when they could just focus on their own style and not have to worry about the other 3 cutting in on their potential profits.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1083d ago
Not to be a negative nancy but this was the worst article I've ever read. No one thinks the Wii U can compete graphically with the PS4 any more than the PS3 can. The PS4 has amazing and expensive tech designed for graphical power. The Wii U is nearly the opposite and is designed for low cost / low power consumption with its gimmick being lagless streaming to the gamepad.

You might as well compare my ability to drive a manual transmission car to a baby's. I'll kick that baby's a** no problem. Does that make it a terrible baby? Does it make that baby a worse person than me? No, because that's not the point of the baby.

I know no one on n4g actually reads the articles and this time I wish I did the same. I think I lost some IQ points.
That-Guy  +   1083d ago
Nah, somehow I get the vibe a lot of the developers are just going to snub the Wii U. However, unlike last gen, this time Nintendo's console should be much easier to develop for, or tune down as it'll support most of the major game engines.
NobodyImportant  +   1083d ago

"No one thinks the Wii U can compete graphically with the PS4"

Is this your first time on N4G? ;-)
Can I show you to Exhibit A ... ExtremeAzure's comment below. VVV

"I just hope people get it through their heads that the Wii U isn't as technologically challenged this time around. NFS: Most Wanted U is proof of that."
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mistertwoturbo  +   1083d ago

lol I literally laughed out loud.

This guy just made an analogy of driving a manual transmission and kicking a baby.

I've seen it all.
SugarSoSweet  +   1083d ago
The PS4 is much stronger then the Wii U

One has 2GB of DDR2 memory the other has 8 GB of GDDR5 memory

do the math!
Shadow Flare  +   1083d ago
Never gonna see anything remotely close to this on Wii U.
vulcanproject  +   1082d ago
Performance wise the gap will be significant. Don't know why anyone would try to pretend otherwise.

PS4 is an order of magnitude faster across the board, much quicker CPU, much more and much faster memory and system wide bandwidth, much faster GPU to the order of 4 times at least.

It isn't all about specs. It is about the games portfolio.

BUT if you are talking about specs, then it is ridiculous to think Wii U is close to PS4. It just isn't.

PS4 is easily capable of besting Wii U assets running games in 1080p, compared to 720p or less for most Wii U titles.

Closer than Wii was to 360/PS3, but still a yawning chasm.
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lizard81288  +   1082d ago
lol specs
3DS vs Vita. The Vita should be kicking ass, but it is failing. I'm more interested in the games, rather than specs.
xursz  +   1082d ago
We'll see the difference when Watch_Dogs launches on both systems. Regardless. Let's be nice about it because I want Nintendo to stay in the game and not turn out like Sega. :)

When the Wiiu gets a decent price drop it should do fine.

@above; Urgh, that statement angers me.

The psvita isn't failing any more than the Wiiu is, in fact it has a larger install base (for obvious reasons) and far more software sales. Third parties like Ubisoft have admitted to acceptable software sales for their exclusive Assassin's Creed game on psvita meanwhile they switched the exclusive Rayman Legends to multiplatform just to be sure they can make a profit.

I apologize if this came off rude. I disliked that fanboy tone.
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AKR  +   1083d ago
I agree. I just hope people get it through their heads that the Wii U isn't as technologically challenged this time around. NFS: Most Wanted U is proof of that. If we see devs coming out with the same level of effort, the Wii U has a bright future on its horizon.

There's no doubt that there's going to be a visual difference when comparing Wii U to PS4/720 - but there's NO WAY we're going to see another Wii vs. PS3/360. The gap is much smaller this time around.
firelogic  +   1083d ago
Yes, the WiiU is great compared to PS3 and 360 which is downright pathetic. The WiiU came out 7 years after the 360 and you're lauding how great NFS looks in comparison?

The WiiU is not even in the conversation, yet again. It's all about PS4/XboxX.
quantae06  +   1083d ago
@firelogic All XBOX is going to have is Gears & Halo that's it with a bunch of 3rd party multiplats that other console will have. You may get some Kinect casual games. I say it's more like PS4/WiiU.
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HammadTheBeast  +   1083d ago
Look at NFS Wii U, then DriveClub.

Yeah, massive difference. There's no way around it, the PS4 is much more powerful than Wii U. Also, remember all these other features in the back. Resume/Suspend mode. Share button allowing recording and uploading on the spot. View/Try mode.

Wii U better have a massive firmware patch soon that can take advantage of that whole GB of background ram.
truechainz  +   1083d ago
@Hammondtheone I don't think anyone is disputing that so why say there is no way around it? It is FACT of course that the PS4 is much stronger than the Wii U, but all he was saying that the gap betwee Wii U/PS4 is much smaller than Wii/PS3 which is also FACT. Also I'm pretty sure that the Wii U can suspend/resume games as well, but I'm assuming the PS4 will run a lot smoother regardless thanks to its 8 gigs
_-EDMIX-_  +   1083d ago
I find it strange that you're actually using a current generation game as an example. the Wii U is not as technically challenged......compared to the PlayStation 3 and 360 that is. but could the same not be said about the Wii versus the PlayStation 2 an Xbox?

( slow down everyone the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 need to watch out the Wii now has PlayStation 2 graphics now! Look out PS3! can you believe thatGun, Tony Hawk wasteland and Need for Speed Most Wanted were running on the Wii!!!! Looks like the Wii won't get left behind after all)

now I question this to you where is Mass Effect where's Assassin's Creed and where is Battlefield on the Wii?

you know why watch dogs is on the WiiU? Because there's a PlayStation 3 and 360 version. I could assure you not a single next generation IP being announced will be announced for Wii U. only the games that happen to have current gen versions of ie watch dogs
AKR  +   1083d ago
To continue ~ I used NFS Most Wanted as an example, because of the effort that was put into it. It uses the high-res textures of the PC version of the game, which is pretty impressive. They also improved the lighting and shading, and even reflections.
If more devs follow Criterion, with that level of effort to really try and make use of the hardware, the Wii U can see some pretty great looking multiplat games.

I'm not disputing the fact that the PS4 and 720 will have an edge, but the level of difference will be more subtle than Wii vs the PS3 and 360.
And also ~ Driversclub was made for the PS4, from the ground up. Most Wanted U is still an enhanced port, so you can't really make a solid comparison there.

