Armored Core: Verdict Day announced for Europe, probably hitting North America as well

GE: "Armored Core: Verdict Day is heading to the west. Namco Bandai announced a European release for the game earlier today, and we anticipate that a North American confirmation isn’t too far behind."

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Captain Qwark 91885d ago

just confirm a US release!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so pumped. love AC5, love From Software

ThanatosDMC1885d ago

I wish i knew what changes they'll have for the game. I hope they nerf the reliance on Heavy armor. I hope they add more missile mounts and missiles in the air in general. I hope it goes back to the way how shoulder weapons worked instead of that streamlined less customization crap that was AC5.

Loved scanning and hiding but they need to make it better. More super weapons would be nice. Blading would be great if they can make it work again.

Captain Qwark 91885d ago

1. i think the blades need some sort of lock on personally. i find them useless.

2. tone down the Gatling guns, way to strong.

3. i also found the heavy weapons useless. i could kill just about anything with regular weapons first.

4. less reliance on boost. you pretty much needed it to dodge or your dead in seconds making tank acs useless too, at least for missions

5. bring back heat management

i like the pacing of the old ps1 days personally. i liked it when i actually had to walk occasionally because i was out of boost or i couldn't dodge because i was out of energy or overheated. it added so much more to the tactics and strategy

all that said, i still loved ac5 and im fine with more of the same. thats more of a wish list

ThanatosDMC1882d ago

Yeah, i bet it's going to be more of the same. It takes another number (4 to AC5 transition) for the whole game to change.

Everybody uses gatling guns. Well, other bullets dont do enough damage if everyone is building heavy since most of the damage is deflected.

I wouldnt want heat management if it's gonna affect boosting. I would rather have heat weapons vs heavy armor.

If they do blading with a lock-on, i hope it's some sort of FCS that we install. The FCS adds some sort of combo instead of the normal slash slash pause or double slash long pause combos. Something more intricate would be nice.

Tank ACs are fine, heck they're the deadliest second to quad heavy unless an enemy has some sort of super weapon. For missions, it's best to go back to the garage for heals.

If they add primal armor to the current specs of how heavy builds work now, they'll be OP as hell. There's not enough room for lights in the game to be effective. Gatling guns stun so much and shotty/slugs almost insta-kills if it hits properly for a stun lock.

Damn, i miss missile builds...

Dark_king1885d ago

I haven't played a AC game since 4 it was a utter disappointment.I couldn't stand how they took the heat system out.The lack of parts amazed me should of had 5 times the amount.Heavy's flying while lighter machines burnt through the energy.An the lack of support was horrible.
I blame Sega for that though FromSoftware though still gets a bit of blame.Hoping they get it right this time.

ThanatosDMC1882d ago

Severe lack of parts. I swear if they just kept adding parts from all the games since Armored Core 2, we'd be so happy but they keep cutting them down instead.

AC4 sucked. AC4A was great. They gotta stop pulling this crap in which the first is crap then the expansion they sell is superior in every way. I bet that's what they'll do to ACVD.

I prefer Nexts over Ravens. I felt that it was the perfect transition especially after AC3:SL story.