Wii U V.S PS4 Images and Video Comparison

Adnans Compared the PS4 and Wii U graphics? are the PS4 graphics that much better?

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Neonridr1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

While the PS4 does have some very impressive graphics, the Wii U will in no way be left behind like the Wii was in comparison to the 360/PS3. Obvioulsy when multiplat games release on all three, then some sacrifices will have to be made for the Wii U version. But the Wii U has the ability to at least run some of the same game engines potentially. Obviously the key thing will be the processors, since the PS4 will have 8 cores compared to the three in the Wii U. This may result in some CPU intensive games from not being able to be released on the Wii U due to some possible technical limitations. We will have to wait and see of course.

Exciting times regardless. I will be getting one of the next gen systems from Sony or MS to compliment my Wii U. But I will reserve my judgement until I see what MS brings to the table.

Adnan_rules1644d ago

very nice comment. I agree, i think its wrong to say the Wii u will be miles apart.

Enemy1644d ago

Just compare the specs, guys.

dcbronco1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

"I agree, i think its wrong to say the Wii u will be miles apart".

I think it's realistic to say it though.

What kind of depraved mind compares the two, anyway.

darthv721644d ago

rationally. If we compare the wii to the wii-u we can see that the specs provide a significant increase in proposed fidelity. Going from 480p to 720-1080p is quite a jump and the games will reflect that.

Comparing the ps3 to the PS4 we can see that the biggest improvement was the increase in memory. We know the cell was already a strong chip but had been paired with a gpu that didnt live up to its potential. If it did, sony would still be with nvidia instead of switching to AMD/ATI.

Many (if not all) of the games shown yesterday more than likely started development on Ps3 hardware. you can see many similarities but most importantly, the lighting and shadows are better. This is probably due to those titles being shifted over to PS4 dev kits within the last few months.

So we are used to seeing PS3 level of graphics in 720-1080p and the PS4 will output the same resolutions but with a higher polygon count and better AA. This would be akin to going from medium settings on a game to high but keeping the same resolution (ie more textures and finer details being noticeable).

The graphical performance of the PS4 is helped by the increase in unified memory where as the ps3 was somewhat hindered by the split memory design. We can see that the 360 (to some extent) played a role in the PS4 design. By that i am referring to using a unified memory, more standardized pc development architecture and most of all ATI graphics.

Those could just be coincidences or they could be legit improvements sony saw the need to make to build a better box.

The jump from wii to wii-u is one that is (right now) overshadowed by all the talk of the PS4 but its jump is significant enough to really be noticeable. Many say wii-u is not nextgen but that is where they are wrong. Wii-u is as much nintendo's nextgen offering as ps4 is for sony.

The main difference is the amount of improvements nintendo has made from wii to wii-u are more significant than those sony made from ps3 to ps4. The best comparative would be wii to wii-u is equal to ps2 to ps3. Both were significant improvements. PS3 to PS4 is not as significant (at the moment) but it can be given time and experience and games really made from scratch using the PS4 hardware.

gaffyh1644d ago

Yes, the games will be scalable to Wii U, obviously Wii U is likely to suffer with the worst version of all multiplatform games, but the bigger question that will be on the developer's minds is, "Is it worth porting the games to Wii U?" Until Nintendo can prove that Wii U owners will buy games other than first party titles, it's unlikely that the Wii U will be supported by most developers, especially indie studios who are short on cash.

blackbeld1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I still buy both so it doesn't matter.

WiiU and PS4 they both have great exclusives!

And both can play online for FREE!

aceitman1644d ago

here is a spec chart to look at to see the big difference.

inveni01644d ago

Anyone who bought the WiiU thinking it would be on par with the PS4 horribly miscalculated their purchase. That's not to say that the WiiU won't do okay, but it's certainly not going to be the same top-level experience as PS4.

fatstarr1644d ago

so now people go to specs on n4g...

Lmao Ive seen it all.

reguardless, wiiu's hardware can push out graphically good looking games, seeing as people are still claiming ps3 has the best graphics in the universe and the wiiu's specs > the ps3 logically that means that the wiius graphics would be accepted as better than gen 7.

gen 8 wise, if its built from the ground up for each system visually they will all look good. from a high end pc owner you eventually get to the point where it doesn't matter since you wont see it unless you sit and pay attention zoming in and out to see the 5 hours of work some coder/3d artist put on some chain link fence.

wiiu pushed to the limit can achieve that quality with gimped tricks and good mastery of the hardware. its gonna be a case of devs optimizing engines to run on 8gb of ram that will be the future down fall 4 years from now should they choose to pull a exclude Nintendo from everything.

pixelsword1644d ago

It's not just specs, it's also the talent of the devs.

bigrob9041644d ago

if you look at the game deep down they showed, it would be stupid to compare it to any game the wiiu ever does. that is one of the single most impressive looking games i have ever seen and i have seen games running on ultra settings on a pc.

subtenko1644d ago

WiiUPS4 LOL We UPS! ....yea its late

BattleAxe1644d ago



I'm sorry, but based on the RAM specifications alone, the WiiU is pathetic.

