Sony's Playstation 4 Announcement Did Everything It Was Supposed To Do

Everyday Digitals - Last night Sony announced it's next-generation video game console, the Playstation 4. The internet was on fire as the hype train had been building up momentum since a few details had been leaked online in the last week. Sony, historically has done pretty bad at these type of media events and many Playstation die-hards hoped for the best but braced for the worst. Depending on who you talked to after the event was over, Sony exceeded most to all expectations or was a total disaster. As an avid gamer that also works in the industry let me explain how we've gotten to this point.

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NeverEnding19891921d ago

Internation press seems to think otherwise. The PS4 didn't show up at the PS4 conference. What the hell, SONY?

I hope they're better prepared at E3

Tiqila1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )


Enemy1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

The press got so much they don't even know what to touch on. How could they show the PS4 when it isn't finalized? The specifications we got were more than enough for now, and I hope for your sake Microsoft are prepared for E3. Will they fake yet another Kinect demo? Will they bring in Justin Bieber instead of Usher? Only time will tell.

Enemy1921d ago

I expected to see one exclusive at the most, honestly. Instead, we got InFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club (which I know I'm going to love when we get gameplay, I love Motorstorm), Knack, confirmation of Media Molecule's new project with a small presentation, a look at Quantic Dream's new graphics engine, and of course everything else like Jonathan Blow's new game, Diablo 3, Watch_Dogs, Destiny with exclusive DLC...

So much happened so fast I'm probably forgetting.

StrongMan1921d ago

Exactly. They had to save stuff for E3 as well. There we will see price, the actual PS4, games, games, and more games form the likes of Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Media Molecule. Can't wait.

BanBrother1921d ago

Also Guerilla games is supposed to have a new IP too don't they? On top of the amazing Killzone game.

I asked for a new Killzone, new GT6 and something from Quantic dream. I ended up with more than I asked.

Instead of GT6, we got Drive Club, although that looks like it could easily fill in the time between a GT6 release. Quantic Dream are obviously excited to wow us again, with character models that are looking almost real life.

Knack looks like a lot of fun as well. Reminds me of the old Ratchet games.

sonic9891921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

that AR technology sony did patent recently ( wasnt shown ) sony played it perfectly hype people by great yet little bit predictable features like gaikai and save the unpredictable ground breaking ones for e3 ( competition shock)

ape0071921d ago

100% agree, it exceeded all my expectations

Sizzon1921d ago

For me aswell :)

this E3 is going to be crazy!

j-blaze1921d ago

they learned from their mistakes, and made a super fast, easy to make games for, powerful console with many awesome features, it's like 100 times better than the awful piece of hardware called ps3..can't wait for PS4!

Number-Nine1921d ago

You will have to save that comment for later depending on the pricing. If it's 400+, they would have learned nothing.

plaZeHD1921d ago

You are an idiot. You expect to get a very powerful console with a ridiculous low price. Yeah, good luck with that.
Sony certainly learned from their mistakes, they just need to keep it.
So far, so good.

Number-Nine1921d ago

Hahaha, a typical N4G douche who lacks any sort of reading comprehension.

Where did I say I expect a low price? What I said is FACT. When the PS3 came out it was this technological power house with a $500-$600 price tag. With all it's features the price tag seemed justified but only handful of people were willing to spend that much on a console.

If Sony decides to release another console for that much, forget it, you'll be looking at another poor start for the Playstation brand regardless of it's technical prowess.

plaZeHD1921d ago

I think you pretty much cleared it up by saying; "If it's 400+, they would have learned nothing."
Even WII U costs almost 400$.

Number-Nine1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Did I say "I expect it to be below $400"? No.

Unfortunately, I expect it to be north of $400 due to the technology being used.

And the WiiU is $300-350 which is a far cry from the PS3's original $500-600 price tag. If Sony wants to sell it's product it's going to have to make it affordable, this is why the PS3 failed early on.

It will extremely dumb for them to have the PS4 cost that much money. The majority of the Consumers will probably not even pay for a $450-500 console. The economy is crap and people can't afford it.

MysticStrummer1921d ago

$400+ is as near to certain as can be. To say Sony learned nothing because of that is pretty ridiculous. PS3 was $599 when I bought mine, and Sony lost money even at that price.

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josephayal1921d ago

MEH! PS4 has not been maxed out

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