Interview with Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Artist

Interview with the Artist Diego Gisbert Llorens who is responsible for most of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow 1&2 character concepts as well as the backgrounds of the game.
About his part at Mercury Steam, Alucard and Details how it is to work for over 6 years on Castlevania Games

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catch1613d ago

I would love to see this on the ps4. LoS was one of my favorite action games to come out in quite a while.

Hoffmann1613d ago

No chance, except it will be available for the PS4 streaming service for ps3 games i guess

zerocrossing1613d ago

So, it's "an interview with a vampire" concept artist. lol

Hoffmann1613d ago

oh lol....this made my day

DEATHxTHExKIDx1613d ago

Im very excited for this game.

Hoffmann1613d ago

Me too, but i am a Castlevania fan in general since the early nineties