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Submitted by EverydayDigitals 1083d ago | opinion piece

Sony's Playstation 4 Announcement Did Everything It Was Supposed To Do

Everyday Digitals - Last night Sony announced it's next-generation video game console, the Playstation 4. The internet was on fire as the hype train had been building up momentum since a few details had been leaked online in the last week. Sony, historically has done pretty bad at these type of media events and many Playstation die-hards hoped for the best but braced for the worst. Depending on who you talked to after the event was over, Sony exceeded most to all expectations or was a total disaster. As an avid gamer that also works in the industry let me explain how we've gotten to this point. (Gaikai, Industry, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony, Ubisoft)

NastyLeftHook0  +   1083d ago
and more
NeverEnding1989  +   1083d ago
Internation press seems to think otherwise. The PS4 didn't show up at the PS4 conference. What the hell, SONY?

I hope they're better prepared at E3
Tiqila  +   1083d ago
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Enemy  +   1083d ago
The press got so much they don't even know what to touch on. How could they show the PS4 when it isn't finalized? The specifications we got were more than enough for now, and I hope for your sake Microsoft are prepared for E3. Will they fake yet another Kinect demo? Will they bring in Justin Bieber instead of Usher? Only time will tell.
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dafegamer  +   1082d ago
SandWitch  +   1082d ago
miyamoto  +   1082d ago
they are paid nitwits like
Enemy  +   1083d ago
I expected to see one exclusive at the most, honestly. Instead, we got InFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club (which I know I'm going to love when we get gameplay, I love Motorstorm), Knack, confirmation of Media Molecule's new project with a small presentation, a look at Quantic Dream's new graphics engine, and of course everything else like Jonathan Blow's new game, Diablo 3, Watch_Dogs, Destiny with exclusive DLC...

So much happened so fast I'm probably forgetting.
Relientk77  +   1083d ago
Nice addition
StrongMan  +   1083d ago
Exactly. They had to save stuff for E3 as well. There we will see price, the actual PS4, games, games, and more games form the likes of Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Media Molecule. Can't wait.
BanBrother  +   1083d ago
Also Guerilla games is supposed to have a new IP too don't they? On top of the amazing Killzone game.

I asked for a new Killzone, new GT6 and something from Quantic dream. I ended up with more than I asked.

Instead of GT6, we got Drive Club, although that looks like it could easily fill in the time between a GT6 release. Quantic Dream are obviously excited to wow us again, with character models that are looking almost real life.

Knack looks like a lot of fun as well. Reminds me of the old Ratchet games.
sonic989  +   1082d ago
that AR technology sony did patent recently ( wasnt shown ) sony played it perfectly hype people by great yet little bit predictable features like gaikai and save the unpredictable ground breaking ones for e3 ( competition shock)

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ape007  +   1083d ago
100% agree, it exceeded all my expectations
Sizzon  +   1083d ago
For me aswell :)

this E3 is going to be crazy!
j-blaze  +   1083d ago
they learned from their mistakes, and made a super fast, easy to make games for, powerful console with many awesome features, it's like 100 times better than the awful piece of hardware called ps3..can't wait for PS4!
Number-Nine  +   1083d ago
You will have to save that comment for later depending on the pricing. If it's 400+, they would have learned nothing.
plaZeHD  +   1083d ago
You are an idiot. You expect to get a very powerful console with a ridiculous low price. Yeah, good luck with that.
Sony certainly learned from their mistakes, they just need to keep it.
So far, so good.
Number-Nine  +   1083d ago
Hahaha, a typical N4G douche who lacks any sort of reading comprehension.

Where did I say I expect a low price? What I said is FACT. When the PS3 came out it was this technological power house with a $500-$600 price tag. With all it's features the price tag seemed justified but only handful of people were willing to spend that much on a console.

If Sony decides to release another console for that much, forget it, you'll be looking at another poor start for the Playstation brand regardless of it's technical prowess.
plaZeHD  +   1083d ago
I think you pretty much cleared it up by saying; "If it's 400+, they would have learned nothing."
Even WII U costs almost 400$.
Number-Nine  +   1083d ago
Did I say "I expect it to be below $400"? No.

Unfortunately, I expect it to be north of $400 due to the technology being used.

And the WiiU is $300-350 which is a far cry from the PS3's original $500-600 price tag. If Sony wants to sell it's product it's going to have to make it affordable, this is why the PS3 failed early on.