ABizzel11644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

First off these are two very different games. While Xenoblade 2 may be open world, RPG's don't have to render things that FPS have to constantly keep running like particle effect, bullet effects, weapon fire lighting, etc... Also looking at the games you can see Killzone has tons of graphically effects that the "X" trailer doesn't have like real-time reflections, insane lighting effects, and tessellation (X has great textures, but none of that going on). So off the back Killzone is pushing a lot more graphic intensive features thus "X" is able to hold it's own a bit more simply because it doesn't have to worry about said features and can focus on polygons and textures rather than advanced processing. Killzone is also running 1080p and X is most likely 720p.

Secondly the image quality of both screenshots are horrible. They're both foggy looking, and it looks like the author purposefully picked the least impressive shots of Killzone.

This is a much better comparison if only I could get them side by side. Solution click Killzone then click X one after the other to better compare.


X (A lot of the images are sub 720p, but that's because the image quality seems to vastly deteriorate when using anything 720p or higher, so the game may have been rendered on something more like 720 x 480, instead of true 1280 x 720. So for quality I used the lower resolution for better looking images.)


As you can see X looks great on the Wii U, but it doesn't compare to Killzone on the PS4. This is nothing against the Wii U at all, and X is doing some really impressive stuff with the console, but again that's going to be one of Nintendo's next batch of games, while Killzone is a launch title. By no means will this be PS360 vs. Wii, but Wii U is still behind nonetheless.

Capcom's Deep Down is a better look at the future of the PS4. Chose this scene because it actually looks like gameplay.

Not trying to bash the WIi U at all, just being fair.

Quetzll1644d ago

Most people don't consider the fact that if Nintendo wanted direct competition with Sony and Microsoft, then they would obviously make a "just as powerful" console. But Nintendo quit worrying about that after the Gamecube.
No point in trying to compete with Sony, Microsoft, and PC when they could just focus on their own style and not have to worry about the other 3 cutting in on their potential profits.

ElectricKaibutsu1643d ago

Not to be a negative nancy but this was the worst article I've ever read. No one thinks the Wii U can compete graphically with the PS4 any more than the PS3 can. The PS4 has amazing and expensive tech designed for graphical power. The Wii U is nearly the opposite and is designed for low cost / low power consumption with its gimmick being lagless streaming to the gamepad.

You might as well compare my ability to drive a manual transmission car to a baby's. I'll kick that baby's a** no problem. Does that make it a terrible baby? Does it make that baby a worse person than me? No, because that's not the point of the baby.

I know no one on n4g actually reads the articles and this time I wish I did the same. I think I lost some IQ points.

That-Guy1643d ago

Nah, somehow I get the vibe a lot of the developers are just going to snub the Wii U. However, unlike last gen, this time Nintendo's console should be much easier to develop for, or tune down as it'll support most of the major game engines.

NobodyImportant1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )


"No one thinks the Wii U can compete graphically with the PS4"

Is this your first time on N4G? ;-)
Can I show you to Exhibit A ... ExtremeAzure's comment below. VVV

"I just hope people get it through their heads that the Wii U isn't as technologically challenged this time around. NFS: Most Wanted U is proof of that."

mistertwoturbo1643d ago


lol I literally laughed out loud.

This guy just made an analogy of driving a manual transmission and kicking a baby.

I've seen it all.

SugarSoSweet1643d ago

The PS4 is much stronger then the Wii U

One has 2GB of DDR2 memory the other has 8 GB of GDDR5 memory

do the math!

Shadow Flare1643d ago

Never gonna see anything remotely close to this on Wii U.

vulcanproject1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Performance wise the gap will be significant. Don't know why anyone would try to pretend otherwise.

PS4 is an order of magnitude faster across the board, much quicker CPU, much more and much faster memory and system wide bandwidth, much faster GPU to the order of 4 times at least.

It isn't all about specs. It is about the games portfolio.

BUT if you are talking about specs, then it is ridiculous to think Wii U is close to PS4. It just isn't.