And I doubt the reason that the Wii U is getting a game like Watch Dogs only because last-gen versions exsist. Like I said, the hardware has potential, but its up to the devs to use it. 'X' looks amazing, and that was just alpha footage, not to mention its an early game. I can only imagine how Wii U games will look, once devs get better acquainted with the tech.
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NobodyImportant  +   1083d ago

"I'm not disputing the fact that the PS4 and 720 will have an edge"

That is quite an understatement. lol
mistertwoturbo  +   1083d ago
Why is this conversation even happening? My god???
MNGamer-N  +   1083d ago
I agree as well. PS4 + WiiU = You get to play every game that will be created next gen, minus any Xbox exclusives. It's the perfect combo. And with the news of off screen play with Vita, I am now considering a purchase of that system as well.
Blackdeath_663  +   1083d ago
pc+ps4 is the perfect combo. not really interested in nintendo games but thats just me. i really hate microsofts focus on kinect
ambientFLIER  +   1083d ago
How is it the perfect combo when you're missing out on killer apps like Halo 5, seeing as how amazing Halo 4 was...
HammadTheBeast  +   1083d ago

Too bad you missed out on GT5, Journey, Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet, God of War, Uncharted, Starhawk/Warhawk, MAG, Resistance, Sly Cooper, and many more.

See, everything goes both ways.
donman1  +   1083d ago
100% agree, WiiU/PS4 combo for the win.
Just_The_Truth  +   1083d ago
I don't see the wiiu getting a ton of multiplatform games, if any at all. It's not even getting support right now. Third parties tried to make wii games because it was a massive hit. Everyone had one but the wiiu is a different story.
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Venox2008  +   1083d ago
wow, you just compared no HD console (Wii) to HD ones :D sorry, but this time around it will be different.. plus Wii U can run next gen engines.. so there's a decent chance that multiplatform games will come to Wii U.. for me next gen is PS4 & Wii U combo.. :) ..and Vita with 3DS
jmc8888  +   1083d ago
Actually the Wii U has received a good amount of 3rd party games.

The point is right now there aren't many games coming out for any console, and most games that are, are exclusives in the works for 3-4 years.

The Wii U is capable of pretty much any game that releases on next gen consoles, unless it is severely CPU bound, which is very rare.

Even then the other next gen consoles will struggle too, since all next consoles have crap for CPU's. Even the PS4's 8 core chip is a tablet/mobile low power chip.

It's 8 cores are signficantly less powerful than a midrange PC desktop from 2007-2008. So I think it's accurate to say that while all will be able to have great games, the CPU portion isn't the primary pusher and any game maker that tries to make a game based more on a CPU is going to fail when it comes to a console version.
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AKR  +   1083d ago
Remfmber how many games the 360 and PS3 missed out at the beginning of their lifetimes?

It's new tech, entering at a time when newly releasing titles may have been in development years before. Devs would now have to take the time to port it over. That's why the Wii U is getting a large tsunami of third party titles at this time, but it will pick up soon enough.

Even so, the third party games already released, and to be released, are already much more stronger third party support than what we saw on Wii, so that's a good sign.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1083d ago
If Watchdogs can be done on the WiiU, what more can you ask for?
Just_The_Truth  +   1083d ago
Good point but I remember unleashed 2 was hardly the same game. The AI was terrible and the enemies were cut in half. This may not be the case with watch dogs though.
akaakaaka  +   1083d ago
Watchdogs an be even done on a PS3 with lowered visual nothing new there.. it was the must ugly game showed in the PS4 but the game lay seem fun!
MasterCornholio  +   1083d ago
Well that isnt much proof of anything since the game is coming to both the 360 and the PS3.

"Watch Dogs coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 'for sure,' producer says"

Edit: Those pics are kind of bad. Here are some better ones.

X 1280x720P


Killzone Shadow Falls 1280x720


Dang its difficult to compare these 2.
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_-EDMIX-_  +   1083d ago
I don't understand the you seem to think that the name of the game means the exact technical build? If I tell you crysis is running on the PlayStation 3 do you truly believe I'm referring to it running in 1080 p 60 frames and looking the exact way as on PC? It's almost like saying assassins Creed is on the DS I can't believe it can achieve PlayStation 3 graphics..... please don't be so naive and ignorant.

I believe they game by the name of Call of Duty 4 was also released on the Wii please go back and take a look at it and tell me how great it was. because if that is what you're referring to buy "playing" on the Wii U I'm sorry but that system is going to get left behind fast.

why should a third party developer waste any time trying to port games to such a low tech system? They might as well just keep porting to PlayStation 3 in 360 if that's the case. it won't happen because publishers are not just in some sort of big team together they're all competing against each other why should they waste precious resources porting to a lessor system?

put it this way the Wii is the number 1 selling console this generation yet it still didn't get ports to any of the major third party IPs. is there a reason they should change their minds?

they are going to repeat what they did this generation. don't expect next generation IPs on Wiiu there wasn't on the Wii.

Resident Evil 5? Mass Effect? Battlefield series? all successful huge series this generation all skipped the Wii! even despite it being the best selling current generation system. expect more of the same by third party developers anybody notice that battlefield 3 has been absent from the WiiU?

I'm curious to see where that game is now, EA hasn't said a peep about it
mistertwoturbo  +   1083d ago
I will quote Reggie.

"If you did a side-by-side comparison," Fils-Aime said, "You would actually see that third-party games like Call of Duty look dramatically better on our system."

Granted he was talking about the PS3/360.

I can bet you he will have a different answer if someone asks him about the PS4.
PopRocks359  +   1083d ago

As usual, a very level headed and insightful comment.

The graphics on what's been shown on the PS4 do indeed look exquisite and clearly better than what's been shown on the Wii U, but I don't think the Wii U will be left behind graphically either.

