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Submitted by Arai 1084d ago | news

AMD and The Sony PS4

AMD gives more in-depth information regarding the APU used in the PS4. (AMD, PS4, Sony)

solid_warlord  +   1084d ago
Ive been saying this for far too long. Looking at high end PC of today and yesteryear. I have been convinced that even with 5x, 10x or 30x the leap from last gen isn't enough of a visual advancement seen from SNES to N64 or PS2 to PS3.

Tim Sweeney mentioned last year that for the eyes to see a huge massive leap from last gen, GPU & CPU will have to be 24x more powerful than consumer level graphics card and Central Processors of today such as GTX690 and Intel Xeon.

At 24x we will be visualy close to half way "Avatar" graphics in realtime.

Next gen consoles. PS4 and Xbox next will be more like PC's. We will see better looking and improved physics of current gen looking games and that's all. AI wont see much of an improvement. Don't expect Leap seen from Mario Bro 3 to Mario 64/ MGS2 to Crysis type.
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cervantes99  +   1084d ago
1080P/60FPS w/smooth anti-aliasing.

The PS4 should have no problem with that. That is what I was hoping for and that is what we got.

Good job Sony on the hardware specs.
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CommonSenseGamer  +   1084d ago
Sony has already said most games will be able to work in 1080p but don't assume that means its all now 1080p@60fps for everything. The PS3 can do 1080p@60fps but those games are few and far between and are not as graphically rich as say Uncharted or Killzone 2.

I expect that there will still be games that will be native 720p@60fps in order to accommodate other aspects of the visuals.
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cervantes99  +   1084d ago

Oh I know all games won't be 60fps, it's not necessary for every game. I was just referring to the capability of the PS4.
Hydrolex  +   1084d ago
@ Solid_Warlord

you mad bro ?
gedapeleda  +   1084d ago
I have a feeling that this gen is going to be maxed out a lot faster.Sony said that ps4 is super easy to develop witch means it's based on a pc architecture, that could result in devs already knowing the limits and maximising them.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1084d ago
new Killzone is confirmed 30fps
gedapeleda  +   1084d ago
@ Red_Orange_Juice did they said it themselves?
If you're basing it on the video from youtube you're wrong cuz videos up there are 24 fps standart.
vulcanproject  +   1084d ago
1080/30 will be the limit for high end games. Most devs just don't care about 60 frames, especially outside of racing games. The ones that go for 60 frames will probably also go for less native resolution, exactly the same as this generation.

However in this case even if they go for 1600 X 900 then that's still a noticeable boost over the average res we have of games today. A huge amount of them are sub HD anyway.

I would expect a lot of devs will shave off resolution like they have before but it will be less noticeable because the starting point of 1080p is higher.

Not to mention their scaling hardware and algorithms are almost certainly more sophisticated than last gen. PS3's hardware scaling capability is/was extremely limited. I bet PS4's is much better.
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inveni0  +   1083d ago
All I know is that the Killzone demo we saw looked as good as or better than my PC version of Battlefield 3 maxed out. For a launch title, that leaves the future looking golden.
gta2800  +   1083d ago

Look at Killzone 3 and then look at Shadow Fall. And don't tell me that all you see is an improvement of physics.
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PurpHerbison  +   1084d ago
I don't think anybody is really expecting that. Well... then again... When you are rocking a pair of fanboy goggles... I'll leave it at that.
Qrphe  +   1084d ago
No significant leap? Are you sure?

And KZSF is even a launch title (TimeSplitters and Resistance would have been a better comparisons)
solid_warlord  +   1084d ago
@cervantes99 @Qrphe

nope, still not convinced.

Not the generation leap we saw last generations:

----------------------------- -----------
Mario Bro 3(SNES)


Mario 64 (N64)
----------------------------- ----------

Killzone 1(PS2)


Crysis (PS3)

----------------------------- -----------

Here is next gen Killzone shadow falls(PS4)

Below is Crysis 3 running on Current gen(XBOX360)
----------------------------- -

See, it proves that leaps from last gen isn't a huge one we seen from previous generation.

@Hydrolex why should i be mad at technology that doen't exist as yet.
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Qrphe  +   1084d ago
Well it's just a matter of opinion then. I am definitely convinced with the significant graphical jump and so are others from the looks of it.