PS4 is easily capable of besting Wii U assets running games in 1080p, compared to 720p or less for most Wii U titles.

Closer than Wii was to 360/PS3, but still a yawning chasm.

lizard812881643d ago

3DS vs Vita. The Vita should be kicking ass, but it is failing. I'm more interested in the games, rather than specs.

xursz1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

We'll see the difference when Watch_Dogs launches on both systems. Regardless. Let's be nice about it because I want Nintendo to stay in the game and not turn out like Sega. :)

When the Wiiu gets a decent price drop it should do fine.

@above; Urgh, that statement angers me.

The psvita isn't failing any more than the Wiiu is, in fact it has a larger install base (for obvious reasons) and far more software sales. Third parties like Ubisoft have admitted to acceptable software sales for their exclusive Assassin's Creed game on psvita meanwhile they switched the exclusive Rayman Legends to multiplatform just to be sure they can make a profit.

I apologize if this came off rude. I disliked that fanboy tone.

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AKR1644d ago

I agree. I just hope people get it through their heads that the Wii U isn't as technologically challenged this time around. NFS: Most Wanted U is proof of that. If we see devs coming out with the same level of effort, the Wii U has a bright future on its horizon.

There's no doubt that there's going to be a visual difference when comparing Wii U to PS4/720 - but there's NO WAY we're going to see another Wii vs. PS3/360. The gap is much smaller this time around.

firelogic1644d ago

Yes, the WiiU is great compared to PS3 and 360 which is downright pathetic. The WiiU came out 7 years after the 360 and you're lauding how great NFS looks in comparison?

The WiiU is not even in the conversation, yet again. It's all about PS4/XboxX.

quantae061644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@firelogic All XBOX is going to have is Gears & Halo that's it with a bunch of 3rd party multiplats that other console will have. You may get some Kinect casual games. I say it's more like PS4/WiiU.

HammadTheBeast1644d ago

Look at NFS Wii U, then DriveClub.

Yeah, massive difference. There's no way around it, the PS4 is much more powerful than Wii U. Also, remember all these other features in the back. Resume/Suspend mode. Share button allowing recording and uploading on the spot. View/Try mode.

Wii U better have a massive firmware patch soon that can take advantage of that whole GB of background ram.

truechainz1644d ago

@Hammondtheone I don't think anyone is disputing that so why say there is no way around it? It is FACT of course that the PS4 is much stronger than the Wii U, but all he was saying that the gap betwee Wii U/PS4 is much smaller than Wii/PS3 which is also FACT. Also I'm pretty sure that the Wii U can suspend/resume games as well, but I'm assuming the PS4 will run a lot smoother regardless thanks to its 8 gigs

_-EDMIX-_1644d ago

I find it strange that you're actually using a current generation game as an example. the Wii U is not as technically challenged......compared to the PlayStation 3 and 360 that is. but could the same not be said about the Wii versus the PlayStation 2 an Xbox?

( slow down everyone the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 need to watch out the Wii now has PlayStation 2 graphics now! Look out PS3! can you believe thatGun, Tony Hawk wasteland and Need for Speed Most Wanted were running on the Wii!!!! Looks like the Wii won't get left behind after all)

now I question this to you where is Mass Effect where's Assassin's Creed and where is Battlefield on the Wii?

you know why watch dogs is on the WiiU? Because there's a PlayStation 3 and 360 version. I could assure you not a single next generation IP being announced will be announced for Wii U. only the games that happen to have current gen versions of ie watch dogs

AKR1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

To continue ~ I used NFS Most Wanted as an example, because of the effort that was put into it. It uses the high-res textures of the PC version of the game, which is pretty impressive. They also improved the lighting and shading, and even reflections.
If more devs follow Criterion, with that level of effort to really try and make use of the hardware, the Wii U can see some pretty great looking multiplat games.

I'm not disputing the fact that the PS4 and 720 will have an edge, but the level of difference will be more subtle than Wii vs the PS3 and 360.
And also ~ Driversclub was made for the PS4, from the ground up. Most Wanted U is still an enhanced port, so you can't really make a solid comparison there.

And I doubt the reason that the Wii U is getting a game like Watch Dogs only because last-gen versions exsist. Like I said, the hardware has potential, but its up to the devs to use it. 'X' looks amazing, and that was just alpha footage, not to mention its an early game. I can only imagine how Wii U games will look, once devs get better acquainted with the tech.

NobodyImportant1643d ago


"I'm not disputing the fact that the PS4 and 720 will have an edge"

That is quite an understatement. lol

mistertwoturbo1643d ago

Why is this conversation even happening? My god???