I may be proven wrong with time, but until then I'm keeping my expectations level. I am happy with my Wii U and I am also interested in the PS4.
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Godmars290  +   1083d ago
But this isn't a comparison to the Xbox/PS3 and the WiiU, but the WiiU and the PS4. And there is a notable difference between the WiiU and PS4. You even admit to as much and are yet trying not to?
lilbroRx  +   1083d ago
There is a noticeable difference between the Wii U and 360/PS3. It has been seen Trine 2: DC wasn't presented.
Snookies12  +   1083d ago
Yes, the Wii U looks good right now, and it WILL look better as time goes on. However, it is only a step up currently from PS3/360 games. The PS4 that was shown is like 5 steps up, not to mention the fact that it has so much more room to grow. The thing has 8 GBs of ram people, that is 16 times the amount the PS3 had in terms of the base value of ram, not to even mention the fact that it's GDDR5... In the end, it really will leave the Wii U in the dust. That's why the Wii U needs to focus on getting some really seriously sought after core games.
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Neonridr  +   1083d ago
huh? Nobody said that the graphics on the PS4 weren't better than on the Wii U. We were saying that the gap between what we saw with the PS3 and the Wii won't be the same this time around with the PS4 and the Wii U. The Wii U can produce some pretty stunning visuals which means that most sensible gamers won't be as unsatisfied as they were with the Wii visuals when comparing to the PS4.
rainslacker  +   1083d ago
The differences may be notable, but I don't believe they are drastic enough to leave the Wii U behind. Maybe by the time the Wii U reaches the end of it's life cycle we will see a dramatic difference.

I personally feel what I've seen from the Wii U so far the games are up to par graphically. On the other hand I'm not really a graphics whore.
Steadyhndz  +   1083d ago
The Wii wasn't really left terms of hardware yes, but in terms of how well it did

What is happening in reality is somewhat contradicting what you're saying though. For instance, lets say the Wii didn't do well in sales either, but this time you say the Wii U will not....The Wii U is already behind in Nintendo's projections by millions of units. So with that being said, it is behind in sales.

Lets take a look at the hardware. Well there isn't much to say because the PS4 as predicted pretty much has a modern day computer put into it (Don't take this as exaggeration if you're going to comment on this). So the limits of the Wii U are immensely less than the limits of the PS4...just have to wait and see what Microsoft has to offer to see if you're statement is half true for the time being.
Angrymorgan  +   1083d ago
My only real concern is if wiu starts selling well, third party games will be on all 3 next gen consoles.
Does this mean we will have half assed ports on ps4/720? Will wiiu be holding back full third party potential on ps4/720?.

Don't get me wrong, I like nintendo, but I don't wanna see them holding back what's possible on nxt gen ps/xbox.
Just like all consoles hold back 3rd party multiplats on pc.
trikster40  +   1083d ago
The Wii outsold the 360 and PS3. How many half-assed ports did the 360/PS3 get? Hardly any.

Even if the WiiU takes off, developers will still be drawn to the other two systems because, for some unknown reason, 3rd party games just don't do that great on Nintendo systems. It's bizarre.
DivineAssault  +   1083d ago
umm wii u doesnt even have 1/4 the amount of 3rd party support as sony/ms has.. They may get some gems that get ported here n there but games being held back by wii u is the last thing u need to worry about.. If anything, wii u geting anything at all from outside devs is what should concern u..
TranceXTheory  +   1083d ago
you are a moron! really. consoles hold back PC so... tell me what your saying and how its valid. graphics shouldnt be the concern but AI control. i rather have smarter enemies in game than tweaked graphics
Angrymorgan  +   1082d ago
Nice....there is always some keyboard warrior who has to insult me.........sorry dude.....please don't hurt me lol

What I'm saying is. Multiplat games are usually made for the weaker system, using said systems limitations, then they are ported to pc etc. Thus holding the pc/higher spec systems version back.
Is that really such a moronic thing to say or are you just naturally an ass hole?
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pain777pas  +   1083d ago
You guys are forgetting important things. Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica. Look at the Last of Us and God of War Ascension. The Wii U cannot even match that right now. The potential is there without streaming to the pad. But, like the 3DS gimmicks will hold the system' graphical prowess. PS4 is going to amaze. There is no question about it. First Party for Sony is too strong in every area of development.
truechainz  +   1083d ago
I don't know I do see value in the gamepad and clearly sony does too (not saying they stole the idea just saying that they wouldn't have put it on if there wasnt something to it). Games like watchdogs have components that look like they would have amazing gamepad implementations so there is definite value there. That doesnt mean that the PS4 wont still be amazing though so the way I see it we all win.
pain777pas  +   1083d ago
Which gamepad? The Wii U gamepad is a waste. It should be exactly what the Razer tablet is with low specs. That would be revolutionary. Ninty has done is fisher price tablet stuff. The system is too much of a toy being tethered to the console and not being a stand alone tablet. Mario, Zelda and Metroid fans (like myself somewhat) will save Ninty from disaster as we always have but Sony is going to do great for core gamers.
THEMIGHTYDOOVDE  +   1083d ago
Mario Kart Wii sold more than ALL of Naughty Dogs PS3 games put together!

In other words, unless your a die hard Sony fan, NOBODY buys (let alone cares) about PS IP's!
pain777pas  +   1083d ago
Mario Kart is a perfect casual game with the mascot of all mascot's. You have to understand that Nostalgia makes Ninty go and me aswell. Sony competes with everyone and Nintendo relys on a great past. you have to understand that Mario is like almost 30 years old and is recognizable to just about everyone. But objectively Naughty Dog are the industry leaders. They made the best Mario Kart type game, best 3D platformer and now they are proven and can do whatever they want to keep gaming alive and well for the FUTURE. I respect and love the past but anticipate the future.
DivineAssault  +   1083d ago
well wii u is HD at least so the games wont look ugly anymore.. However devs might not want to put in the effort to downscale games & or optimize em for wii u when the heavy hitters release.. Ill always support nintendo to the end but support wise, i know its going to be the same exact thing again
MariaHelFutura  +   1083d ago
In terms of specs they're not even in the same league. Nintendo chose to do this, accept it. E3 should be interesting this year, I'm not sure Mario in HD and Zelda in HD are going to get much attention between MSFT talking about their new console and Sony showing ground up PS4 gameplay footage.
#1.12 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
jmc8888  +   1083d ago
So you're saying a PS4 with a midrange 2011 GPU and a midrange 2007-2008 CPU is out of Nintendo's league?

Why because it has 6gb's of memory dedicated to a video card that can only properly push 1.75-3 GB's?

Because what you saw yesterday was a PC demo and you thought it was a PS4?