P.S. That's Crysis screenshot is not even running on a PS3 (look at the res), KZ3 graphics is as good as it gets for FPS on PS3

Edit: Ok, I just saw your 240p KZSF on PS4 compared to 1080p C3 360 shot. You got me good, I actually fell for it this time
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chukamachine  +   1084d ago
Thankyou for posting this.

Needed to be done.

People forget.

I remember years ago, friends of mine saying graphics won't get much better. It's easy to think that when games look great right infront of you.

But the difference is massive.
mistertwoturbo  +   1084d ago
It's a significant leap... To those who can see it.

Unfortunately not everybody has an eye for detail. Most average gamers or non-techies don't.

Like Stephen Totilo saying Killzone SF looks like Killzone 3.

I mean really dude? Really? Open your damn eyes!

And the hardware specs are leaps beyond the previous generation. The PS3 had 25.6 GB/s main memory + 22.4 GB/s graphics memory, while the PS4 is at 176 GB/S. That's 7X the speed as well as 16X the size.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1083d ago

I see you've conveniently chosen the tiniest KZ picture on the internet to compare to a large picture of an unreleased game.

Marked as trolling.
hennessey86  +   1084d ago
PCs maybe more powerful
But the simple fact is that there isn't one game out there that uses high end PCs to there full potential, it is the complete opposite for consoles. I've never seen anything as visually stunning as the new killzone game and please look at my comment history and you will se I am no Sony fanboy. I wasn't impressed with kill zone 3s muddy low Rez textures and aliasing all over the place but this new one is something else.
duplissi  +   1084d ago
its not so much that they arent used to their full potential its that there is a lot of overhead on a pc that gets in the way. they cant use them to their full potential.

the os
Direct x
programming for different architects (amd, intel, nvidia)

its simply not possible to get the same efficiency out of a pc that you can get out of a console, they need to be absurdly powerful.

this article is a couple of years old but the statments still ring true.

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akaakaaka  +   1084d ago
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cyhm3112  +   1084d ago
idiot, Tim Sweeney did say this? source?
HeavenlySnipes  +   1084d ago
Well obviously. That was from the SD era to an HD era. We are still in the HD era

Unless you have a 4k TV and are willing to spend $1000 on a new console than this is what we're going to get. These are the launch games, and they already look far better than the best on current consoles
DigitalSmoke  +   1084d ago
No you're stuck at looking at the whole from a general perspective.
What do you even mean when you say "Visual Advancement", do you even know? because it doesnt seem like it.

You're comparing going from 2D to 3D, is that visual advancement, or do you mean physics on screen having objects behave in a realistic way packing weight and momentum crashing into other objects scattering it thoasands of more realistic particles?
Or do you mean different layered 3D texture's covered in advanced pixeshaders?
Or do you mean more artistic post prccess effects ?
Or do you mean realistic lightning methods, ray Tracing?

I could go on and on, now, the question still is though, do you know what you mean.
KwietStorm  +   1084d ago
Why would you compare a 2D game to a 3D game, and a launch title to a game released in a console's 7th or 8th year on the market? Lastly, why is any of this relevant?
Ashunderfire86  +   1084d ago
UHHHHHHH..... Check this out from Capcom... A game I like the call Deep Down, and yes there is real time gamepla footage in there. The real time (like Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls combined) is very noticeable when the guy is running after the dragon. Take a look:
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sobekflakmonkey  +   1084d ago
I'm sorry man...but that's not actually's in-engine, meaning it's not actually running on a PS4 or even really running on a PC, it's just rendered from their new engine, even when you look at Agni's philosophy, there are things that tell you that it's running real time, this however, is not, although they have that little select thing in the corner, it's still not real time, it was added after the fact to show you what they're aiming for, once again, that Deep Down "Gameplay" is not actual gameplay, it's like when Sony showed the first ever Killzone 2 trailer, and everyone went ape shit, and it turned out to be a CGI trailer and nothing but a target render....
Azfargh  +   1084d ago
I agree 100%!

It offers very slim advantages about choosing a High-end, multifuncional pc or a PS4.