It will extremely dumb for them to have the PS4 cost that much money. The majority of the Consumers will probably not even pay for a $450-500 console. The economy is crap and people can't afford it.
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MysticStrummer  +   1082d ago
$400+ is as near to certain as can be. To say Sony learned nothing because of that is pretty ridiculous. PS3 was $599 when I bought mine, and Sony lost money even at that price.
josephayal  +   1083d ago
MEH! PS4 has not been maxed out
givemeshelter  +   1083d ago
They made us wanting more. Sony has learned the key areas of marketing. They just revealed enough to get our taste buds wanting for more. My only gripe was the majority of games shown were most likely not running on the actual hardware...But in a way that;s a good teaser to get you wanting to see more. Now it's up to MS to show some of its cards...
ziggurcat  +   1083d ago
the games that were shown were likely shown on a dev kit, which is essentially the actual hardware.
jmc8888  +   1083d ago
No the games they showed were PC ports on a PC that is supposedly 'comparable' quality.

Though they never said what they though 'comparable' quality was, nor whether or not that is true or not.

It very easily could have been something 2-3x a PS4 under the hood and them extrapolating that somehow the PS4 is like that.

Notice how almost every game shown was either a known multiplatform game, or a new game that is made by a dev that also makes PC or other consoles games (like Capcom).

The Unreal 4 Engine, well it's a PC engine. Probably was running on the PC and not the PS4.

So no, unless they show us that it's actually a PS4 running these demos, all we have to say is, well that's the 'target', whether the target is achieved or falls flat on it's face is yet to be seen.

But we've seen it before.

Didn't we just have a major incident with Aliens: Colonial Marines where the actual game that came out was nothing like the demo?

Now you're saying that a demo shown on something that isn't even the same hardware can't have the same thing?

Killzone 2 never met expectations. Yet everyone is drooling over the new one.

Final Fantasy demo didn't happen, but there was Square Enix again, this time though they said....'we are targeting this for the PS4'.

So seems like Square Enix didn't want to get caught up in another launch expectation fiasco.
HyperBear  +   1083d ago
I have to be honest...after watching what I seen last night, Sony and PlayStation 4 have changed my mind about console gaming for the future. I like the idea of new games and game genres and solid gameplay elements while still expanding games 'beyond' just high definition. Can't wait till E3 in June now and will definitely be lining up this year for PlayStation 4 :D
jmc8888  +   1083d ago
So watching a PC run PC demos got you to make up your mind about the PS4 enough to get you to wait in line?

HyperBear  +   1083d ago
yeah, sorry for being a fan of games and new hardware. I guess I'm at the wrong the site. /s
OccludedGamer  +   1083d ago
So because Watch Dogs was running on a PC built with similar specs that means everything huh?

Go ask Mark Rein what he thinks of PS4 running the UE4 engine in real-time

Worst thing about any new announcement for any system is always the damage conTroll
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Rumplebumpkin  +   1083d ago
Jesus man, when are you going to quit?

I've seen you in every article raining on everyone's parade just because they're excited for the PS4.

Stop being a groucho and go and climb back into your garbage can.
Zefros  +   1083d ago
Just so you know, killzone and watch dogs where IN GAME... you could clearly watch the guy playing. But the rest where just tech demoes. And remember these are just launch games. we will probably have better looking games in the future.
DigitalSmoke  +   1083d ago
Sony blew the chain off, "they" set the road to next gen, and its going to be spectacular.
Microsoft can't compete with Gaikai on the network side of things, and its going to be an insane job to change the nextbox to handle GDDR5, they never in their life expected this.

Sony is comming out swinging, and Microsoft is out of breath and games...

Oh and Bungi said Hi!
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EverydayDigitals  +   1083d ago
Did you guys notice the 4K screenshots from Killzone on the Playstation Blog Flickr? There is a link at the top of the article.

Pretty awesome. And proof that games, in theory can run in 4K.
givemeshelter  +   1083d ago
You won't see any games running native 4k on the PS4 or the Xbox720 UNLESS they are last generation arcade titles.
plaZeHD  +   1083d ago
Those are called bullshots, not screenshots. Sony confirmed that no game will be running in 4k resolution.
EverydayDigitals  +   1083d ago
With all due respect, you have no idea what you're talking about. A "bullshot" is a touched up image from a game. There is no way to UPSCALE a 1920X1080 image to 3840X2160 which is what's on the FLICKR page. I know what Sony said...that's why I said in THEORY it's possible. The likely reason they wont run games that high is that the frame rate drops to undesirable levels when in 4K.
NateCole  +   1083d ago
I was not expecting them to show those many games to be honest.

Even with KZ4 i thought they will just show just a little bit of it and not that much.