Think of it this way, people that understand this generation know that any dev that wants to support the Wii U, can support the Wii U. The next gen engines scale well. That's why you see 'next gen' engines running games on the 360/PS3 for the past couple of years. Crysis 2? Crysis 3? Battlefield 3? ETC.

If an uber PC is 3x a midrange PC and a midrange PC is 2.5-3x a PS4 and a PS4 is 3x a Wii U, yet all can play the same games, then yes, they are ALL despite the vast power differences, in the same league.

The real question is, how do the consoles slow down PC gaming starting around 2016-2017 because more attention is paid to consoles by the big devs. Thus the gap between consoles and PC's will be worse this generation then last generation, unless it's a much shorter generation.

Other than that, we're still years away, and between now and then there's tons of fun to be had on Wii U/PS4/720/PC.
HammadTheBeast  +   1083d ago
LOL Mario and Zelda THATS NEW!

Face it, Nintendo screwed up, the PS4 does everything the Wii U can and so much more. This wasn't even E3 it was a random presentation by Playstation. They haven't even shown the console, yet hype is escalating. PS E3 will blow everything away.

But, we could also let Microsoft announce something and have its time in the sun. Until the PS clouds come in.
Amiroo  +   1083d ago

True, as a xbox fan i didn't even think of that the wii u will get behind. it has powerfull hardware and lost of potencial and i really like it and i'm sure nintendo and it's fans doesn't feel they left behind.

actually i love & respect nintendo because i grown up with it.

sorry for crappy english :)

P.S: and this whole PS4/X720 will destroy Wii u thing or do that or spec this & some articles earlier is just a hype for announcing new consoles and that's it. important part is what fans really think of their platform
#1.13 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
user3915800  +   1083d ago
PSST, you have no idea on what you are saying, 8 core, 8gb ddr5, blu ray does not = 2GB 4 CORES of generic wii specs.

The play field its simple 8gb of ram its what both xbox and ps4 will use with similar cpu 8 core, now grow up and stop trying to patch a hole in which the wiiu is in. Facts are there, are we blind enough to lie to ourselves?

Simple wiiu its dead comparing it to next gen its the most ridiculous thing any fanboy can do. PS4 AND 720 will be 3 to 4 times more powerfull then wiiu, ps4 already is by the spec shown, do we need to say anything else? Grow up and acept defeat, its healthy to know when you have the lowest deck of cards.
#1.14 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
n4f  +   1083d ago
i looked at the wii ans ps3 and 360 and im pretty sure you said the same thing.
now i look at wiiu ps4 and durango i dont think things will change again
Killzoner99  +   1083d ago
Are you kidding me? The WiiU runs on outdated and ancient tech, it's basically two Wii's duct taped together. It can't even out perform the PS3 .Sorry to burst your bubble but Nintendo is pretty much done now. There is no way they can compete against the PS4 . Plus with the Vita the PS4 will do everything the WiiU can but 1000 times better. Trust me , in about three years we'll all be playing Super Mario games on the PS4.
silkylove  +   1083d ago
I'm a WiiU owner and I plan on buying a PS4 as well. I wouldn't count on the PS4/Vita combo besting the WiiU at their own game unless Sony plans on bundling a Vita together with the PS4. If they don't then you have a splintered userbase and 3rd parties will design most PS4 games with the Dualshock 4 in mind, because that's what everybody has. They may include vita support as well, but that won't be a key feature.
THEMIGHTYDOOVDE  +   1083d ago
Name me one example where the most powerful console has won ANY console war?

Thanks for your tired old clique though!
delboy  +   1083d ago
You'll never ever have a good game experience using remote control.
I tried it with ps3 and psp, and is way to laggy to play games.
The same goes for Gaikai and streaming, it's just a poor attempt to push the DEAD VITA.

Gonna wait for MS to decide for next generation.
But now it looks like I'm going to PC for graphics and multi platform, and WiiU for innovation.
Yes, ps4 lacks innovations the interests me,I could care less about share button LoL and uploading game video WTF Sony?
And for watching someone playing a game, well I have YouTube no need for ps4,so it's a useless feature, again WTF Sony?
paul1974  +   1083d ago
This makes me laugh! 60% of the world has poor internet! the vita and ps4 rely on the internet to connect! poor internet means lag and latency! so no they cant do what the wii u does!!!! learn your facts Wiiu has NO latency at all.

oh and wii u here in the uk is £225 for premium, ps4 will be £400 and the vita £200 so £600 vs £225! not sure anyone can afford the ps4! it's going to die a death too!!!!!!!!!!
MEGANE  +   1083d ago
amen dcbronco, amen!
greenpowerz  +   1083d ago
What exactly is being compared here? Finalized Wii u specs/games on a console vs PC footage with PS4 specs.

Bad comparison as things changed on un finalized specs assuming Sony is being honest about what they're doing.
#1.17 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
deafdani  +   1083d ago
Nope, the Wii U game that was used for the comparison is in its early alpha stage (early development), and we don't even know if it was actually running on Wii U hardware.

It's a pretty silly comparison, actually.
Lifebanisher  +   1083d ago
No offense, but i have a feeling that when a game gets released for wii-u, ps4 and xbox 720 whatever that game is. it will get dumbed down cause of the wii-u's limitations.
#1.18 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Steelmanner  +   1083d ago
What limitations? The Wii U has already proved its great graphics with need for speed: it was running the PC graphics on high. However, I will understand the concerns for the processing power, but come on, there is no way it could run games like Watch Dogs and Destiny (Hasn't been announced but is likely), without good processing. The only reason the version of a game would be different for WiiU is because the game would support functions for the gamepad. Also, nothing should be taken from this article the comparison shots were both blurry and on games that were in beta or even earlier in the development stage.
Qrphe  +   1083d ago
I'd say the jump from Wii to PS360 is actually about the same that the jump from Wii U to PS4. Many people imply the Wii was a terrible console when it could actually pull off a lot of features that 360 hardware could but (for starters) compare what a multiplat game between the 360 and Wii look like.