I just suffered enough on this gen with toned-down games for consoles... don´t wanna get this so soon if I decide to buy a PS4.

Actually... even being a console fan, I might switch to PC after the reveal of the definitive specs.

Advantages of PC
-upgradeable processing/graphic power
-wait for a drive for ps4 controller and cam
-wait for a PS4 emulator
-PS3, PS2 and PS1 emulators... not to mention any other console game.
-games on 60fps!
-Plus, I can work my 3D models on 56 inch tv, render, play Starcraft2, TF2 while it renders... or just watch a movie with full compatibility.
-google chrome
-compatibility with almost all electronic devices

Advantages of PS4
-High-end pc specs
-First party games
-Lower price than the PC
-Probably sleek and elegant design
-More suited for multiplayer splitscreen gaming

I can´t think anything really worth writing about PS4... Shame on you SONY! AMD? 8 CORE??? Cell had 8 core!
Knight_Crawler  +   1084d ago
I am not cumpter expert so does this mean that all games on the PS4 will be played at 1080p?
SilentNegotiator  +   1083d ago
Look at the best textures in a ps3/360 game and look at the worst textures in the KZ demo. Not to mention the jump from 720p to 1080p, clear AA, etc.

Tell me one more time that it's not a significant graphical leap. I dare you. I double dare you.

Get over the jump from 2D to 3D. It wasn't as big of a leap as it appears, functionality aside. What do you expect to happen to match games becoming 3D anyway? Virtual reality machines? The matrix?
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Tzuno  +   1083d ago
you are right, the disagrees strike me down i mean people know you are right but disagree you just because they are so retards in accepting the reality.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   1083d ago
did u just said crysis has better AI than MGS??
you must be super high or something..
RTheRebel  +   1084d ago
i hope the ps4 can run marvel heroes that would be epic =)
LOL_WUT  +   1083d ago
The fact that the PS4 can run Killzone 4 in 1080p at "LAUNCH" is epic. I wouldn't expect anything less from a next-gen console. ;)
tachy0n  +   1084d ago
wow remember what happened when Microsoft decided to go with AMD?

Red Ring Of Death(RROD).

im holding a bit before buying a PS4 because of this.
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juandren  +   1084d ago
God some people are uninformed
DarkBlood  +   1084d ago
the console was rushed out the door it has nothing to do with AMD
tachy0n  +   1083d ago
last time i checked AMD drivers were still crap compared to nvidia...
KwietStorm  +   1084d ago
Jesus its like people are so wildly intent on throwing false accusations out there and being all around whistle blowers, that they don't even have any correlation or reason for the things they say.
NoSuchUserName  +   1084d ago
ziggurcat  +   1084d ago
why do PC elitists insist on opening their fat mouths?

we all know consoles aren't as powerful as PCs, so shut up about it already.
feels  +   1084d ago
ps4 more powerful than pc and also better games and cheaper
Virtual_Reality  +   1084d ago
How many GHz it have the CPU?

I think that is another secret spec from Sony, the same with how many USB ports, memory speed etc.

I think they are waiting to see the next move from the competition.
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GodGinrai  +   1084d ago
according to an article on semi accurate a while back the jaguar core (they stated that PS4 will run on a amd jaguar core and GDDR5 ram waaaay before those specs were official), It runs at 1.6GHz.
PCpower  +   1084d ago
You consolers keep on touting that the PS4 will use more of its hardware potential because of software optimizations. It does not matter against high end PC hardware because it is so powerful that poor optimization still allows larger compute power because of the large amounts of potential power. Also high end video cards can crack long passwords in minutes, do bitcoin mining, help find cure for cancer and other tasks MUCH faster than the PS4 could if these programs were to the metal programmed for the PS4's GPU. In fact, I bet $1000 to any charity you guys choose that the PS4 will not equal or exceed the performance of an AMD HD7950 or AMD HD7970 video card in these compute tasks, even though they are being bottle-necked through Windows OS. I have an HD7970 video card.