I didn't expect the PS4 and games to be this far in dev.

Sony have exceeded my expectations and more.
jmc8888  +   1083d ago
So by showing PC games on a PC they did everything they needed to do to showcase their new console?

Is that like in the old days where people married off their daughter sight unseen for dowries and made it seem like Hilda the unibrow is Kate Upton?

Last I checked, if I want to see the performance of a Honda Accord, I'll watch a Honda Accord. If I want to see the performance of a Ford Mustang, I'll watch a Ford Mustang.

What we saw was mostly multiplatform games. Protip: Since they don't have PS4 hardware made, they showed off mostly the PC ports of PC games on PC hardware.

Other than the move and brain game they showed, the only thing that can be linked to even a PS4 devkit is the Killzone trailer. Which is far different than an actual game in your hands shooting people in multiplayer.
jmc8888  +   1083d ago
So people don't like reality. Well deal with it.

I too am buying a PS4, and will probably preorder the first day it's available.

But the facts are the facts. This is what I was going to due regardless of what they revealed, which wasn't much. (unless it was beyond awful). It wasn't. They just didn't show us anything real.

They showed off a PC, and people are having hissy fits that I'm telling the truth. Hilarious.
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MysticStrummer  +   1082d ago
What the hell is wrong with you? That presentation was never meant to do "everything they needed to do to showcase their new console". It was the first reveal, showing off some cool new features, showing some tech demos, showing some footage of games being run on hardware built as close as possible to the final specs, and teasing what is to come.

Protip - What I listed above describes the majority of new gaming hardware reveals.

There's lots of time and opportunities to reveal more and build excitement until PS4 launches. It's what any smart company would do.
saint_seya  +   1082d ago
theres a ps4 article where u wont be trolling?
Riderz1337  +   1083d ago
NO! People wanted everything to be shown at the event so that when E3 came we got to see Jack Tretton dancing on the stage for an hour and a half because they had nothing left to reveal!

Smashbro29  +   1083d ago
Except hardware backwards compatibility.
MysticStrummer  +   1082d ago
millzy102  +   1083d ago
to be honnest i wasn't really impressed, it doesn't matter because im buying one anyway as i love my playstation 3, and 2 and 1, however everything they showed i expected like screenshot and video sharing with messeging ( basically miiverse but with video capture), i said the graphics wasn't going to be much better than last of us and it turns out im right. they've focused too much on connectivity and comunity which is fine but im a gamer, i play games not comunities. only 2 games intrest me which are infamous and watch dogs but im getting watch dogs on my wii u so thats down to 1must buy game, nothing from naughty dog, gutted and don't know what is the point of a vita touch pad on a dualshock controller, navigate menus? scroll internet? how does this ad to games tell me sony, tell me.

however last of us is not released yet so ND probably didnt show because if they show a mind blowing ps4 game last of us would probably be forgotten about by most people.
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smashcrashbash  +   1083d ago
You haven't even seen all the games in action and you already know it isn't any better then Last of Us? And you don't know the point of this and that and you haven't even seen what it can do or how functional it is.And you think that ND didn't show a mind blowing game because we would forget about Last of Us? And you assume that these are the only games? You need to read over what you wrote and realize it is just a bunch of assumptions and gibberish. None of your reasons make any sense or are constructive in any way.Wii U's pad is pointless and does nothing that you couldn't do on a big screen any better.Why don't you ask what exactly will that do for gaming? But of course any idea from Nintendo goes through with no questions asked.I am certain you probably didn't grill Nintendo about their obviously limited function tablet.
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Karpetburnz  +   1083d ago
I diddnt think the whole thing would be focused on the PS4. But they ended up talking about the PS4 for a whole 2 hours.

And i love the controller, It looks slick.
RandomDude655  +   1083d ago
Mark Cerny was great. I think that Sony needs to get the businessmen like Tretton out of the way and let the engineers talk more. I could listen to Cerny and Richard Marks for awhile.
Killzoner99  +   1083d ago
That was the best conference in the history of everything. Sony did not miss a beat, it could not have been better . I've rewatched it four times already and am about to again. There's no way anyone can compete with what Sony is offering, plus Microsoft is blocking used games so they are screwed. Nintendo will be history in a few short years guaranteed. The PS4 is going to be a staple of every home in the vein of the television. Sony is back and they are going to take over the world by giving us a new way to play.
Relientk77  +   1083d ago
Cannot wait to see the PS4 and even more games at E3
dcbronco  +   1083d ago
Sony definitely did a good job. They had me interested in a PS3 but killed my interest with the price. By the time they got it down to a reasonable point I had lost interest since most of the games I play appeared on both systems.