There aren't many AAA ports that made it to Wii, but similar cases occurs for those as well.
#1.19 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Ck1x  +   1083d ago
The PS3/360 were like 14x the power of the Wii, how can you say that PS4 will be the equivalent jump over WiiU? The problem with the last generation was how different the Wii architecture was from PS3/360. But even in Sony's conference, they pretty much laid out that all of these next systems will be GPGPU centric and focussing less on CPU. The whole physics test running on the GPU is clearly showing that Sony is in agreement with Nintendo in having a more pronounced graphic set-up to the console. Will the PS4 be more poweful? Yes! But that doesn't mean that great looking games can't exist on the WiiU though. And people claiming that the 8core AMD APU processor is powerful, really need to stop! Now I'm not saying its weak, but it will be efficient for what PS4 needs it to do. But there are quad-core processors that shred this thing apart easily in benchmark tests, so lets not call it powerful.
#1.19.1 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report
Gaming_Guru  +   1083d ago
As of right now, nothing on the Wii U made me want to go out and get one. I understand the Wii U is more powerful than the current generation systems (PS3, XBOX 360, Wii), but what they offer does not appeal to me. When I saw the PS4 graphics it looked like they were playing in CGI quality, on top of that streaming live to your friends and even taking over a game while they watch you play, blows my mind.
paul1974  +   1083d ago
streaming live funny! half the world has crappy internet! this means lag lag lag lag! have fun in those laggy games! cue frustration! to get an understanding of lag and lag compensation streaming over the internet go to blackops 2 forums!!!
Gaming_Guru  +   1081d ago
To: paul1974

Well they have background processes going on, but time will tell whether it works smoothly or not. Either way it's still a buy for me because of the amazing features it has with assuming still free online.
DomceM  +   1083d ago
wii u will be left behind. anyone who knows specs knows this.

PS4, XBOX 720, and PC can be coded for somewhat in the same bracket.

Wii U is far behind and the only outlier.
#1.21 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Rayansaki  +   1083d ago
It's just wrong. Wii was equivalent to xbox in specs, so it was 1 full generation behind. Now Wii U is equivalent to the PS3 in specs and it's the exact same situation. Once we are 1-2 years into the next gen, Wii U will once again be left behind.
sGIBMBR  +   1082d ago
Wait, you actually believe in your heart of hearts that the PS3 was a generation ahead of the 360?

Please, that's too funny even for a Sony fanboy!

It is quite obvious the PS4 (Visually) is going to blow the Wii U out of the water, why are people even questioning this? I don't think anyone was expecting such a powerhouse when Sony announced the PS4. 8Gb of GDDR5 Ram alone is quite unbelievable.

My only concern now is the price, however... ShopTo (UK Games Retailer) have priced it on their website -

The shocker to me is that games are apparently £48.85 each, I hope this changes.

Nevertheless, this has got me pumped and I simply can't wait to see Microsoft's answer to this. As the 360 is my current number one choice of console right now (I do own a ps3) I can honestly say, it's do or die for MS now, they either show games or I'm gone! The other thing they need to do is justify Xbox Live's subscription, because if what Sony has shown remains free, there's no way you can charge for Xbox Live!

Sadly, I don't think Microsoft will WOW me, the way Sony's presentation did a few days ago.
Rayansaki  +   1082d ago
@sGIBMBR you must either be retarded or have fanboy shades so thick that you can't even distinguish "xbox" from "xbox360".
sGIBMBR  +   1082d ago
Maybe you should be more clear in what you say, just saying Xbox is very vague! And I genuinely thought you meant the 360!

However, you're still a tool! The Wii U is clearly ahead of PS3, even if it's not as much as some would of thought, you're just too far up Sony's arse to admit it.
Psn800  +   1083d ago
Let's just hope we all enjoy our preferred console .
SilentNegotiator  +   1083d ago
Many pubs/devs have decided to SKIP the Wii U all together because it's not the leap that they wanted.

Wii U WILL be left behind. They went with a more hard/core-friendly system and it won't be able to play a bunch of the games going to the Ps4/720. The incredible Nintendo fanboy denial on N4G needs to stop.

Less games AND less sales are all but assured for Wii U.
#1.24 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
stragomccloud  +   1083d ago
It really won't I imagine that the bulk of the power difference between Wii U and PS4 has to do with the PS4s social networking/streaming/video recording ability. ...which is really freaking cool by the way!
DomceM  +   1083d ago
clueless much ?
CryofSilence  +   1083d ago
It would be more appropriate to compare an open world game to an open world game... like inFamous: Second Son. The PSBlog confirmed that it was in-game engine and assets (still under much development).
HyrulianScrolls  +   1083d ago
Exactly. This is what I've said about Wii U for months. Yes it will be the weakest graphically, but the difference will be nowhere near the gap between Wii and 360/PS3. I was not blown out of the water by any of PS4's real in game graphics shown. I can guarantee you the casual nongamer would have no idea those weren't 360/PS3 games shown yesterday. The graphics leap is obviously nowhere near as big as it was last gen.

And furthermore Sony proved PS4 is basically just PS3 with better graphics and improved social communication. And I really don't think that will sell anyone besides Sony fanboys on the system. PS4 will struggle just as hard out of the gate as Vita or Wii U, maybe worse depending on how high the price.
trancefreak  +   1083d ago
All i know is that there are some seriously exciting times ahead and I will be broke :)
1upgamer99  +   1083d ago
Here is a thought for Microsoft. Why the hell not just give up consoles and make games for PC only...Make a person say why the hell buy apple....I know for a fact I will NOT buy 720 and PAY for live...that is so 7 years ago. If Microsoft made games for PC we would have to buy them, for the PC and the games. Not the freaking Windows 8 running in the background of my GAME CONSOLE. At the end of 360's life cycle people started buying PS3...I am not saying 360 is bad, but really come on people. Sony and Nintendo are the best at making games.
Link079  +   1083d ago
Look X is technically a whole different beast than killzone ps4,X is graphically light years ahead ask any developer trust me ur blind if you cant see X is graphically better than KZ wow Killzone is like a cartoon in comparison ?
a_adji  +   1083d ago
I 100 a free with the latter. Ps or ms will compliment my U system
joab777  +   1083d ago
Maybe not miles but as a nintendo fan, i believe they missed a golden opportunity to get the jump like xbox did on sony last gen. Especially since the ps4 and 720 will launch at $4-500. I just wanted so much more. Ultimately, i would compare this to dragons dogma in yerms of graphics, and it may be better. But did anyone see deep down? There is no comparison. And sony has proven that once its first party comlanies build for the ps4, its gonna get crazy. Look at what naughty dog has done with the last of us. Now, i am a big believer in games. Sony has proven that their focus is on games right now. And while it may not look as good as a $1500 utra high settings pc, it doesnt have to because games are not built for those as most ppl dont have them. So, like sony, there is hope for nintendo because of their committment to games. I just worry that the third party games will kill them. That and all the other bells and whistles the ps4/720 will offer (ie. Kinect, eyetoy, sharing, remote play, gaikai/onlive affiliation for MS, illumiroom, and on and on)
Shnazzyone  +   1083d ago
I can kinda say the killzone graphics look better but I'm more at odds with the content of these games. I mean Killzone is very... HEY! SPACE SHOOTER! While X looks grandiose, beautiful, and genuinely as if it has real heart and deep creativity at it's core.