Finally. you consolers need to realize that developers of PC games have different levels of graphics quality settings that the PC gamer can choose from that will allow the game to perform well on their hardware. The only PC gamers that like to spend uber amounts of money and like to upgrade every 6 months are the graphics whores that like to set all their graphics settings in PC games to ultra with 16X AF and 8X MSAA and use 42" monitors or muli-montitors. If you check the Steam hardware surveys you will see many PC gamers have midrange or lower spec parts. If you want to be a graphics whore then go play that silly Crysis game, but many PC gamers just like to play games for the experience just as consolers do.
GodGinrai  +   1084d ago
your missing the point.

console gamers are aware that PCs are more powerful. console gamers also dont care. Myself included.

My PC would crap on most of you guys PCs ( I work in music production, and we dont exactly skimp when it comes to building cutom PCs for music). And you know what? I would still prefer to game on a PS4/nextbox etc. It dont matter that PS4 is not as powerful as a top of the range PC. It only need to be significantly more powerful than the PS3. Sony have done their job well.

Bit mining? cracking passwors? what the hell makes you think gamers give a shit about that,bruh? consoles are made to play games and entertain. That all they need to do. Consoles do not need to be PCs. SO maybe PC gamers need to realise that. Becuase honestly nobody is going to care that your playing Crysis at the highest setting, when they are playing the games THEY like.

you guys just need to pipe down now. Seriously. lemme spell it out for you

YES the PC is more powerful.see? your egoes have been stroked and your purchase justified. Now...piss off! the lot of ya! because honestly when the PS4 and nextbox release. NOBODY is going to care. except the PC gamer.

EDIT: for the record,My PC runs on a core i7 2600K @ 4.6GHz mated to gigabytes z68-Ud7 and 16GB of corsair ram, My graphics card is GTx 560Ti..its liquid cooled and has LED lights everywhere in side my NZXT case..two screens...and guess what? I only play chess on it! the rest of the time my computer is running protools and reason..and I even have mac osx on a seperate its also a hackintosh when i run logic. I use my computer for creative and professional pursuit....far better use for a PC than gaming.
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Talamak  +   1084d ago
Best reply EVER, when will these PC elitist understand that most PC's are actually used in the pursuit of professional careers,and gaming consoles are actually a convenience for the likes of people who #gasp LIKE & ENJOY GAMES at the same time...if PC gamers were so (well endowed as they like to make it seem compared to console gamers) why do they feel threatened and the need to troll ALL THe TIME, if anything this next Gen should get PC guys excited about the parity being offered between consoles and PC's...
PCpower  +   1084d ago
Your third paragraph, last sentence, is flawed because no where did I say I was playing Crysis. In fact I called it silly and said it's for graphics whores. Also, my last sentence: "But many PC gamers just like to play games for the experience just as consolers do", is what speaks volumes of what the majority PC gamers are. Look at the Steam hardware survey to see for yourself that only a very small percentage of PC gamers have elite specs. The ones you dealing with here are graphics whores. Next time be sure to comprehend what is written before you respond. The most played game on Steam is always that Dota 2, which runs fine on 2007 PC hardware.

Consolers need to stop saying this: "Our hardware will be uber because the software is optimized and will beat PC in compute tasks alalol.....". Now if they will just stick with this: "Our consoles are optimized to play games which is all we care about", Then I would be okay. I am just curing ignorance of PC tech understanding.

Finally, for the things you do with your PC, the GTX 560Ti is overkill. Since you do not play 3D games on PC then you could have saved at least $150.
GodGinrai  +   1084d ago

I was using the crysis example as a general example of what comes out of the mouth of those same PC graphic whores which you mentioned. A pretty general statement..but no more so than your "its optimized in the console so the games will be better than PC" statement. That is not true of every console gamer at all!

And as for my choice in going for the Ti...perks of having expendable income mate..I like nice things. I know I dont need it but to be honest I got software plugins that cost four times as much as any graphics card.

Funny hearing a PC owner telling me my graphics card is overkill! lol
#6.1.3 (Edited 1084d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
GodGinrai  +   1084d ago
message to the N4g community..from now on try not to be happy about the new consoles. It seems to upset the PC gamers on here! lol
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1084d ago
It will be thw third generation software when we see the full power of this monster console. Im excited.
faizanali  +   1084d ago
The KZ looks alright, But come one saying it looks better than Crysis 3 is like suicidal.

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