They have my interest again. And since the parts they are using leads me to believe this console will be no more than $400 I will stay that way. That and the choices Kaz is making.
ThyMagicSword  +   1083d ago
You are allowed to hate me, but the PS4 looks lame, the announced games looked lame. PS 3,5.
SpinalRemains138  +   1083d ago
No one hates you, we just think you don't understand what you watched.

How in any way did that conference resemble PS 3.5?

Were talking 8Gigs of RAM, much easier to code machine, designed for developers to play with. We're talking about streaming games w/ Gaikai, were talking about making every game remote playable on Vita. Were talking about the new controller with new features.

Are you sure you watched the correct stream?
Smashbro29  +   1082d ago
When will people understand that streaming is no where close to having local storage?
medman  +   1083d ago
I own both the 360 and PS3. This gen I bought my 360 first, because this gen it had games I had to play before Sony did. I had to have Mass Effect and Gears of War. Based on the strength of those two games, and pretty much those alone, I chose to buy the 360 first. It was only later on in the PS3's life cycle where I felt there were games I could not miss out on, such as MGS4, God of War 3, and Uncharted 2. I tuned in hoping to see what Sony had in store and which console I might be leaning toward buying first (and possibly only console I will buy next gen). I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but I have to say I am genuinely excited and impressed by what they showed. They made a lot of bold promises, and their history doesn't suggest they will be able to fulfill them all, but if they come close it's a homerun. Sony threw down the gauntlet. I will wait to see what Microsoft presents for their next console. But Sony definitely impressed and at this point, knowing what was announced and what games are in their first party library of exclusives that will be released (possibly in 2014) for the PS4, I would certainly have to say I am leaning hard toward PS4 adoption first. I still have to hear what are their pricing structures are for online, as free online was crucial to my decision to buy a PS3 this gen. If Sony didn't have free online, there was no way I was going to pay two annual subscription fees. I'm sick of the rampant advertisements on xbox live gold and I'm hoping Sony doesn't go the "have to pay for full online access" route. If I buy the PS4 first I will definitely purchase PSPlus next time as it seems a fantastic alternative to live, but I feel the free option is crucial for their business model if they want to attract gamers like me who may have never experienced the greatness of the PS3 and all it has to offer if that free online was not an option. For me, that would mean even if I bought an "xbox 720" secondarily next gen, I would not participate in their online component if they don't change their structure for that service. Microsoft has been a greedy pig this time around, gouging gamers and companies alike. We pay for access and still get bombarded with useless advertisements. It has soured me, not to mention the red ring fiasco and Microsofts inability to deliver exclusive content I want late in the console cycle, unlike early on when they had the exclusives I wanted. Sony seems like they are ready to take back the crown. I'm ready for the PS4. I usually wait several months after a new console's release to purchase one, just to make sure the bugs are worked out by early adopters, but if their launch lineup is strong (possibly watch dogs?, star wars 1313?, Driveclub?, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes???) I will have no choice but to plunk down my cash on day one. It will be hard for me to pay cash for PS3 or 360 games in 2014 knowing there is a better experience available on a new system. Playstation getting access to Bungies upcoming Destiny project the day and date of whatever console Microsoft comes with next was also a huge get and a bit unexpected.
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SpinalRemains138  +   1083d ago
Well said.

The fact that Microsoft is collecting revenue from advertisers and customers and giving their paying customers advertisements, is disgusting.

SONY at the very least gives you room to breathe.
8GB_DDR5RAM  +   1083d ago
The RAM announcement came out of nowhere. Nobody saw it coming. I didn't even think it would have RAM but 8GB of it is insane.

The graphic fidelity it will provide will be mind blowing.
BladerunnerZX  +   1083d ago
Microsoft has taken A big hit from Sony with the PS4 announcement.

What is Microsoft left with ?

Halo , gears of war and an outdated overpriced online service called Xboxlive will not be enough in the next generation for Microsoft to hold what momentum Call of Duty and Halo gave them this gen.

Microsoft will have to do something drastic like making Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox to have a fighting chance against Sony next generation.
razor76  +   1082d ago
Funny things is SONY probably did not show everything , I bet they have an ace or two up their sleeve for what ever MS drops!
fsfsxii  +   1082d ago
People just love making stupid excuses to talk trash about ps4, for an example: Kotaku today with the "Sausage party", wtf were they thinking???
I wonder what would've happened if they have shown the "Plastic case" everybody bitches about

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