I dunno, it's like seeing a michael bay and Peter jackson movie compared for special effects.
Donnieboi  +   1083d ago
To hell with graphics. When devs tap into those 8gb's of RAM, it's over for Wii U. The amount of characters on-screen, size of maps, destructable environments, etc will be more important than graphics. I mean, graphics don't get much better than they've been. But there will come a time when Wii U's itty-bitty RAM (by REAL next gen standards) will be much to low for upcoming games that will use most (if not all) of PS4's 8 gigs of juicy RAM.
Muffins1223  +   1083d ago
yes it will...wiiu is already left behind.Almost no multi-platform games are coming out for the wii-u...and
CruelCross  +   1080d ago
this was shared with me this morning and got me interested in looking up why all of a sudden the wii u and the ps4 are being compared. do you think we'll need a vita and a ps4 to get the whole experience when the wii u is giving you that for a much cheaper price. they do cater to the mature market now.
chadboban  +   1083d ago
Anyone else think it's WAY too soon to be making this comparison. Should we wait until after E3 at least. I think watch dogs will be a good comparison once it comes out as it is being released on both consoles. But regardless of comparisons I know I'm going to buy both as I love what both Sony and Nintendo offer me as a gamer.
rainslacker  +   1083d ago
It is way too soon. No multi-plat games across the two platforms, and comparing a very early build of a Wii U game, to an obviously further along build of a PS4 game isn't a true sign of ability.

The Wii U will hold it's own for several years at least. I once said it has at least a 5 year life before it starts to feel dated, and by then I won't care because I will likely play some really good games on both systems.
chadboban  +   1083d ago
I know right, I especially can't wait to see what Retro is cooking up. This year the console wars are going to be all out and it's gonna be brutal.

But as someone who enjoys all consoles, as always I'll merely be a spectator to the bloodbath along with my fellow true gamers, up on a huge tower with a glass of the finest whiskey in one hand and a Cuban cigar in the other, not to mention a giant force field to protect us should any fanboy bullets come our way from the chaos below.

It's great to just enjoy gaming and not be invested in the console war, although they are quite entertaining to watch sometimes.
a_adji  +   1083d ago
Way too early. Especially, when majority of games are ports. Ps will take it but U won't be 2 far behind.
MontyQ   1083d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Soldierone  +   1083d ago
I don't think the WiiU will start truly slipping until a little while into next generation. Yeah the new consoles are going to have insane specs, but third parties won't utilize them fully till the transition is nearly done and they have a bigger target audience.

The only thing truly breaking away will be the exclusives, at least for the initial year. Especially since we can all expect ports for a while.
jmc8888  +   1083d ago
They're not insane specs.

Insane specs are 3x GTX Titan pushing 10-13 TFlops
or 2x GTX 790's.

With 16-32 GB of DDR3 2800 with a 6 core DESKTOP Intel CPU with Hyperthreading like an i7-3970x (overclocked with watercooling, or if you really want to get crazy phase change and/or dry ice).

Those are insane specs.

The PS4 specs are basically the equivalent of a 2007-2008 midrange CPU and a midrange 2011 GPU. Hardly insane specs.

Even if they WERE insane specs, the Wii U could still run games from the same game engines. Hell even a PS3 and 360 can to some extent with some proper TLC.
#4.1 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
sherimae2413  +   1083d ago
is that all what u have to say...
always resort to PC's to topple the ps4 that couldnt be done by wii u
besides i dont consider PC's to be in comparison with ps4, wii u and nextbox cuz these systems cant be built and their games with these PC's
just admit the fact that the wii u is left behind and will always be left behind by sony and MS with it comes to HARDWARE! thats not too hard to understand isnt it oni-chan ^_^
Lifebanisher  +   1082d ago
atleast i dont have to watch livestreams of random people on the internet anymore. i could watch my friends and that's what ps4 offers your pc specs are useless.
smashcrashbash  +   1083d ago
Yeah we won't actually know that it better or not until we actually see the games in action. Watchdogs being on the Wii U doesn't prove it is as powerful as the PS4.Lots of third party games were on the Wii but they weren't even close to the level of PS3 or Xbox 360 games.Being on it doesn't mean it will be the best looking one.
jmc8888  +   1083d ago
The Wii versions were altered. They were either different games entirely or were drastically stripped down. I mean drastically.

The Wii U won't have

No one (except fanboys) is saying the Wii U will look as good as a PS4, and Sony Fanboys (aside from future PS4 owners because I will be one) would be the only ones to say the PS4 will outdo a PC.

The simple fact is all the next gen platforms are capable of receiving the same game, just with lower settings. They won't have to make it so the world is 1/2 the size, or cut out levels, or make a vastly inferior version from scratch.

That's the difference between the Wii and the Wii U. When it comes to third party games, the Wii U is powerful enough to handle simply a lower quality version of a PC game.

Think of it like this.

2014 Games
PC will have low through ultra
PS4 will have high-very high
720 will have medium-high
Wii U will have low-medium

Basically that's what you got.

All will play great games. But alot of Sony Fanboys are thinking that a 1.8 TFlops will beat a >10 TFlops on a PC or the 3-5.6 TFlops GTX 600 series. Let alone the 700 series will be out this year to increase those numbers.

Why? Because they somehow think a GPU that is only capable of pushing 1.75 GBs-3 GBs will somehow be better because it has 8 gb's, 2 of which will be reserved for OS mind you. So of 6, really only 2-3 are relevant until the end of the cycle (say 2018 or later) to be a band-aid to mask what at that time will be clearly inferior parts.

Or because they see 8 cores and don't realize like the Wii U, it's a low power chip, not a desktop chip. That like the Wii U, the clock speed is much lower than a 360/PS3 had...because it's a mobile/tablet chip that's trying to get bang for it's buck rather than raw power.

Or because Sony fanboys saw PC games being shown yesterday and drooled because a PS4 logo was loosely attached to what they were seeing. (talk about failing the pepsi challenge)

So again what makes you so sure the PS4 will get the best version? After all Watch Dogs was made with the PC in mind, not the PS4/720.

Thus all consoles will get downgraded versions. But all will be fun, look nice, and at least with the Wii U the game has major application potential for the gamepad.

I'll be owning the PS4/720. already have a Wii U, already have a PC stronger than any of these...but when it comes to Watch Dogs, I'm either getting PC or Wii U, and my determination of which to buy will be based on what the gamepad adds. It has major potential.
sherimae2413  +   1083d ago
never in my that i think that playstation and xbox would beat PC's heck even the Gaming Laptops but i want consoles because its hassle-free just put the disc, pick the controller and play i dont have to adjust any settings or sometimes the game crashes because of some incompatible mods or need to install these first and that i think you know what i mean ^_^
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1083d ago
What's the point in this?
laxbeav  +   1083d ago
While the final specs make a difference, it won't be that big. As long as the devs. can make some quality experiences on the consoles then I'll be happy. It's a good time to be a gamer.
Trago1337  +   1083d ago
LOL, while you guys are tied to one system, i'll have BOTH.
smashcrashbash  +   1083d ago
Not all of us can afford to buy two or three consoles. Some of us have to choose and stick with it. I can't be buying games for two different systems.Do you have any clue how much money it would be to buy a Wii U and PS4 and games to play on them? So we are not all tied by choice by by limitations
truechainz  +   1083d ago
And I must say usually the comments I see from you are respectful or valid. There are plenty of people who can afford it who come on here and spew hatred. That is the important difference.
Trago1337  +   1083d ago
Just pokin' some fun at the trolls bro, I totally get it.

i couldn't care less which anyone chooses.

Many users of this site certainly have a preference, AND IT SHOWS lol.

so yeah, sorry if my comment rubbed you the wrong way. :D
Kos-Mos  +   1083d ago
One of the best comments on n4g in a decade. If you only removed the teenish lol.
cleft5  +   1082d ago
Same here bro and a great gaming pc too. This whole type of conversation reeks of pathetic poor people lying to themselves about what little console is better than the next. If these guys want an impressive ass system than do it right and drop a 1k dollars on an amazing PC setup. But that is way out of their budget limit so they argue over sticks.

Don't get me wrong, I am not all that wealthy myself and we are on hard economic times worldwide. But you know what bro, I don't go around lying to myself and pretending like these consoles are in anyway the best possible gaming solution.
telekineticmantis  +   1083d ago
Wii U is still impressive
but Golly! Killzone!
#9 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
lilbroRx   1083d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Link079  +   1083d ago
Please if ur excited for a killzone that looks too colourful in my eyes the ps3 one is way more impressive oh X is like 4x the graphics of killzone easy the detail in the geometry ect is way beyond killzone ps4.
zalanis  +   1083d ago
This supposed to be a joke. Y arent the screen shot comparisons based on the game watch dogs since tht game HAS been confirmed by ubisoft for WII-U, oh i kno y cuz no screenshots yet for WIIU version right?? Well since the watchdog trailer at PS4 conference was confirmed to b in actuality running on PC, then that in itself would NOT be a fair comparison. KNO wht else isnt a fair comparison?? Comparing a 1st party PS4 game VS a 3rd party WII-U game. The editor is obviously biased, but to all the monkeys who simply jumped on this article, whts your excuse??
Qrphe  +   1083d ago
Watch Dogs will be running on both PS3 and PS4, so I bet their engine is flexible enough to run on most systems.
HenryT87  +   1083d ago
Is this guy even serious over what he's saying?Can see abismal difference between each shot.It looks like CG sequences being compared to real-time current gen graphics.
shackdaddy  +   1083d ago
Comparing X and KZ4 is really dumb. It's like apples and oranges.

(BTW, they both look great to me)
josephayal  +   1083d ago
graphics are basically equal
Link079  +   1083d ago
X is better by farrrrrrrr.
tbon3man  +   1083d ago
That did not look like the Killzone video that i saw yesterday on GTTV. It was a lot sharper than that.
thatruth86  +   1083d ago
This is a joke right? 0__o
thebudgetgamer  +   1083d ago
Seems wierd to compare different types of games, gotta compare something to get those hits.
kirbyu  +   1083d ago
What do you know? More first person shooters!
WeAreLegion  +   1083d ago
What do you know? More monster hunting!
Theyellowflash30  +   1083d ago
Competition brings the best out of everybody. If the PS4 and Xbox 720 come out and destroy the Wii U is sales, functionality, graphics, and games then Nintendo has a problem.

I'm a Nintendo fan but by no means am I afraid for Nintendo to fail. They've got a Scrooge McDuck vault full of money and their portable division is doing well. In four or five years from now we could see the Wii U 2 or Wii 3. Then they will be up to par. We saw how long the PS3 and Xbox 360 lasted, the PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to be on the market for the next 10-13 years. The Wii U will not.

So in all, I'm a little mad Nintendo didn't put more into their system. I'm not a huge fan of shooters like Destiny, Killzone, or Uncharted. But I would love to see a Zelda game with the level of detail as that Deep Down game Capcom showed off at the PS4 event.
diddybeats  +   1082d ago
The way I see it if you know football is Nintendo are a bit like Arsenal. They are trying to compete at the top level whilst balancing the books - sacrifices have to be made.
Sony right now are Man City. They have put a lot of money into the PS4 judging by the fact it the hardware will likely be sold at a loss so they are risking their business if it doesnt sell great.
hazardman  +   1083d ago
are you serious....
PSbots can't let it go can they. You get your glorious day and then decide to compare PS4 graphics to WiiU. As if we havent written off Wii U as a next gen console along with a quite a few developers and publishers!

I know PS4 is gonna be a powerhouse, so why not compare it to PC games and see where it stands not Wii U!
#19 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Chupa-Chupa  +   1083d ago
As a Wii-U fan after yesterday's reveal. I'm dead inside.
kingmushroom  +   1083d ago
the wii was never a hardcore console, so the only thing the wii U needs are the games its fan base loves, Monster hunter, zelda, Pokemon act.
deafdani  +   1083d ago
Implying Monster Hunter, Zelda and Pokémon aren't hardcore games. Lol.

kingmushroom  +   1083d ago
lol not for me.
sherimae2413  +   1083d ago
monster hunter is not really exclusive to nintendo
oni-chan it started in playstation and capcom is not owned by ninty we could se MH in sony or ms when the time comes
kingmushroom  +   1082d ago
I want to see MH on PS4
#21.2.1 (Edited 1082d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
lovegames718  +   1083d ago
Bwahhh at this article specs speak enough and ps4 Is pushing 8Gigs of the fast ram and as was mentioned already during the presentation not only does ps4 Boast a powerful gpu but a powerful cpu. Wii has way less ram, moderate gpu and crapoy cpu. Give it up this is aleap ahrad of current gen ps3, xbox and wiiu so stop it. At least one or two games st launch will scream nxt gen on ps4 and thts a gen over wiiu as well. Absolutely nothing now or at wiius launch gave any indication Of nxt gen which is sad.
For your info kz was live gameplay off ps4 hardware no matter the casing. He was literally playing it there tht will be viduals on ps4 just for starters. The bs conception tht no launch games loook better thn current gen games is a scapegoat nintendo fans made to feel better. You guys can all talk bs in these comment sections but ps4 Spec wise, socially and online is leaps ahead
Theyellowflash30  +   1083d ago
I agree, as a Nintendo fan.... I feel that Nintendo half-assed the Wii U. They made a boatload of cash with the original Wii and DS... They have the money to make their system stronger AND sell to casuals.... I don't know what Nintendo was thinking when they made the Wii U's graphics.... uhhhhh.

I don't like Sony's games like Killzone or Uncharted but I would kill for a Zelda that looked as good as that Deep down demo for the PS4... looks like I'll have to wait 4-5 years. Nintendo has to bring out a new system by 2016. They have too.
n4f  +   1083d ago
that would be thc dumbest thing nintendo would do.
with this logic nintendo should have release a more powerfull ds against vita
diddybeats  +   1082d ago
Just because they have a stash of cash doesn't mean they don't want to make profit on the system. It already selling at a loss. Do you think that just because they have money built up they can go to their shareholders and say we are going to build this new system but over its operating lifetime we are going to be down £5,000,000 but thats ok because we have £10,000,000 in the bank and at least theyellowflash30 will be happy because our graphics are the best.
quantae06  +   1083d ago
After playing the Uncharted series nothing really wows me graphically much. I'm loving the improved drawing distance and open world gameplay for both Wii U & PS4 though.
#23 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jacksheen0000  +   1083d ago
Man I am not going to even make commit...

There's just no comparison. Wii U vs PS4.

LOL, it like a shark eating a gold fish.
#24 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Ck1x  +   1083d ago
My guess is that KZ is much further along in development than X is, since its a PS4 launch title and GG's has probably had more time to work on PS4 then Monolith for the WiiU. So the two games that I would like to see eventually compared to each are KZ and Metroid on WiiU. Those two games would have more in common with play style and environment then X does. But here's my question, when Retro finally shows off their game(Metroid) at E3 and if it looks very close in quality visual wise to KZ, will people finally accept the WiiU as Next-gen? Specs aside, if Retro Studios is able to pull off something of that magnitude at e3 then hopefully all of the hateful articles will stop then... This years E3 will probably go down in history as one of the very best ever! I can't wait
chadboban  +   1083d ago
They won't stop, you should know this by now. It's sad but that's the way things are, once fanboys are rampant there will always be naysayers for ALL consoles, not just the Wii U. Believe me when I tell, as hard as it is to believe right now, PS4 and Nextbox will get their share of hate as well.

Doesn't matter to me though. As long as I get good games, I don't care how many "hateful" articles there are. Long live gaming.
black911  +   1083d ago
PS3 graphics surpass Wii U. Just look at the link.
Indo  +   1083d ago
There's only so much you can do with the Wii U. As its greatly overpowered by Sony's PS4 and MS Next Box. For sure 1st Party Developers will play a huge part in next gen as each console will bring something to the table.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1083d ago
And Apple will beat them both with a $99 TV box and games like Angry Birds

Graphics haven't mattered since the PS1 era. Weakest console wins the gen. Just ask Sony, Nintendo and Atari.
SkullBlade169  +   1083d ago
Lol, Apple...

I'd rather go back to using my Sega Master System rather than use their junk.
#28.1 (Edited 1083d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
D2K  +   1083d ago

Nintendo Color TV Game
Atari 2600

All won being weaker or weakest.


All of them LOST being most powerful their gen. Even in handhelds it works the same way. Atari Lynx, Game Gear, Sega Nomad all more powerful than the GameBoy, and yet it still won. NEO-GEO Pocket more powerful than the GameBoy Advance, but it still won. PSP more powerful than the DS and it still won and is the best-selling console ever. The PSVita is more powerful than the 3DS and it is winning. The regular DS is even beating the Vita.
lovegames718  +   1083d ago
Here we ho with the weakest, console bs argument smh. What matters to me is whats in my living room and what games I like tht wins imo. Sony always wins because no matter how good the hardware is they still have the best and more varied exclusives. They kill the myth tht good graohics and good gameplay cant, coexist. Thats bs so take tht somewhere else. Graphics matter like everthing else does.
BladerunnerZX  +   1083d ago
Im still impressed by the graphics capabilities of both the PS3 (Killzone 3 , Uncharted 2 @ 3) and Xbox360 (Halo4),

I have no doubt that the Wii U is fully capable of some very nice graphics also. Maybe slightly above the PS3 when maxed out.

The problem with the Wii U is its overall capabilities with AI and processing when compared to the PS4 and the Xboxnext.

I dont see games like Battlefield 4 being made for the Wii U because of the less powerful hardware.

We all know that there will be many PS4 and Xboxnext games that run new advanced next gen engines that will never be made for the Wii U.

Honestly The PS4 makes the Wii U look like the PS3 1.5 but without all of the great games.
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